Comparing Blackstone vs Camp Chef Grills

– [Narrator] Hey YouTubers,
I’ve got a comparison video here for everybody. This is flat-top grill
versus flat-top grill. We’ve got Camp Chef on the left
and Blackstone on the right. There’s 36-inch grill for Blackstone, has been re-seasoned prior to this video. Also, real quick, please excuse any of the mess in the background. We’re doing construction and renovation. I’m still working on
getting projects done. It’s just been too cold to film outside, too windy, or snowing. And, yeah, this is a
little warmer environment. So, I’m going to try and make this video as decent amount of time,
but it is going to run about the five minute
mark, so sorry for that. These are both nice grills,
and they deserve credit. There are pros and cons to each, but obviously, they’re both
really nice for the price. So, they’re both flat-top grills. I used to call them a griddle grill, but I never got used to the term flat-top until I really started having these. And I didn’t really get to
cook on that one very much, because I’m always working,
six, seven days a week. But regardless, this one has
some really nice features. They’ve really done some
really good stuff on here. And I really like some of
the features they’ve done compared to the Blackstone. So, this one has a folding shelves that lock in place with
these brackets here, and I really like that. And this is for your drip
tray, which is down here. Really nice and sturdy. Where, on the Blackstone, these
shelves are kind of loose. Now, they will hold quite a bit. I will have to double-check and make sure they’re
real tight and everything. But the drip tray on this
thing is just mediocre. You know, whatever you want to call it. A lot of people have modified the grill, bending this down for the
drip channel on the flat-top. Or there’s mods you can buy
now, I’ve seen on Amazon. And as far as the performance on them, I am going to cook on
them in another video for you guys and gals out there. And, you know, real quick,
I want to mention that on this one, being pre-seasoned, I kinda like to be able to season my own, but that’s just a personal preference, because I use a lot of organics, and I used organic cooking oil on this. I re-seasoned it with
organic flaxseed oil. And you know, I just… I like that, being able to do that. That’s just one of my things. So, as far as the drip
trays and grill tops go, this one has a shallower channel, where this one’s real deep and pronounced. And you can see, my only thing
is this little piece of metal right down in that hole
there, going across. I would worry about something getting, debris getting caught on that. And that would be my big thing. Now, this one does have the option for grill grates underneath. I’m not really worried about all that. You do have wider shelves,
they’re the fixed. These don’t go anywhere. This one, it’s okay, it’s sturdy once you get it all screwed
in and tightened down. And then you’ve only got the one. I actually like having two. That’s kinda nice. So, that for contrast
between the two on that, I really like having two shelf. Now, as far as moveability, you’ve only got those
two wheels back there, on the other side there, you
can’t see in the video here, but and then you’ve got permanent feet. I like those rolling castors that lock. And I like these wheels that, you know, I can move this thing,
and that’s what I like about the Blackstone’s feet and wheels. You know, only you can move
it, it just goes everywhere. But, that being said,
the tank mount on this, it’s a little harder to get that tank in that little, tiny lip in there, and then hang it up here at the same time. My opinion, if you’re
trying to get this done so you can get stuff cooking, this one has the bracket
up here you can see. And then down at the bottom,
I’ll pull the tank away here, and you can kind of see it right there. It has a little lip too,
but it’s a lot easier to get it in there. And then same thing on this side. The shelf folds down but
it also locks in there. (metal shelf clangs) You can see that, there’s a
positive lip right in here where it locks in place. And that’s the same on both sides, so I really like that. And as far as controls, you have piezo ignition, electronic ignition. These have a little bit better, more control over the gas valve. And this one, medium and high
are kinda about the same, in my opinion. I think you have a little more
control on the Blackstone, but it’s kinda hard to tell, too, because of the way the grill
is constructed on this one. It’s just a little different. So, that’s pretty much the comparison. Let me know what you guys think
in the comments down below. I’ll answer any questions I can. Please subscribe, like and share. It helps the channel out a lot, especially nowadays that YouTube
is changing an awful lot. So thank you for watching. Have a good one, and don’t work too hard. Bye.

39 comments on “Comparing Blackstone vs Camp Chef Grills”

  1. Black Heart says:

    Which one performs better when cooking, which one stays hotter after putting large portions of food.

  2. PlumCrazy_Scat says:

    Just bought the blue rhino razor griddle you should try it out and do a video on it

  3. Nasir Ahmed says:

    Amazon sell this FTG600 $299.99

  4. Jay Bee says:

    With the Camp Chef you can adjust the level so grease will run into the drip cup (This is important). Also with Camp Chef you can light any single burner you want and not have to first light the left one which will light the next one and so on. and finally the Camp Chef is also a conventional grill with a flat top griddle on top. Black Stone is a griddle only. The Blackstone does have a slightly larger cooking surface. You can't go wrong with either.

  5. ConstantCompanion says:

    Okay. I'm just going to say it. This video is a waste of time. There's no real information, but there's nothing stopping you to going back and making a proper assessment of these tools. You can redo this.

