Coriander Seared Tuna Cubes Recipe

Seared Tuna Coriander Cubes
Alright, first off you take some Coriander leaves, I have washed these and then allowed
them to dry and you want them to be dry so they stick to the tuna, and first you’re going
to chop them up. So first you roll them up to chop them, this makes it easier. You roll
it like a cigar more or less, and then you start to chop.
Alright so now after you finished cutting the coriander leaves, what I am going to do
is add my sushi-grade tuna, I have precut this to be 2.5cm by 2.5cm or 1 inch by 1 inch,
and then the length is irrelevant, just as long as you want. Now I am going to cover
it with sesame seed oil, rub it in. Just take some, rub it in on both sides, nice and quickly,
this will help the coriander leaves stick to it, and also it will give it a delightful
smoky aroma — perfect. Now I have rubbed it and I am going to just roll it in the coriander
leaves. Just keep rolling it like this until the tuna is evenly covered in coriander. Once
it’s covered put it to one side until needed. Okay so now you add some sesame seed oil into
a hot pan and then you add your coriander covered tuna. The key here is to turn the
tuna 90° every 15 to 20 seconds, so that it doesn’t get overcooked on any one side,
remember this is sushi-grade tuna and meant to be enjoyed raw like sashimi. The point
of searing the tuna in a hot pan is to stop the Maillard reaction which is when you ground
proteins like fish or meat in a hot pan, and this adds a subtle layer of flavors and complexity
to your final results which is just mind-blowing. And then once you’re done bring it back to
the cutting board. Okay you want to leave this to rest for about one to two minutes
and then you want to start wrapping it in Nori. Now you take your Nori and you just
cut it to size so there is no excess and then you simply just wrap it around.
Then once it reaches the end you just cut the excess off, and then let it rest on the
seal for just about a minute so that it tightens up. Once you have let the Nori rest so it
tightens up you can start cutting, just do one cut to start and then just keep cutting
it into even size bits until you reach the end of your tuna roll.
It helps to have a very sharp knife when doing this, if you want more information about the
knives I use click on the link that has just appeared on the top left corner of your screen
for more information, also there will be one in the description of this video — perfect.
Alright so now to plate up. I am just going to take this plate, now I am going to place
a couple of lettuce leaves on the plate — okay, beautiful. Now a different type of lettuce,
alright — perfect. Now I am just going to place my tuna cubes in a diagonal line just
to make it a little bit more interesting, and now some red pepper and lemon twists.
And now last but not least a pair of carrot butterflies — just like so. If you want to
learn how to make the carrot butterflies or the lemon and red pepper twists, the links
have just appeared to both of them on the side of the screen, top left corner — and
that’s basically it. Now you can enjoy this sushi platter and hopefully you guys like
it and make it at home. There we go now you know how to make the seared
tuna cubes, if you guys want to see a related video check out the blocks tuna cubes, a link
has just appeared on the bottom left corner of your screen, and if you want to see more
videos then check them out right now by clicking on the right. Also if you haven’t subscribed
to my channel already you should do so right now by clicking on the top left corner of
your screen. Thanks for watching, I’m Chef Devaux, see
you guys next week. Good-bye. END

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