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The Cowboys’ favourite, chilli. In a Dutch oven over the fire with the magic ingredients; wood and smoke. Right oil goes in. It’s screaming hot as you can see. In with the onions, garlic, cinnamon and paprika and a few extra chilies for Hip and the boys. Look at that. Next in just a little sugar and some tinned tomatoes and as a nod to Judy and the chuck wagon cooks I’m using coffee as an extra flavour. And of course, as I learnt from the rodeo boys it’s gotta be beef. About two kilo of brisket, two and a half hours of gentle simmering I’ve got the perfect opportunity to get back to the rodeo and my first slice of real cowboy action. Rodeo is big business and these local boys dream of becoming one of the few champion bronc riders. But it’s a dangerous sport and so competitive that only a few ever make it. Where Tucker is at right now is the most dangerous place. That’s where 90% of your accidents are
gonna happen inside the chute if they happen. Really? Because if the horse rears up and comes back you can smash you here or rear up and flip over and pin you down in the bottom of the corner. And then what happens? Then they have to open the gate and the horse walks all over the top of you. Oh great. The cowboys keep the bucking horses calm until it’s time for them to do their thing. You’d think they we’re born and raised to buck. They’re bred to buck. Oh really? Yeah, there’s horses that are bred that you can ride for broke horses and then there’s horses that are bred to buck. There’s no, absolutely no way that you’ll ever train them. The bareback bronc riders compete first. Eight guys on eight crazy horses trying to stay on for eight seconds. Yeehaaw! The riders are marked in their position and how long they’ve stayed on for. Nobody’s made the grade so far. My mate Tucker’s up next. Why would you wanna do this? I’m like, I’m like really nervous for him. Woohoo! Tucker’s the winner, and his prize for risking his life? 120 dollars. I’ve seen what these boys go through and they’re gonna need some real cowboy food. Two and a half hours of gentle simmering and the Dutch oven’s done its job. Some peppers and some kidney beans and my cowboy chilli’s nearly done. Right you lovely people, dinner’s ready! Tuck in, don’t be English! Is it alright, darling? Not bad for an Essex boy. No!

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  1. Torrey Jones says:

    Coffee?? WHISKEY!!

  2. heartbreakmanNo1 says:

    Da bois :T

  3. Серый Цекот says:

    for a glass mix 2 spoons of soda with boiling water (degrees 70-90 centigrade) drink before a meal for 30 minutes or after a meal after 1.5 or 2 hours (sick three times a day) and for all this 1 cup of clean (cold water) mix5 -15 drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% drink 1 time per day or 3 times sick. From all diseases, cleans everything. recipes from around the world. you are my favorite cook)))
    Happy easter.
    Give to horse some salt))

  4. Christine says:

    You re right Jamie! It s better to go elsewhere to look for life than to mope where everything began. Have nice trip!

  5. Mary Duff says:

    When this show aired several years ago it was the most entertaining to watch him. Jamie is such a sport.

    Ike Sankey's Bred to Buck Rodeo Stock… any rodeo that he contracts will not be a disappointment.

  6. Peter Cho says:

    You're okay B O A

  7. Dont mind me im just doing my business says:

    van der linde gang where u at

  8. Thomogon says:

    Being Dutch and never seen a Dutch oven in my life, that's comedy. Rodeo, how to get whiplash in 5 minutes.

  9. JustOneAsbesto says:

    Chilli with rice?? Help me out lovely youtube commentors. Is that or is it not an abomination, and where are you from?

  10. Goodo1234 says:

    They keep bucking even without the rider, stupid f**ks😂

  11. Kostya Perylov says:

    I'm sorry, but it's stupid sport of stupid people. I have just read why horses in rodeo are so aggressive, because of pain. Idiots.

  12. Adriana Oyarzo says:

    Excellent excite me to the free breath breathe and participate in the championship listening to the vegeta…

  13. Adriana Oyarzo says:

    listen to the vegetables fry and then the wonderful coffee video😂

  14. TheMaloney says:

    Dude really has no idea how to make chili does he?

  15. Rachel C says:

    Great, support animal cruelty. These horse buck because of the belt behind the saddle. And in addition they get stabbed by the spurs from the "riders". But as you say, big business. Who cares about the horses 🙁

  16. bj pirs says:

    I guess rodeo — moronic thing.

  17. Paradox says:

    "Not bad for an Essex boy"

    Gotta love Jamie 😄

  18. Winter says:

    The “crazy” horses are bucking because they put a flank strap on them. It’s extremely uncomfortable and they’re trying to get it off. Remove the strap, they stop bucking.

  19. CHILL FROST says:


  20. Garnachero Garnachero says:

    Kent rollins better be in this

  21. Botentotten says:

    Rodeo? Realy Jamie? Unsub!

