Coconut Zarda Pulao in Pressure Cooker | नारियल ज़र्दा पुलाओ | Dessert Recipe | Chef Harpal Singh

Hello Greetings, my name is Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, As festival arrives you think of Zarda Pulao, today this Zarda Pulao which I am making is unique because I am making is Coconut Zarda Pulao and we are using jaggery instead of sugar. This is going to be different & enjoyable. Zarda Pulao is considered as a dessert in itself and also a meal. The best accompaniment of Zarda Pulao is Boondi Raita. I remember, in my childhood, my mother used to give me Zarda Pulao and Boondi Raita, a mixture of both was fun to eat. So let’s make Coconut Zarda Pulao. First of all, I have to take 2 tbsp of Ghee, 2 nos of Bay Leaf, 1 Tbsp of Chironji, 10-15 Cashewnuts open it & add, add 1/4 cup of Dry Sliced Coconut, Amazing Let’s saute a little, flavors to get the best Let a bit of cashewnut be brown. It is very enjoyable. If you have Pressure Cooker at home than it is very easy to make & our Pressure Cooker story is still going on various recipes are coming up for you. Cashewnut is browned well, now add 1 cup of Fresh Coconut, coconut will make the Pulao creamy, saute it well for 2 minutes, As soon as a little smell comes to light brown, then add water as required Put the water in a little bit of attention carefully, as well as you can fry the raisins before and still can add, take 1 tbsp of Raisins, add 1cup of grated Jaggery, Generally the Pulao that we make, we saute rice in it, like my mother used to saute but we add sugar in that here it is jaggery so I am adding water to melt it after that I will add rice. Now like as the jaggery melts next step is to add 1 1/2 cup of soaked Rice, check the quantity of water & mix well. Very important as it is Zarda Pulao Zaffran is necessary to put, I have soaked the Saffron in milk & added To bring sophisticated colour use best quality Saffron If you want to know about Saffron & how to use it, you can check in my previous videos mix well. Color will work well, also water is sufficient. First, I thought the water was low. Then the next time it seemed right, because as I added saffron milk which was also liquid. Close the Pressure Cooker & wait for 2 whistles. After that Coconut Zarda Pulao is ready to serve and we will eat this with Boondi Raita, enjoyable it will be. Boondi Raita video that also we will make it soon. After 2 whistles let the Pressure Cooker rest for 15 minutes. When it is time to serve at that time you can open the Pressure Cooker & check it. So the rice are cooked well over here. Very aromatic & enjoyable pulao is ready. Serve it in a plate, So here Coconut Zarda Pulao is ready for you & very enjoyable. Importantly we have added jaggery so it will be more enjoyable to eat. This way every time I will bring new recipes for you, So go & SUBSCRIBE my YouTube Channel & click on the BELL ICON to get instant notications of my channel.

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