Cooking Demo: T-Bone Steak | Season 2 Ep. 9 | GORDON RAMSAY’S 24 HOURS TO HELL & BACK

55 comments on “Cooking Demo: T-Bone Steak | Season 2 Ep. 9 | GORDON RAMSAY’S 24 HOURS TO HELL & BACK”

  1. Jamie the OK Gamer says:

    Can't get enough of this show!! 😃✌🏻

  2. kingofalljokers909 says:

    It’s just great watching this tbfh!

  3. MindBlown Chef says:

    Perfectly made steak with sauce!!! Classic French technique!!!

  4. Eddy Kuz says:

    Where can i watch the full episodes?

  5. Kitty Li says:

    I like how he uses time cooking the steak.

  6. Kara Elizabeth Martinez says:

    Now I got hungry for T-bone stake

  7. Wynema Cantrell says:

    ~That's just too good double Gordon Ramsey.~😂🤣

  8. Chesco says:

    Correction: Secret to letting it rest is so the juices dont bleed out when you cut into it, and it also finishes the cooking process in the middle of the meat so it's not raw.

  9. Chesco says:

    "Just a touch of wine."

  10. Chesco says:

    Kitchen Nightmares was a better show because it gave Gordon time to connect with everyone and made for more hilarious & shocking moments – which is why the show is so beloved!
    BUT, one thing it was missing was him showing indepth how to cook the dishes – which this show does.
    I wish you would combine the 2 concepts from both shows. This 24 hours thing is shite.

  11. JAMES HULLEZA says:

    That was so awkward… hahaha

  12. Mam W says:

    A touch pours half bottle white wine

  13. Melanin Queen says:

    The boys have their minds blown to bits by the genius!

  14. Kirk Adrian Diez says:

    They just wanted to know how to make the lamb sauce…

  15. Top Rod says:

    Well, these two were enthusiastic weren't they…. 🇬🇧

  16. Chow says:

    He has a habit of saying 'Just a Touch' but he will empty almost half of the bottle. Lol!

  17. Shubham Verma says:

    Can i drink a TOUCH OF WINE

  18. Bdhacker101 says:

    the black dude at the end just goes "yeah….good" he knew the steak was RAW

  19. Victor Espino says:

    They have no idea what to say

  20. dazaek says:

    Dia he said he put in lard?

  21. sara paul says:

    Lots of butter lol mmm

  22. PsyQoBoy says:

    A touch of white wine = half the bottle… Brilliant!

  23. Nilesh jak says:

    Why they need black guy there!!!!

  24. ceaser williams says:


  25. pilturinn knái says:

    "JUST a touch of wine" French got dried up by Gordon Ramsay

  26. Suck This says:

    Butta ang extraaaaaaaaa virgin olive oil

  27. Robert Taylor says:

    Black guy's like 'Oh, I'm sure it won't be at all stressful to knock 70 of these out each night '

  28. essel23fly says:

    Those guys look like they came out of Applebee’s kitchen

  29. Dong Li says:

    Gordon demonstrates how to cook the T-bone while talking to 2 statues for 4 mins.

  30. DenMCX says:

    That's not Gordon Ramsay!!! He hasn't used a DROP of olive oil… what kind of deceiver is this?!

  31. Charlie Brown says:

    @3:47 Guns pointed at them behind the scene

  32. HeatSeakingMouse says:

    Poorly filmed and poorly directed. Cannot believe I can dislike a Gordon Ramsay video

  33. PROBLEM? says:

    I will sub everyone who subs me back

  34. King Dog says:


  35. yann zahn says:

    Cooking demo: butter platter

  36. Ron Happold says:

    … Did he just pick up oil with tongs?

  37. J M says:

    Was the spinach from a can? It certainly didn't look fresh.

  38. Y&S FOOD! says:

    Fabulous video clip! Here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to find this kind of contents. We make Travel & Food video as well, around the globe, and therefore we are continually looking to get inspirations as well as ideas. Thank You.

  39. tonne korie says:

    Very healthy he says. "more butter" (;

  40. Killber Amazuki says:

    I don't think they memorized it haha

  41. dog says:

    “It’s good”

  42. pozzillone says:

    One whole head of garlic,half a kilo of butter, cream…i would not call this healthy food

  43. Vincent Van Gogh says:

    Just a touch of white wine.

    Proceeds to pour a swimming pool full of white wine.
    Gordon Ramsay logic at it's finest.

  44. Duy Luong says:

    1:38 just a fking touch of white wine he said lmao

  45. K H says:

    Scraping a cast iron pan and a nonstick pan with a stainless steel spoon => DONKEY

  46. Danger Zone says:

    Sour cream ruined the baked potato.

  47. Jjj Rrr says:

    im cooking a 1lb tbone thats why i looked up gordon ramsey tbone steak lol

  48. John Smithee says:

    A small touch of Buttah

  49. Titan zang Titan says:

    With gordon staring at you while tasting his food, you wouldnt dare say…."its RAWWWWW"

  50. Gleb Volkov says:

    "Caramelization on the spinach"…

  51. Nathan Barnes says:

    I just cooked a t bone and I am here to see everything I did wrong.

  52. guguigugu says:

    you need a whole packet of mints after all that garlic, def not a date meal lol

  53. CruiseGuy says:

    I can do that with no butter

  54. mas bro says:

    Rubbery and chewy 😁😅, legend says they still chewing till this day.

  55. mas bro says:

    I think those two are amy's baking company and his husband undercover getting payback to ramsay. 😅

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