Cooking on Blackstone Vs Camp Chef Grills

(sizzling) – [Reviewer] Hey, YouTubers. I got that grill comparison video here. Now this has been on here probably about five, six minutes, more maybe. I would’ve started a video
a little sooner from start, but trying to keep it short
so you guys can kinda see, and I don’t have a bunch
of video editing equipment and stuff like that, so. This is, we got some green
peppers and onions here. Three patties, and these are bratwurst with pepper and onion in ’em, and… (clangs) You can see the difference between ’em. This grill is pre-seasoned. This is the Camp Chef I’m on. (clangs) And sorry about the noise. Any background noise you guys hear, that’s just everybody
enjoying the nice day. But this grill seems to run
a little hotter even on low. And I did notice it sticking, you can kind of see that there. Once I’ve turned it, I made sure it was definitely on low. It does a good job, it
just takes a while to heat up at first, but once you get it going
it’s got a good heat source, but I think that the controls, this one’s a little finer adjustment, whereas this one’s low would
be more like medium over here. But anyways, this pretty much the video, you can see these burgers
on the Blackstone, these were all the way down low. Kind of a lower and slower,
a more finer adjustment. Depends on how you like your burgers and stuff like that, but you can see where these settings are at. So they’re just, just a little bit high. I have to turn it up just a little bit. I wanna make sure they’re
all about the same. And you can see we’re on low right there. (sizzling) Those are close up of ’em. So after seasoning this grill really good, and like I said I’ve only
used these a handful of times. This one here and after I
re-seasoned everything and that, it does a really good job. I mean it’s really up to you guys what decision you would make
on which grill you’d get. I personally like ’em both. If I was in the store to buy
one straight off the shelf, it’d be a toss-up. I think the Blackstone
could improve some stuff, where the Camp Chef has made some really good improvements and that, and real quick, I wanna mention that those legs do adjust. So I forgot to mention
that in my last video. And that’s about it. So if you got any comments or questions, do let me know. I appreciate you guys,
like, subscribe, and share. It does help out the channel. The channel’s grown
quite a bit here lately, and that’s good for you guys ’cause I’m making more and more content and trying to get stuff out so, thanks for watching, have a good one. Don’t work too hard, bye.

41 comments on “Cooking on Blackstone Vs Camp Chef Grills”

  1. Leprechaun TV says:

    The 36" Blackstone for sale at Wal-Mart has a textured top. I notice yours does not look like the current one for sale. Is that an older model?

  2. mopjockey57 says:

    Good job! You got right to the point, and told me what I wanted to know!

  3. Adam Austin says:

    I still seasoned my camp chef when I got it. Even though it says preseasoned. I have no sticking at all

  4. Hunter vandyke says:

    I'm definitely buying one within the month, I can't find a camp chef in my town but wal mart here does have a Blackstone. I can't decide after watching your videos which one is best. What do you think is best bang for my buck?

  5. mike landreth says:

    I have the Blackstone and had to change to a better gas line. It wouldn't be consistent in it's heat most times very low. Yes I did do the resetting they recommend . Still didn't work also the legs do not want to tighten up and seem flimsy . And hate the grease tray.

  6. Robert Roy says:

    I have a Blackstone myself. That’s really what my channel is really about. BUT I have been curious about the Camp Chef for awhile now. You think it would be good to switch over?

  7. Chris Tufano says:

    I'm sorry… I've watched both videos you've done because I've been considering a flat top grill, and really even with both videos theres not a lot of helpful information… Other comments are correct. Whats the difference in cooking surface thickness/gauge? Hows heat retention with adding food? You could have a laser thermometer and put both grills on low, show temps, change to medium and show, change to high and show. Show us the grease dripping… Showing some hotdogs and burgers etc sitting on a grill doesnt do anything for helping people… Looking for facts and details, not generic opinions about "if I were to buy one off the shelf, it would be a toss up…" πŸ™‚

  8. Brenden & Ella's Fun Adventures says:

    Great info !!!

  9. jt says:

    Frankly you showed two grilles with no definite opinion, what was the point of posting it.

  10. Movie Dog says:

    I think I made the right choice, I bought the Blackstone, love it.

  11. Chadd Fry says:

    I have the same problem with high heat on the 900 model. Even on low it gets over 400F (confirmed with a surface thermometer). I've been emailing Camp Chef to try to get them to fix this design flaw.

  12. Arthur Perry says:

    The blk stone is better quality just like a real commercial griddle and it cooks way better food so checkout the popularity and no complaints

  13. Dan Burch says:

    Another video ID'd a problem with the Blackstone grill and it's grease catchment. At the very right end at the griddle wall, there's a gap between the wall and the grease channel. Grease can miss the channel and run down the leg of the griddle.

