Cook the Perfect Steak on a Pan 🍴

so every guy should know how to cook a steak but we all don’t have a grill so i’m gonna show you how to cook a steak in the pen where they have a stove or hot plate you have no excuse not to be able to make one so to make a basic stake are you need is the steak so and pepper but i’m not satisfied with basic so we’re going to take this steak and we’re going to do something extra stick around guys I’m gonna share with you my secret recipe hi I’m Andres and this is be a man where i teach you everything you should know not only to be a competant man but a confident man if saving money by learning to do things yourself is something you’re interested in make sure you sign in and hit that subscribe button so those kind of videos can go straight to your notification sticks when people hear that they usually think about two things expensive and delicious now it’s not necessarily always so if you don’t know what you’re doing that steak is not going to taste good i know i’ve got two restaurants where spend some good money but I was quite disappointed but on the flip side it doesn’t have to be expensive either if you know how to do it yourself you can definitely save some money now the worst thing you can do to a steak it’s overcook it so when you’re cooking steak you wanted to have some pink in the middle how do you know it’s ready well you can definitely take the temperature of it but most of us don’t have those four thermometers to be checking out that some let me show you a quick little trick if you take your fingers and put them together like so and you press right here this is still rare you don’t want to eat that yet you put these together it’s going to be this is still going to be pretty good it’s gonna taste good or you can even go here now if you are putting these together and it feels hard like that it’s overdone man into my soul just throw it away so you want to stick to one of these depending on your taste now there’s also grades of me but I’m gonna leave that to the end of the video so stick around for that alright guys go ahead and wash your hands and meet me in the kitchen I’m gonna share with you my theory recipe that i created by putting together some different elements of other recipes ok what you’re gonna need is the steak the salt and pepper but also for any mustard and italian seasoning it may sound a little weird but trust me it’s gonna be good the first thing you want to do you want to take the mustard put some on the steak get a brush and just evenly distributed around the steak after you do that get the chatting seasoning and be generous with it it although with steak after you have enough seasoning get the black pepper sprinkle some on there and then sprinkle as much salt as you want i like to press it all in there afterwards just to make sure none of it falls off and keeps that layer but once you’re done with that just flip over steak do it all over again I’ll take your pen and put some cooking oil in it and let’s take in now you’re going to want to cook each side for seven to ten minutes depending on how you like your steak so remember how I told you by checking how firm it is as you can tell where it’s at so this one has a consistency about the the middle finger boards so you can eat it at this point but i’m going to show you how it looks like inside they have an idea where we’re at I’m gonna cut it a little early just so you know it still has a lot of pink inside again you can eat it and if that’s the way you like it by all means go ahead it’s ready for you right now this is the way I like it I like it to have a small pink strip in the middle after you’re done cooking it it on the plate slice it up and enjoy ok guys so what I want you to do is go down to the comments and tell me how was it if you do it well it should be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside i definitely want to know what others think about my recipe now if you’re making a state to impress that sexy my seat that then you want to buy the best you can afford so there are quite a few different grades of meat eight if i’m not mistaken but you only need to know three that’s prime choice and select so select is going to be the lesser and quality of the three it can be leaner meat so that means it has less fat but it also means it has less flavor more than likely this is what you’ve been eating restaurants typically aren’t going to give you the best of the best next is choice choice is going to be a higher-quality it’s going to have a little more marbling in the meat which means it that fat that kind of like veins going through it prime is going to be the most tender and the most flavorful one and if you can afford it that’s what you want to shoot for now if you like this video hit that like button so i know to make more like this and go ahead and share with your friends and family that way they can make good steaks too

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