  22. Mhmd Slebe says:

    😂 😂 I thought you wanted to ride a horse Mr Jamie…….. Have a good life…. 🍀🍀

  23. kapitancieno says:

    U are looking like a Brokeback Mountain cowboy 🤠

  24. Will Ford says:

    He should Bucking well stick to cooking!

  25. Chris Guy says:

    That chilli looks bucking delicious

  26. Ray D says:

    Real cowboy chili = No beans.

  27. August Plate Neumann Kristensen says:

    Love Jamie… Don't really love the animal cruelty though

  28. siham sam says:


  29. Catsincages says:

    I'd make a comment about the animal cruelty on display here but Jamie's goons will only delete it as they do anything that does not praise him.

  30. K D says:

    Jamie, please take this down and DON'T ALLOW animal cruelty on your channel!!

  31. Allen Brosowsky says:

    Okay, question time. Brown the meat first or not to. You didn't do it here. Would it be that much different. I had always thought it adds more flavour. But then this recipe obviously didn't call for it. Just thinking.

  32. Colin Few says:

    3:30 video about chili with 3 min about stupid rodeo and 30 seconds of food. Also chili doesn't have beans.

  33. Aragon says:

    One big problem with your recipe… Cinnamon does NOT go into cowboy chili! That goes in Cincinnati chili!

  34. Dual Love says:

    PLZZZ Jaimie, strike a deal with Channel 4 and the BBC to upload full episodes of your serieses on your own YouTube Channel 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  35. Vegan Pork says:

    Jamie had horses in the back

  36. Mob with Guns says:

    i kinda cringed at the big strips of beef, ive always seen it cubed (insert but what do i know hands up guesture )

  37. Eat And Be Eaten TV says:

    Keep these types of videos coming. Love the ones out in the field!

  38. bumbles20009 says:

    How could this be updated 12hours ago I’ve seen this years ago it’s really old

  39. Zoella Anne says:

    ‘Bred to buck’ what a load of crap. I love you Jamie but why would you support a barbaric act of animal abuse like a rodeo??

  40. Rexor says:

    Dang it jamie! I thought it was a red dead redemption vid right there

  41. Faiz Khalifa says:

    Got the horses in the back. Horse tack is attached

  42. SenpaiKun says:

    So, Jamie is Vegan or eats meat? This is so confusing!

  43. Alen D says:

    Unseared beef why?

  44. Jason Mistretta says:

    I love these types of videos. Thanks for the upload!

  45. Gary Clinton says:

    There are no tomatoes in chilli!

  46. Justin Oehlke says:

    Cowboys ate beans. The chuckwagon hauled staples such as BEANS, salt, chiles, bacon, dried beef, flour, sugar, etc. They did NOT eat fresh beef. The cattle were their paychecks. So, if you make chili with fresh beef, then it's not real chili.

  47. Mike Btrfld says:

    Vaquero food. They were the first cowboys. Mexicans.

  48. assassintwinat8 says:

    coffee in chili. gotta try that next time

  49. Rijaand Cook says:


  50. Karmen Trnovšek says:

    Fun for people but suffering for animals. Unconscious human behavior. Sad😑

  51. alexhernandez49 says:

    Not bad indeed for an Essex boy!!!

  52. Rod Clark says:

    Very cool Jamie! The Cody Rodeo is a TON of fun to attend, and it doesn't get much more American than that.

  53. That Guy says:

    Reported for animal cruelty.

  54. The Tallest Dwarf says:

    Wow, that 3:34 minute video really took me on a trip. Nice.

  55. Renee Mulherin says:

    For those who might be interested, Chili con Carne originated in San Antonio, TX. Down here we usually cube the meat and real "Texas Red" as we call it, NEVER has beans. Although I do like beans in my chili, sometimes. Pinto beans, not kidney beans. Everyone has a chili recipe, and most are really good, but I have had a few that were called "chili" that in no way resembled anything that I would call chili. The minute you introduce seafood and mushrooms, it ceases to be chili.

  56. Trekky says:


  57. whats that? says:

    love the chilli, … why do they do that?

  58. Jennifer Garfield says:

    I thought chilli was a soup.?

  59. Renata Teixeira says:

    Hey Jamie, these animals are in pain and uncomfortable, please don't support this. What the guy told you is utter and complete bulls*. Horses can be taught anything, but these are uncomfortable and in pain. I've seen a horse that has been used in similar things being retrained and it's horrible; they become angry and antisocial horse beings. It's quite sad. It takes a long time to teach them to trust again.

    Before anyone call me a snowflake or city girl, I work with horses.

  60. HyralProductions says:

    This is how you break your spine and end up in a wheelchair.