  14. Next With Dave says:

    Thanks for taking time to do your video. One thing you might try, that I did on the Blackstone. Is to switch to an adjustable regulator on the propane tanks. It helped me get the Blackstone hotter when needed and should help the Camp Chef go lower when needed. Keep in mind this is a modification from factory and probably would void any warranty. Also, do this at your own risk. I'll subscribe and look forward to seeing more from you. Thanks, NextWithDave

  15. Gustavo HIdalgo says:

    Blackstone at the top of me father's day list.

  16. Kevin Buzard says:

    The blackstone is designed to be portable which is why one shelf and folding legs. Take it on a trip or camping if you like. Or remove the oegs and mount it permanantly. I have the 36" blackstone and love it so much i am getting a smaller, more portable version for the camp.

  17. Nelson Mock says:

    Is it me or is the Blackstone griddle thicker? The sound on each griddle when you clean the spatula sound different. The Camp Chef sounds thinner. Just curious, I'm considering on of these.

  18. Larry Jennings says:

    Thank you for posting this. I just wish they had a 36" indoor grill.

  19. Rick Keane says:

    How much propane will they use?

  20. boulder89984 says:

    Do the legs on the Camp Chef fold up? The Blackstone is easy to pack up and take on the road.

  21. Bill K. says:

    Nice side by side comparison.

  22. The Griddle Guys says:

    Great video! Thanks for posting. I have a blackstone but am considering a campchef. I have the campchef smoker and love it. If your interested in griddle recipes take a min and check out our channel.

  23. Denfktinso Noyb says:

    Blacktone isn't the best built flat top grill by a long shot, but it's the cheapest, thus it's popularity.

  24. david lopez says:

    if you were using as a food vendor cooking for customers would you have a preferance? i have a food cart with a 36" griddle attatched but i am looking into expanding my business instead of spending thousands of dollars on a second cart i am thinking about the blackstone and the camp chef. i make alot of cheese steaks hotdogs italian sausage kielbasa bacon cheese burgers. thank you merry christmas and happy new year!!

  25. Charlydx21 says:

    How do you season that flat grill? Just oil it up and put it on high for like 10-15 minutes? Anyone?

  26. Casey S says:

    Camp Chef appears to be better made, Thanks wanted to see a side by side of these two.

  27. Benjamin Veanueva says:

    Does the pilot stay lit in the wind on em .

  28. mmillsy1971 says:

    Still can't decide. So frustrating! Here in Canada the Blackstone is $521 vs $707 for the Camp Chef 600. The new rear grease management system on the Blackstone is better than the old front system (IMHO). There are pros and cons to each and I just can't make up my mind. I also want to convert mine to natural gas. Blackstone sells the natural gas valve orifices, but Camp Chef you have to drill out the existing orifices.

  29. Eric P says:

    I believe the reason that the Blackstone doesn't run as hot as be Camp Chef is that the blackstones flame is more wide open to air. You're outside so you're going to get a little bit more wind. I camp chefs burners are more shielded

  30. LateNite says:

    It's all about heat control for me.

  31. RIPPER334 says:

    I have the Blackstone, and my dad bought the camp chef…

    There's no comparison… The camp chef blows my Blackstone out of the water.

    I'll be upgrading to the camp chef before summer is here.

  32. Tom Olofsson says:

    Reat demonstration. I listened to you tapping your flipper on the grills, 3 times, the Blackstone sounds like the grill is heavier gauge steel.

  33. Pvp Pvp says:

    Camp chef all the way built better than that Blackstone grill lose

  34. deme lofa says:

    Blackstone is the best

  35. Michael Brohl says:

    What size is the griddle surface on the Camp Chef ? Not square inches but length x width .

  36. Perfect Smoked says:

    Truly helpful looking ahead to coming back again.

  37. Russell Cooks says:

    I wouldnt want a "preseasoned" top. Never know what chemicals they used to season it. Im glad i went with Blackstone

  38. Randy Garrett says:

    I have the four burner membersmark flat top from Sam's Club. Love it.

  39. James Weimar says:

    A true comparison would use an IR gun to compare surface heat. Distance between burners and griddle the same between the two? How do they light? Cost? Accessories?

  40. Jaytoka says:

    Just got my blackstone. Never had a better burger in my life then the one I just made. So happy. And the new drip tray in the back is awesome.

  41. David B says:

    The camp chef seems to have some features the Blackstone doesn't have but to me the most important thing is heat control the Blackstone does that better it just cooks better and that's what I want

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