  6. Chris DeHoyos says:

    That's 5 minutes I'll never get back. Why not talk about the differences you CAN'T see before buying them? Any idiot can look at the pictures and see one has 1 shelf and the other has 2, or that it doesn't have wheels on one side. If you think having a hard time hanging the propane tank is noteworthy maybe you should let the wife do it.

  7. coach says:

    OMG edit man. The first 90 seconds can go… Be prepared to just pepper the info out. Thx

  8. Jose Rocha says:

    Camp Chef with BlackStone wheels.

  9. Twistedfpv says:

    You live in Indiana?

  10. James Michael Wilkinson says:

    I received and built a Blackstone 36" flat top 5/24/2018. The drip tray has changed, probably because of the problems many cooks have noted with the grease going places other than the drip pan.

    Now, instead of a long tray in front, there is an inclined indentation in the back of the flat top; the drip pan is placed directly below this. There is no long trip for the grease to make and drip pan is easily removable from the back. There is now no possibility of the liquid grease going anywhere but the drip pan.

  11. Rob Jones says:

    Thanks for posting the video. Very helpful. As a suggestion, instead of saying "this one" "that one", just say the name of the manufacturer. We don't know them that well, and it doesn't take up much time.

  12. Lou Johnson says:

    The Blackstone needs to come apart easier to put in a carry bag they offer.

  13. mopjockey57 says:

    Thanks to your reviews, as well as Tonybuddy 123, I was able to make an informed choice…I chose the Camp Chef FT600 because:
    1) Each burner has it's own ignition source, not needing any batteries.
    2) Folding shelves.
    3) Tank mount.
    4) Double duty as a grill as well as a griddle.
    5) Competitive price…I could go buy a Blackstone at my local home center for $279, but for $70 more, I get more versatility, a cover, and a box of cooking gadgets.

    Thanks for your effort!

  14. Gerald Johnson says:

    Does the camp chef have levelers on the griddle itself?

  15. david hendershott says:

    you have an old style blackstone

  16. Jim bruce says:

    Just got a .Blackstone. They changed theΒ  grease trap to the back. am very happy with the Blackstone. Got the cover fits good an quality is good. No problem with the gas tank. asmbilely was les the 15 min.

  17. Elon Y. Kim says:

    I used to own both. The biggest difference to me was the flat top. They are made of different materials. In my opinion, Blackstone is superior to any others. However, I currently own Camp Chef due to the convince and look. Let me know if you have any questions.

  18. Brad Fry says:

    Why not simply call it what it is? A griddle!

  19. Roger Conley says:

    I wish the shelves folded up to cover the grill when not in use. Like the Blue Rhino.

  20. Jordan Roberts says:

    what model camp chef is that, and is it their 36"?

  21. PAPA Texas says:


  22. Jacob Misner says:

    You should review a Rocky Mountain Cookware/Chef King griddle! Made in USA and they even do custom sizes.

  23. Stormin Norman says:

    you haven't even used the camp chef flat top grill

  24. Tom Horsman says:

    Nice review!

  25. Timothy Coyle says:

    Good Deal!Β  I like a Blackstone..

  26. jhuyffj says:

    What about price range,

  27. sir loinofbeef says:

    They are not teflon coated? I had one that had teflon or non stick surface and it sucked it started peeling

  28. Daniel Ciccone says:

    The black stone is 36” cooking area. How many inches is the griddle cooking area? It looks smaller. Like maybe 32”?

  29. Kasey Maddox says:

    Informative and thank you!

  30. Angel Dav says:

    Very helpful video i was trying to make my mind on those two and i chose camp chef because of the stationary legs they can level the flat top. Also the hidden grill is the bomb! πŸ˜„

  31. 1990CUEVAS says:

    No complaints on my Blackstone

  32. David Chatfield says:

    Thanks for the video as I'm on the fence right now about which to buy. Can someone tell me if the "pre-seasoned" griddle from camp chef is permanent or will it have to be re-seasoned periodically?Β  Will rust be an issue with the camp chef???

  33. Mark Melebeck says:

    I just bought my Blackstone one month ago and already had to refill the tank twice I can get two or three dinners out of a tank is that normal

  34. southron spirit says:

    which of these does the griddle remove easiest on , i am surrounded by farm fields and right now i have a problem with rodents getting in my grill , i would like to store the flat top inside.

  35. Kenneth Pollard says:

    I heard the heating controls have issues on Camp Chef streight out of the box, is that true?

  36. mmillsy1971 says:

    Biggest difference, in my opinion, is natural gas conversion. Blackstone sells the conversion pieces with new valve orifices. Camp Chef sells you a 10' hose and instructions to drill out the existing valves with a #54 drill bit. I'd rather install new valves than drill out the existing ones and run the risk of screwing it up.

  37. mydejavooo says:

    So which is a better buy…..for long term use and ownership?

  38. Brandon Bandstra says:

    Thanks for the efficient review mate. Enjoyed the organic flax seed trip

  39. rdwafer75 says:

    Just got a Blackstone yesterday for Fathers Day from my daughter and I love it so far. It is the newer model with the rear grease drain and it works really well. The tank holder is different also and easier to attach. I would much rather have the grease run away from me then have to pool in front of me and pop my arms and clothes.

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