– Hello everyone. It’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. I am your self-taught host inspiring to cook, laugh and learn in the My Virgin Kitchen
umbrella, ella, ella, eh. So recently, I did a video recipe for Dr. Pepper pulled pork. And boy, have you guys, all of a sudden, I remember the good old days when you used to go, well done, Barry. That was great. And now you guys have
basically turned into Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter field, right? I love what he does there, but you guys are just like, well, I would have let it simmer longer. I would’ve added salt. I would’ve added seasoning,
blah, blah, blah. That’s great, but the
main aim of the channel is for me to inspire you to cook and ultimately, fingers crossed, like these pictures here
when you try my recipes, they look better so that’s
just however the fact that you’re doing it, the
fact that you’re cooking. Shut up. Today we are making Coca-Cola ham. And I have loads of requests for that off the back of the Dr. Pepper video so I had to do it. You can actually make
this in a slow cooker, aka, a Crock Pot, which
you guys are raving about. You all want to see loads
more recipes like that. I will oblige. Or you can make it in a
gigantic pan like that which also doubles up as a nice hat. Ew, I just washed it. I’m going to have to wash it again. The method and ingredients
are super, super simple. In fact, the hardest bit
is waiting for it to cook. So, without further ado,
the full method and stuff is on,
but you might already be inside it so hi if you are. Let’s do it. We’re gonna come in a little bit closer, but this is our deep pan,
again, doubly washed pan, with the pugs kinda looking on. Are you scratching? What are you doing there, Amy? All right, just doing your thing. They’ll probably go in a minute. So let’s come closer. Alrighty, boom, check that out. This is a unsmoked gamon
or ham joint, amazing. And the fat is still on it. We’re keeping it on today, but on the pulled pork I didn’t do that and a lot of you guys were like, no, you should’ve kept
it on for more flavour. No, that was my choice, all right? Sorry, but it did taste amazing. Now this might look a little bit weird, but we’re just going to
dump a carrot in with it. This is an onion that I’ve just torn before your very eyes in half. Two bay leaves and a stick of celery that was so big I wanted
to snap it in half anyway. We’re gonna grind on some
pepper, just in there. We could rub the ham if we wish, but no doubt some of you in the comments will tell me to that anyway. You could also just stick
peppercorns in there, too. A cinnamon stick for a little
bit of a spicy edge in there. We’re gonna (dialogue cuts out). Well, that was awkward. I started talking about my cinnamon stick and then the mic cut out. So I put some batteries back in it. Good job I spotted that,
otherwise it would have been for the whole video. I’d’ve had to dub it like
some of those old school kung fu films. Oops, this is how I did it. (screams) Yes, let’s move on to the next step. So I did start to show it, but I’m gonna do it again, Coca-Cola going all the way in there. So this is a big two litre bottle. Let’s do some this side. So the whole bottle is going in there. Wow, it’s like someone just
put bicarbonate of soda into a sauna or something or a hot tub. There we go. Things have calmed down now. Let’s just push the carrot and that, make sure it’s right under there. Now it’s not quite covered the gamon so we’re gonna cover that in some water just to bring it over the top. So here is just some more water to go over the top. That’s completely
submerged in the water now. Kinda like a hammy Titanic. Now when you cook ham, you do get quite a salty flavour in there. So if you wanted to, you could boil it without any of the Coke in, for about five minutes, just to get that saltiness out, drain it off then do this step, but I’ve been told it tastes
phenomenal like this anyway which is good. So it’s now going on our hob. All right, you are quite
a heavy thing indeed, but that’s all good. We are now, boom. We’re gonna bring it up to a simmer. All right, you can see Boston
in the background there looking keen, but there it is. It is just starting to get to a simmer. Shouldn’t take long ’cause of
the syrupy sugariness in there and then we’ve got to wait. Yeah. Look at this, folks. Working on a Sunday. We are doing some Coca-Cola ham. I’m finding it really
therapeutic at the moment just to prod and poke
all the other ingredients that are in there with the ham. This is on a medium heat at the moment. And I forgot to say this is a two and a half
kilogramme size ham. Anything two to three kilogrammes should be about two and a half hours what we need. We’re not gonna put a lid on it. We’re actually gonna
rest the spoon across. Once it does get to a simmer, because I believe that’s a cooking hack where it won’t spill over if
you leave the spoon like that, for some reason. Hopefully one of you
can leave me a comment down below as to why that is true or if it’s not true, I
guess we’ll find out. It’s kind of resembling to me right now the little scene from Jurassic Park with the water on the dashboard. The old Jurassic Park,
you know, the good one. There’s little ripples appearing. Not sure if the mic picked that up, but the ice cream van has
just gone down our road. That is the ultimate, like, um, I’m making ham, but shall
I go get some ice cream? It’s just out there. No, Barry, think of the
ham, think of the ham. I remember when 99 Flakes
used to actually be 99 P and not four pound now. Just to let you know, I’m
using normal Coca-Cola. I’ve heard rumours that
the actual Diet Coca-Cola has got all these chemicals in it that are actually worse for you. In fact, my neighbour was
cleaning his driveway, he was getting oil off his driveway with Diet Coke the other day. So yeah, I guess that’s what happens when you use Diet Coke for petrol. Banter, it’s a joke. And I’ve got to be
honest, it’s nearly there and that does not look appealing at all. There’s some sort of weird, sort of foamy, that looks like the ocean down near where I live. It’s all the bits of spices
