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Hi, this is Stephanie Manley with
Don’t you just love Cracker Barrel’s fried apples? Well, guess what? I’m
going to show you how to make Cracker Barrel’s famous fried apples, at home
and in your own kitchen. All right, so I’m just finishing chopping up my
apples. You can make this recipe with about five or six apples. My recipe
calls for either butter or bacon drippings. Now the Cracker Barrel doesn’t use bacon drippings
in theirs, but you know what? This tastes really good with bacon drippings,
and that’s how my grandma used to do it, so I can testify that
that makes them very, very tasty. This recipe just has a few ingredients
in it. That’s about five or six tart apples, some brown sugar, a little
bit of nutmeg, some cinnamon and lemon juice. So after you finish slicing up all of your
apples, you want to keep them a nice pretty color, so we are going to add
just a little bit of lemon juice to this, and give it a stir before we take
this over to the stove and start cooking our fried apples. Okay, so we’re going
to get started on our apples. We’re going to take our butter and
melt that in the bottom of our skillet. Again, you can go ahead and use bacon drippings
if you happen to have bacon drippings. It’ll taste just as good. I’m going
to let that butter get nice and melted, and next I’m going to add my apples.
I’m just going to pour them evenly on the bottom of my skillet. I’m
cooking these on a medium heat, not too high, and not too low. I am using an all-clad skillet here, but you
know what? I’ve seen many chefs use far less expensive skillets, so
I think any skillet will really do. In fact, an iron skillet will be great
for this as well. All right, so my butter is all nice and melted right now,
and the apples are just beginning to release some of their juices. So now we are going to sprinkle in our brown
sugar, so we’ve added in our brown sugar, it’s just beginning to melt.
I am going to add in my cinnamon, and I am going to add in a little bit of nutmeg,
and I’m just going to stir to incorporate. These smell just incredible. Now this butter and brown sugar is going to
make a really, nice, thick syrup, so these apples will fry in syrup,
and the butter. It’s going to take about 15-20 minutes for these to finish
up. Then we’ll come back, when they’re all nice and done. All right, so we’re
about halfway cooking these apples, and you can see we have this wonderful
thick syrup right here. So while these are cooking, just be sure to
stir them every couple minutes. You’re going to have some fabulous fried apples,
so now you know how to make Cracker Barrel fried apples, but you
know what? I’ve got lots more great recipes online at, and if
you’re watching this video on YouTube be sure to like or give the video
a thumbs up, and let me know what recipe you would like to see next. These are my apples, and you can see this
wonderfully, creamy, syrupy sauce is all over these apples. They’re nice and
soft now and they’re going to taste just great! We’re going to give this
one a try, so good. Hi, I’m Stephanie Manley. Have you ever wondered how
your favorite restaurant makes that special dish? Well, I’ve put together
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  1. Erika Clarendon says:

    Could you do a video on Bennihana fried rice?

  2. Stephanie Manley says:

    Thank you for your suggestion, I will definitely keep that one in mind. I have been wanting to revise that one.

  3. Leannan McAvoy says:

    Unfortunately CB doesn't make this in their store. It comes shipped in big cans. πŸ™ It would be nice if they did make them though.

  4. Stephanie Manley says:

    @Leanaan I think they taste better when they don't come out of cans.

  5. jessy smith says:

    Thanks for the recipe. I love CB apples and always wondered how they made the delicious syrup.

  6. Jack Hood says:

    Thanks! Just had a serving today and wondered how to make these at home

  7. Jakathera says:

    i wish the camera would focus on the food instead of her chest. it kept zooming in/out , out/in, and never in on the food, except for at 2:02. she did great, fire the camera man.

  8. Stephanie Manley says:

    i have a camera woman πŸ˜‰

  9. luisa orozco says:

    My husbands birthdays coming up he wants olive gardens spinach and artichoke dip I know yhu have the recipe but I would like to see exactly how you make it please πŸ˜€

  10. luisa orozco says:

    And what type of bread to use and how to serve it and with what I should serve it with

  11. Zero Niner says:

    wow that's awesome, but whats nut mag?

  12. steven walls says:

    These look solid the ones I had were way better

  13. Plug_finnesso says:

    a fruit made unhealthy….

  14. Ashley Carmody says:

    Don't fried apples usually not have the skin? Can you make it without!?

  15. Stephanie Manley says:

    I have seen them either way. At my house growing up we only had them with skins.

  16. Ashley Carmody says:

    Thanks !

  17. aquafina2u says:

    Stephanie, can you make these in a crock pot?Β  Thanks.

  18. milldabeast519 da beast says:

    i use coconut oil instead if u rather a healthy option Β without loosing the greasy fry texture

  19. Isabel Argueta says:

    Can we use regular sugar?

  20. Damien Zimbrick says:

    why so much emphasis on "Bacon Drippings"

  21. Animal Chiro says:

    Looks awesome! Will try these very soon. Thank you…

  22. lovely Cartoon says:

    Look so yummy!!! Thank you so much…..^_^

  23. Animal Chiro says:

    Stephanie, prepared these last night…wonderful! Used butter, didn't have any bacon drippings, but hopefully will next time. Thank you so much for your help!

  24. FandomTrash says:

    Hello everybody i learned from my mistakes dont use butter use apple juice or water to make it taste better

  25. kaylin victoria says:

    More recipes!!!

  26. kaylin victoria says:

    Make cheese sticks

  27. seattwa says:

    Another winner Stephanie! The apple juice comment sounds like a good idea, but there is just no substitute for real, sweet cream butter!!!

  28. jim underwood says:


  29. FkedUpGaming says:

    You're so sexy.

  30. Karen Patterson says:

    I love these apples.i always order it☺😊☺😊

  31. Tamara Battis says:

    I like the combo of red and green apples, always my way to go for final texture

  32. Rachael Flores says:

    Stephanie, any idea if I could make a huge batch of these and can it???

  33. Marie Joy says:


  34. Torria Leggett says:

    No white sugar?

  35. K says:

    Could I use margarine instead of butter?

  36. zai do says:

    Wow gorgeous

  37. Katie Deep Beep says:

    Thank you so much!!!

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