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[MUSIC] Hey everybody.>>Hey.>>So welcome to How to Feed a Loon. I’m Kris
>>And I’m Wesley.>>The Loon
>>The Loon!>>And folks, we’re so excited.>>[LAUGH]
>>Because today, we’re going to show you how to make
the most incredible, killer good.>>Yes, yes.>>Ribs, and you’re going to think that
there from your favorite barbecue joint, but they’re not because you’re going
to make them in the slow cooker. These are my world
famous slow cooker ribs.>>And they are delicious.>>Delicious.>>They’re heavenly.>>World famous too.>>They are.>>I’m sure you’ve heard of them before.>>If you turn on the news they’re
probably talking about it now.>>[LAUGH]
>>So anyway, and we’re not ribbing you.>>[LAUGH] Yes.>>Anyway, and we’ve got our homemade barbecue
sauce that we’re going to show you.>>It’s so good.>>All of it’s so fast, it’s so easy. That’s what’s so great about this.>>Yes.>>Okay, now first of all let
me get you to work real quick.>>Ooh.
>>So, it’s really tough work. See that we need some nonstick spray. And, just spray the.>>And you even made it easier. You took the cap off.>>Well, I’m thinking.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, so we’re going to just spray that, get
that kind of nice and wet on the inside.>>There we go.>>And
let me tell you about this incredible rub.>>Don’t forget the sides, folks!>>Well first of all,
let me tell you about my ribs, I’ve got.>>Your rub or your ribs?>>I’m going to talk about
my ribs then my rub.>>[LAUGH] Okay, go for it.>>And then I’m going to rub my ribs.>>[LAUGH]
>>And so anyway, what this is, this is a three pound rack
of pork baby-back ribs. I’m not going to go into detail.>>So good.
>>There are different types of ribs. There’s country style ribs, there’s
beef-back ribs, there’s just back ribs. This is.>>You said you’re not going into detail. [LAUGH]
>>Just go to the supermarket, look for pork baby back ribs.>>Baby back.
>>And then, what you’re going to want to do,
there is a membrane. I’ve cut these in half. But there is a, usually there’s going to be a membrane
on the bottom side of these ribs. You can leave them in there
with the slow cooking. It’s going to make it really tender and
you don’t have to worry about it.>>And you just rip it off when it’s done?>>Well no,
It’ll sort of disintegrate a little bit. But, I like to go ahead and
have it removed. It’s a little tricky to remove it. I mean, what you have to do is you get,
typically, you get a paper towel or
a little kitchen towel and you get a little bit of it and
then you eventually work it off. The easy, easy way to do is
ask your butcher to do it.>>Yeah, don’t waste the time.>>Yeah, I mean, he may charge
you an extra couple of bucks but trust me it’s worth it, okay.>>Yeah, don’t waste your time because you
need to get these into the slow cooker [LAUGH]
>>Yeah, hurry slow. Okay, so what we’re going to do. This is my rub that I’m
applying to my ribs, and, what it is, it’s a combination of.>>I can’t believe you’re
not letting me rub.>>Well here.
>>No, it’s alright,
I don’t feel like getting dirty.>>I know,
you need to man that slow cooker. He’s like the pit master
of the slow cooker.>>[LAUGH]
>>Anyway, what this is, you can get, of course, the complete measurements
on, but this is a beautiful combination of
sweet and savory, it’s a little light brown sugar, which I love, and
then I’ve got some smoked paprika.>>Mm-hm, I can smell it all.>>I know, it’s already smelling amazing,
just wait though, and get it all over. It’s got some ground thyme.>>Yeah, get messy.>>It’s got a little chili powder,
I love my ancho chili powder, but any kind of chili powder you got.>>You got it good? You got it all good and rubbed?>>Salt and pepper.>>Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, so now, Loony, go ahead and
put these, let’s see.>>So, you did both sides, right?>>Yeah.>>More on the meat side.>>I did more on.>>[LAUGH] We always say that.>>The meat side.>>[LAUGH]
>>Who are you calling a moron?>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, now if you want to just
put those in there.>>I will, I will put them in there.>>You may not use all of your rub but,
I love to. And you cut this in a half,
this is a full.>>That’s a half rack.>>Yeah.>>Okay.
So now what we’re going to do.>>You mean you have a half rack or
did to make two halves?>>That’s a full rack and
I cut it in half.>>Got it.>>Okay.
