Cooking Tip | How to Slow Cook Herbal Cornish Hen | Cooking with Random Lee Angie | Holiday Series

what’s going on Random community it’s
your girl Random Lee Angie coming to you with a slow-cooked Cornish hen Let’s start off with a thawed Cornish hen and then we have black pepper salt, vegetable oil, crock pot, diced onion cut up potatoes, bell pepper, sage, thyme, rosemary, cinnamon sticks, apple, cherry tomatoes
and mushrooms you can set the crock pot at 6 hours
or if you’re gonna do like I am 4 hours because I’m a little bit flushed throw in the vegetable oil throwing in my potatoes onions throw in the tomatoes throw in some mushrooms
which we’re gonna crush up by hand we just want big chunks because we just want flavor from everything that’s going in here with the bird salt and pepper toss that in there and then we’re gonna
go ahead and mix it up nicely I threw in some pieces
of bread all because I just wanted to pick up some of that juice and thicken
up we have our chicken broth I don’t care what kind of chicken broth if it’s range free gluten free salt free whatever give me some chicken broth throw in some fresh rosemary
peel that off the stick throw that in there fresh thyme
also just peel the leaves off of the sprig throw that in there sprinkle the dry sage and mix that up Cornish hen dry it off and then throw in all our
ingredients that was on the plate throw a little bit oil
then top it off with salt and pepper into the crock pot just throw in the rest what was on the plate into the into the crock pot
so you can just get as much juicy flavor almost forget about sage this is about two hours later this is about the
fourth hour here so now our bird is done Done!!! look at all that juice look at all that flavor YYAASSSS! so I say Happy Thanksgiving everyone and
don’t forget to enjoy your bird don’t forget to hit the follow the subscribe button like button and follow all the social media check you next time thank you for watching peace

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