  61. Clint Cowboy says:

    Cowboy chili goin in and cowboy chili comin out

  62. bellavista7 says:

    US the only country where Jamie can still pretend not to be obese himself.
    And promote his sugarphobia while promoting a diet that makes people obese.
    I wonder how such a laidback dude became this moneygrabbing cynical loser.

  63. Rainbow Gardens says:

    Wow! Love it!

  64. JUNTV준티비 says:

    Jamie, You are one of my roll models from the first time when I made a mine being a Youtuber and watched you 11months.
    And now I am also opened my channel 2days ago. Very shy but…Thank you very much for about many things even you don't know what I mean. I could learn many things from your various attempts for better video quality. Thank you I really wish you always be happy and healthy and promise I will be your fan for a long long time. Bye.

  65. Dragon HK says:

    Jamie are you going to add the "Just 5 ingredients" videos here?

  66. Gearld Cline says:

    Now…I like beans in my chilli…. BUT (and it is a BIG "BUT") real Texas Chilli (that is to say, "Cowboy Chilli) is meat (preferably a tough cut of beef) only…. Just sayin'….

  67. ppk cooking says:

    The best cooking channel by far. Better than Gordon's. I made a new cooking channel because of Mr. Jamie the god of simple cooking. I would appreciate some feedback on ppk cooking. Thanks.

  68. Perfume World says:

    Jamie Thanks

  69. angeliqueinhollywood says:

    Love the cowboy hat 🤠 …..but what these men are doing to the horses are cruel 😔

  70. Piotr Kwiatkowski says:

    Why you put that much olive oil in all food you make? This is crazy man. Im watching you in tv and i have to say you cant make anything without olive oil. Oliv oil and olive oil and olive oil again!

  71. scott gurney says:

    It feed all these -I think not

  72. scott gurney says:

    they did not like you

  73. Jim Joy says:

    More of those videos!

  74. Jaidaa Amr says:

    👍🌹 great job 👏👏

  75. afonsords says:

    2:33 [European Fear]

  76. Serenity Boggan says:

    When I hear Chilli, I'm just thinking about the terrible farts I get a few hours afterwards.

  77. Ghostwriter says:

    I didn't receive a notification for this video. Weird.

    Anyway, I'm envious of the campfire dinner…


    I love that this 3 minute video started out as a recipe for Chilli Con Carne and then all the suddenly became a documentary about bucking horses! Xd

  79. Lidia Hernandez says:

    No deja de sorprenderme cuanta ignorancia …América es todo el contienente desde Alaska hasta la Patagonia. No pertenece a un solo país como en este caso a EU

  80. Jayjay2961 says:

    Horse tack is attached

  81. Cindi Cindi says:

    Hello Goodafternoon Jamie Im from Hellas i want the recipe when you cook liver with onion and bacon thank you very much

  82. Vikram R says:

    You could have gone to a meal with an Indian family. Cmon!

  83. Kids And Moms says:

    The way you are cooking is interesting….. sometimes while on a picnic, I feel cooking out is more enjoyable than eating out.

  84. 0047 says:

    Eighteen naked cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch

  85. asim bashir says:

    It’s RAW!!! Jamie the horse is still racing the grand National. Leave your jacket and get out!

  86. Beverly Sinclair says:

    "born to buck"???? what ? they buck in the rodeo bc of the tight flank strap and then the rider spurring their shoulders, but great chili recipe, thanks for sharing

  87. Lobster with Mustard and Rice says:

    When you played too much Red Dead Redemption

  88. J. S says:

    Poor horses

  89. Tara Middleton says:

    I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road I’m gonna ride til I can’t no more I got the horses in the back 👌

  90. jetski Dex says:

    Jaime looking like one of those broke-back mountain geezers.

  91. Megaladon7k says:

    What happened to an animal loving Jamie 🤷🏻‍♂️

  92. SV INT says:

    sad horses.

  93. Deplorable Citizen says:

    I thought I was going to watch a video about a chilli recipe and I ended up watching a video about a dangerous sport.

  94. Captain America says:

    Jamie, looks like your brand is going down the shitter.

  95. Brad Robb says:

    A Britt making chili. LMAO

  96. Scott says:

    Love it. Cool segment.

  97. Glückskatze says:

    Poor horses… :'( Rodeo and bullfight are cruelty to the animals. I have faith, that someday these cruel things will have an end.

  98. Jim Fortune says:

    Tomatoes? The red's supposed to come from the chili peppers!

  99. ansa Klabautermann says:

    The "cooking" part has actually 37 seconds in this 3 min and 34 sec video..

  100. Jane Taylor says:

    Cooking yes, RODEO NO.!!!!!
    IT'S BARBARIC!!!!!

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