Like I said about three pounds. Okay, I’ve turned my slow cooker on and now I’m going to let this baby go for
low and slow for eight hours, and this just going to,
you can leave it, set it and forget it. That’s what we love to do.>>That’s the bad thing, though, about
>>What’s the bad thing?>>If you really want
ribs like immediately?>>Well…>>You have to wait for them, eight hours.>>I know. Okay, let’s.>>So don’t tell anybody
that you’re making ribs.>>Well, it’s going to be hard for them not to know because they’ll get a
smell and they’re going to smell amazing. Now, of course, let me just say there’s
one, I gotta say this, I grew up in Texas, we live in Texas, there’s a barbecue
joint on every corner and I’m biased, I know, but
I tell you Texans know how to barbecue.>>They do.
>>I mean they’re really pit masters. They have the smokers. They’ve got the wood.>>It’s amazing.>>From hill country,
it is just incredible.>>Yes.>>This isn’t a smoker,
this is not that, but on a weeknight, you will not believe how incredible these
ribs are going to be and they’re so easy and they’re so delicious.>>Yeah, totally.>>And the trick to making them so good,
is making your homemade barbecue sauce. And again, this literally comes
together in a matter of minutes. So.
>>You could do this in the morning, before you go to work. And you’ll come home to this Amazingness.>>Yeah, it’s fantastic. So, let us show you how, real quick,
how we make this barbecue sauce and then, after seven hours,
we’re going to take this out, we’re going to put some of this incredible
barbecue sauce on top and then just let them go in the broiler to let them crisp
up and then we’ll do that one more time. And then, they’re going to be good to eat.>>Over medium heat,
add two cups of ketchup. To that,
add a quarter cup of apple cigar vinegar. And then, a quarter cup of molasses. Mm. Molasses. Yes. Give it a stir. Then, we’re going to add a tablespoon
of actual chili powder and a tablespoon of dry yellow The mustard. A teaspoon each of dried Oregano and
Cumin. Add that to the party,
and then stir it up. Now we’re really going to
deepen the flavor. We’re going to add half
a teaspoon of liquid smoke. Don’t add too much,
a little bit goes a long way. [MUSIC] Now we’re going to add some hot sauce for
a little kick. Then some kosher salt, and
a pinch of black pepper. Stir all that up, we’re going to let this
come to a simmer, and it’s going to simmer beautifully till those flavors melt,
and we have an amazing barbecue sauce.>>So was that not the best?>>[LAUGH]
>>I mean, this barbecue sauce.>>Yay!
>>You see how easy it is, and it’s so flavorful.>>It’s delicious.>>So folks, while you were watching
how to make that great barbecue sauce, a little bit of time elapsed, and
fast forward eight hours later.>>[LAUGH]
>>And, we’re so
excited because these ribs are beautiful.>>Yes, and the house smells amazing.>>Like a good ol’ barbecue.>>Listen to that.
I’m so low, my voice is so low.>>Well, it’s been a long day.>>l want my, baby back,
baby back, baby back.>>So these went on low for eight hours. You can do seven to eight, but I did eight
because I like them to be really tender.>>Of course he makes me suffer more.>>I know, you’ve gotta make them good.>>How much should I put on here?>>So, now what we’re doing,
what we did is, we got our slow cooker, we got some tongs, and
then we just very gently moved them, be careful [COUGH] they may be so tender
that they kind of start to fall apart a little bit on you, that’s okay,
it’s just perfectly fine. They’re just going to pick them up and
eat them, so it’s not a problem. But, these have stayed pretty nicely in
tact.>>I’m trying to be nice and clean.>>So what we’re going to do, I get a baking rack, and, or
a baking sheet with a rack, and I put these on there, and then as the Loon
is showing you here, you just slather. You’re probably wondering, all right, when
does this barbecue sauce come into play. I mean.
>>[LAUGH]>>You talked about all this.>>I actually was like, the first time when you were like,
wait, you made them, I’m like, wait a minute.
>>Yeah, no, you don’t want to do them in the slow cooker because then it just
becomes mushy, what’s going to happen is, now we’re going to put them in the oven
under the broiler on low, and it’s going to begin to caramelize a little bit,
it’s going to really set, it’s going to get really, just, perfectly glazed on top.
