COOK WITH ME Roast Beef | Slow Cooker Collab Fall Series

Hi guys! Long time no see. I know, I’ve been missing for a while. I’ve been trying to spend a lot of time with the babies. They are leaving tomorrow morning.
I’m driving them to Missouri. So we’re leaving at like five o’clock in the morning.
I hope. I hope I can leave that early. We’re gonna try our hardest because
we’re gonna have to make a lot of stops. We’ve got two babies and a puppy.
Because I’m taking Luna with me. And we’re gonna stay one night at the hotel
over in Missouri, today. We have a collab for you.
It’s the fall series collab. And please check out all the ladies that
are doing this with me. Their links will be found down below
in my description box. so be sure to check out all the wonderful channels for some great fall recipes. Let’s get started with the recipe. [Music] Alright guys.
I have the easiest crock pot meal.. ever. So in the crock pot you’re gonna add
a can of golden mushroom soup. A can of cream of onion soup. A roast. I’m adding.. we just have these roasts that we got from our.. that are..
that we got from our grass-fed cow. So I’m going to use two of those.
It doesn’t matter what type of roast. Just some kind of a beef roast. A bag of organic carrots. One bag of.. one package of the
onion recipe secret soup mix. One packet of the ranch seasoning mix this is zero points. And then a bag of potatoes this these
are the small petite potatoes. I just cut them in quarters
if they’re really big. And I’m going to throw everything in here and I’ll show you that when I get it done. Alright guys, I have the potatoes all in there. I’m going to put these carrots in there.
The whole entire bag. And I’m going to sprinkle my ranch seasoning
over the top. I’m going to sprinkle my onion mix over the top. I’m just going to dump in my soup
This is the golden mushroom. And I’ll scrape that out here in a second.
As soon as I got two hands. Okay, I added my cream of onion soup. And now I’m gonna cut up the roast..
or cut OPEN the roast. This is just.. this roast is still frozen.
And that’s totally okay. I had some leftover beef broth in the fridge.
So I’m going to add one can. (10oz) I had just filled up this can, and I’m gonna
add that in there. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t. Just depends. And if you want a thicker gravy, I usually don’t add it.
And the gravy stays nice and thick. Otherwise, you can thicken it with some cornstarch
and some beef broth mixed together too. And just dumping that in, after it’s all done,
and stirring it up. All right guys, I just kind of mixed that up
the best I could. I’m gonna slap a cover on it
and I’m gonna put this on low. It’s nine o’clock right now. P.M. I’m gonna let this cook
all night until I get up in the morning. And I gotta leave early in the morning.
So you guys.. I made this for our dinner a couple nights ago. I’m gonna show you the finished product right now. Because I don’t have time to wait till the morning to do it and still get it uploaded. So I want to get this uploaded for my collab. So this is everything that you will need for it. And I’m gonna get this uploaded tonight already. And I’ll show you the finished product because
we still have a leftover and in the fridge. Alright guys, this is what it looks like when it’s finished.
You can see how nice and thick the gravy stays. So I just kind of what I do is I just kind of
crumble up the beef roast it that’s in there. And this is.. tastes so delicious, you guys! Sometimes I’ll put some onions in here.
Sometimes I won’t. And I think I’ll probably sprinkle a few onions on top. But when that’s done that’s how it should look.
And it’s super delicious! Alright guys, I hope you guys enjoyed that.
I know it was really really fast. I just needed to get this uploaded like super fast
tonight before I leave tomorrow morning. And I’ve been a procrastinator this week.
Big time. I know. Hope you enjoyed the recipe. If you do try it out, let me know how you like it. Let me know down in comments… …or whenever you try it out, let me know the comments
of one of my videos, so I know. That is it for tonight guys. And I will
get started on my “what I ate” again… …when I get back home. I’ll be starting
my walking routine and all of that good stuff. So be sure to come back and check it out. I will be uploading a video on Monday night. Or a “what I ate” possibly Sunday night. I’m gonna try for Sunday night we’ll see how it all works out. Be sure to LIKE and subscribe if you haven’t already and
be sure to share this if you think anybody may like it. Talk to you later. Bye. [Music]

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    Looks fabulous! Thanks Carrie

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    Hi Carrie I am so going to make this — loving this collaboration. Did I miss how many points this one is? I’m guessing maybe 4 or 5 per serving?

  5. F Meow says:

    Have a safe trip back with the grandchildren! This looks REALLY good, but I think it will be too high in sodium for me… between the canned soups and packet of soup and ranch packet. I might "tweak" it using a few less ingredients. Thanks for the great idea!!

  6. Sharon Justice-Kastor says:

    Thank you for posting – This looks like something my family would enjoy- do you know the SMART points?

  7. Gina Pearson says:

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  8. J Jsinger says:

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  9. Lisa Blackwelder says:

    This is very similar to the way my family has always made roast….but we bake it in the oven. I can see the value of the slow cooker using the leaner cuts of beef. Thanks for bringing back a memory!

  10. Sharon Tuttle-Schroeder says:

    glad to see you back carrie safe travels and enjoy those special grandchildren, the grow so quick 🙂

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    The best collab ever🤗🤗🤗. I love slow cooker recipes, this looks wonderful. Thank you for putting this together. Sending prayers for safe travel for you and the grandbabies. I know you’re going to miss them, but you sure made some wonderful memories, and memories are forever❣️

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