and pepper coming to the top. We’ll stick with it, folks. There we are then. It is now a lovely steady simmer. Do keep your eye on it and if it does, as I say, start to expose the ham, just pour some water. Ah, pour some water over the top. I don’t know why I stuck
my hand by that then. That actually hurt. Basically, just make sure your
ham’s covered all the time. Alrighty then, folks, we are coming to the two
and a half hour stage. It is smelling phenomenal in here. Gonna give it a little more of a simmer for about five more minutes, but while we’re doing that
we’re gonna make our glaze. And that glaze is gonna be a
combination of maple syrup, 150 mils of that. Some white wine vinegar. Two good old spoonful dollops
of whole grain mustard. I’ve got a fair bit of stick for not putting paprika in the last recipe so in goes some smoked paprika. So I’m just gonna use the pastry brush to mix that all together. Alrighty, then a little taste test. Oh, nice, sweet and tangy, baby. Well obviously, if you
weren’t happy with it, you just add more
vinegar, more maple syrup, you know, more paprika. Paprika, whatever you like. This is an incredibly dangerous step. I’ve got me colander and a big pan. I’m gonna stick it in the sink and then pour the really, really, really hot pan into that to catch the juices and hold the ham. All right, here we go. Oh, look at the colour of that. So with that left over juice with the celery, the onions
and the carrot in there, we’ve probably got the potential to make a really, really weird stock, but it’s not about that today, although I probably will make that. It’s all about this thing. Hello. I’ve just preheated my oven so the full method and
ingredients on the website. As I say, I tend to do
this like whole epic write up about my experience
so check it out on there. It’s now time to get the ham into the tin. Wow. (laughing) Okay, sorry on that, actually. I’ve just, whoa, it’s hot, lifted it with me fork. Is that looking good to you, mate? Cool. See folks, we’ve got the ham and there’s like this top layer of skin which pretty much is still a bit hot. Just pull it back to
where it’s a little cool, but look, it just scrapes off like a knife through hot butter. I wanna just take this layer off. It just wants to peel off, really. Alrighty, that will do and I’m just putting that
in a tin to one side. Fatty, fatty, fatty. So with the knife again, we’re just putting some score marks at an angle just along the top of the ham. So I’m going diagonal one way and then right across the
top and doing the other side. So all I’m doing is just
basting the ham in that glaze. You want to get it all
nice and coated on there. Let any of the seeds from the
mustard just sit in there, any of the cracks that form, and just really sort of gloss it up. Make sure to really concentrate
on the fat for the moment. All right, brilliant. This is now going in the oven for around about 15 to 20 minutes. That’ll really start to get the top going. Yes, good times. That’s just an initial layer of the baste on there as well. We’ve got quite a bit left, at least half. So we’re going to pour the rest on after that 15, 20 minutes. Alrighty, that has been 15 minutes. It’s starting to crisp
slightly on the top, but it’s time to get the
rest of the baste done. So we can just pour this on if you want. Just let it slide down it. Oh my gosh. Let it just sit and grip, but any of it that droops off, What’s gonna happen now, we’re gonna put it back in the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes and then sort of every 10 minutes, I’m gonna baste it,
work it back on the top. Okay? So back in the oven. Can I just get an exclusive interview and ask if it’s smelling all right? Thanks, Amy. Boston? No, you’re Amy. You’re still Amy. So every 10 minutes, we’re talking it out, scraping up the juices with our brush and just basically rebasting it. And we’re actually gonna do
this right at the end as well once it’s fully cooked. So do this two or three times. So total cooking time of
about 25 to 30 minutes and I’ll show you what it’s like. Back in it goes. (timer beeps) It’s time to get it out of the oven. It has had four or five
really, really good bastes and it has thickened up an absolute charm. More importantly, I’m gonna shut the oven ’cause it’s absolutely roasting in here. You can see how much the
baste has thickened up and sort of caramelised, but we’re gonna use that one more time so just let it stand and relax for five, 10 minutes now, baste it and then we’ll slice it up. All right then, folks. You know the crazy thing is, I know that this is gonna taste nicer once it’s cold overnight, but I’m just taking a
big wedge out of the side ’cause I want you to see the colour. Oh yeah, look at that,
excited fairies, yeah. So you’d like a slice
like that at a carvery, wouldn’t you? But let’s just go a
little bit thinner now. That is a thing of beauty. So what I’d like is now, we can just get a buttered sesame bun and just grab some of the ham. I mean, look, this is just one bit and like it just tears
apart like that into threads so we could like rake
it up if we wanted to like the pulled pork,
but just chunks like this just going into our sandwich is gonna be so, so good. Make sure you try and get some
of the glazed bits as well. They’re gonna be the best bits, full of sweet flavour. But it just tears apart like that. It is super, super tender. And there’s me lid on top. An amazing ham sandwich coming right up. Don’t forget, once it’s cooled down, if you don’t want to eat it all, you could freeze it. This is being eaten right now. You know what? It’s Father’s Day right now so maybe this is a sign. Time to dine. Oh my god, mm. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that it’s still slightly warm, but it’s so super soft and tender and that was what I was told was the main thing of using the Coca-Cola. It really softens it up and there’s a real nice
sweetness and smokey vibe and caramelization going through it. I absolutely love it. So, if I can make that, absolutely any one in the world can. Remember, I’m self-taught so I wanna see you have a go. If you do try it, don’t forget to send me your
pictures @myvirginkitchen. Let me know down below what
recipes you wanna see next. And remember to subscribe
for regular recipe videos and food fun. See you next time. You must try this. Mm.

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