>>Perfectly, perfectly.>>So, what we’re going to do now.>>How much should I put on?>>That’s good, that’s good.>>Hey.>>Okay, it’s not a birthday cake.>>[LAUGH]
>>Anyway, so what you’re going to want to do
is you’re going to, like I said, put these in your broiler on low but
everybody’s broiler is a little different. Some of these are electric, some are gas,
some are down here, some are up here. The point being that they vary,
and literally, I have seen recipes,
dishes get ruined in the final moments.>>It’s horrible.
>>Under that broiler, because you don’t keep an eye on it.>>Yeah.
>>So just keep an eye, you don’t want to, because it can happen very quick,
you don’t want it to burn.>>Yes.
>>So, you just want it to start to
get just a little bit of brown. For our broiler that’s about
two to four minutes on low, but I’m going to keep an eye on it.>>Can we please just stick this in there.>>So what we’re going to do is that
we’re going to put that in there now and then we’re going to take it out
because we’re so close, and we’re going to add one more
layer because we got to do that. And then, we’re going to put it back
in for the same amount to time, and then we’re going to take it out,
and then we’re going to eat it.>>Stop it.
>>Okay. All right, let me open up this oven,
we’re going to put it in, and then we’ll see you on the flip side.>>[LAUGH] Bye. [MUSIC]. [LAUGH]
>>I mean look at these.>>Look at that.
>>I mean wow, rib nation, yes, yes, yes. So, these are so beautiful. These are incredible. These have a double layer of sauce. You can see they just got a little charred
there, which is exactly what you want.>>I love that.
>>That is so beautiful. You want a little more sauce, don’t you?>>Well, yeah.>>Just a little.>>But you know me.>>You’re pretty saucy.>>[LAUGH] Sometimes I don’t
want to drown my food in sauce.>>Well, I do know you.
Well. [LAUGH] And please, and
this is what everybody has.>>You need to make sure you have that.>>If you’re at a barbeque joint,
you’ll recognize this. [LAUGH]
>>Okay, all right, I think our work here is done except for
one more important thing.>>I know. I’m going to eat this.>>[LAUGH]
>>Well, do I have to? Let’s just.
>>You’re going to do that one? Yeah, it’s super tender.>>People.
>>I mean, it’s fall off the bone tender.>>I don’t even, yeah.>>What more is there to really do?>>I’m so excited, ooh, ooh.>>And this was something that
you did in your slowcooker. So easy, so tender.>>Hm-hm, hm-mm. You can hear my mouth.>>I can.
>>[LAUGH]>>In Oklahoma I could’ve heard it. [LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH] That is so! You know what, I would never know.>>Well, it’s.>>Well, you would know.>>No, I’m not one to come here and say these are better than any rib
that you’ll ever have in Texas.>>Ooh, they’re hot! but I will say they
are extremely delicious.>>They are, look at that.>>Give yourself just
a little bit of sauce, plus it’ll help cool it down a little.>>Yeah, cool that down. Woo, I’m burning my fingers. Look at that.
>>Mmhmm>>All right, I’m going to get messy, mm-mm.>>I am literally salivating. And, isn’t barbecue sauce?>>This barbecue sauce is amazing.>>Tell me about it. What are you experiencing?>>I’m not going to
tell you about nothing.>>He’s experiencing rib nirvana.>>Mm-mm.>>[LAUGH] I think that pretty much
sums up his feelings about that.>>That is so good, that is amazing.>>Thank you.>>I have waited for eight hours.>>[LAUGH] I know.>>I’m serious, I took a nap. [LAUGH]
>>He did.>>I love these. I’ve always loved these, and yeah,
these are 100% Loon approved, that’s how much I love them.>>[LAUGH] Well,
I had a feeling that would be the case, so now I can’t wait any longer,
I have got to dig in.>>Get all messy,
get all up in there and eat those ribs.>>I want my own over here.>>Now you can get the whole
recipe plus the barbecue sauce on>>And I’m going to say this
now before I take a bite, because I know I won’t be able to speak
after this, please go to our social media, share, like, do all that stuff,
It really means the world.>>Be careful, that is hot.>>It’s a hot rib. That’s sort of like a hot mess, but.>>Bye everybody.>>My God.>>Low and slow, low and slow.>>That is as good as a rib joint,
I’m telling you. Feed store and barbecue places in Texas,
watch out, we’re coming for you.>>[LAUGH] With a crock pot.>>[LAUGH]
>>Bye. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>Hey, everybody.>>Hey, now if you like what you saw, make
sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel.>>That’s right, and to get more amazing
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