Crispy Beef Recipe

– Alright, how’s it going folks? It’s Barry here. Hope you are well. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. Today we are making another homemade, Chinese takeaway kind of dish. This is a crispy beef. Heavily requested recipe this one. (whistling)
(joyful music) (dog whines) (dork barking) (dog whines) And just like pretty much
every recipe in the world, as I discover in YouTube comments and in life in general,
there are many opinions, many ways and methods of doing it. This is just one way that I’m thinking of where we have two pans,
trying to keep it kinda easy. So we’re not like mucking
around with hot oil and all that sort of stuff. It does involve a tiny bit of prep but once you’ve done that, it’s fine. It’s really just gonna come together in an absolute Speedy Gonzales flash. So I’m gonna summarise
the prep I’m gonna do. We’ll get it done and and it’ll be done as quick as a flash. So effectively, you’re
gonna have two pans. Wok and roll, sauce pan. So the sauce pan is where we get that sort of crispy beef, mmm. No it’s not. (laughs) It’s to fry, it’s the wok. Let’s do that again. So, the wok is where we’re
gonna make the crispy beef, the main oomph of where you come from. But the actual sauce pan
is gonna make a really nice kind of zingy sweet sauce
which we coat it in. And you can mix this up any way you want. I’m gonna set mine with some rice noodles, put a bit some rice,
just have it on it’s own. Just eat crispy beef. If I’ve inspired you to give this a go, in the end of the video,
check out the full write up of ingredients, all that stuff typed up by these very hands, poh! But enough of that, let me
show you what we’ve got. Alright so first of
all the beef, I’ve gone for a thin cut sirloin
steak and cut it thin but it’s actually thin
in thickness as well. Or you can just whack it
with one of your pans. You can use a flank steak. You can use other different
variations of steak like a casserole steak. But obviously with a varying quality and I was mulling over, trying
to do a poor man’s version of this with beef mints,
making it into like twiggy sticks things and freezing it and then frying it. I don’t know. If that fails, you guys will slaughter me for that (laughs). For the steak, what it’s
gonna do is get mixed with corn flour and a little bit of spice which is actually optional. By flash frying the beef in the corn flour which does cling to anything but we’ve got a little tip for that in a minute, it’s gonna give you that
real nice crispy effect in just a couple of minutes. Alright? So all of these ingredients
are gonna go into our big old pan the pan, one man, one band. Sorry. We’ve got white wine vinegar ’cause I didn’t have
any rice wine vinegar. It’s just to get a bit of tang, alright? Toasted sesame oil, just
for a bit of flavouring. Vegetable oil for frying. A green pepper ’cause that’s optional. Whenever I’ve had a take away,
I’ve always had crispy beef and it comes with a big
green pepper chunk so yeah. Soy sauce and spring
onions, A K A scallions. We would’ve figured it out. Brown sugar, garlic, ginger, sesame seeds and the juice of half an orange. That is it. Seems like a lot, we’ve
just got to prep it a bit. So we’ll jump to that. Oh, once I do do my prep,
remember that we’ve already made on this playlist, homemade prawn toast. And also homemade egg fried rice, which was deliciously good. Chloe gave it her seal of approval. Rar rar
(hands clapping) (dog barks) Nice. Alright we’re just about ready to go. Anything I haven’t done
is a slow step mistake, which I’ll show you now. I found a chilli in the
fridge, so I figured I’d just chop that and de-seed it, slice it into little strips. But as it’s gonna take
quite a while for the oil that we’re frying into get hot, I’m just gonna start that going. But for now, let’s slice our beef. I’m gonna actually carve mine. So I’ll have two strips like this, okay? It depends if you want it
right to be really big pieces or not but all I do is just cut little pieces just like that. I’m gonna put some more
flavour into the beef with some Chinese five mix spice that you can get in most supermarkets. So I’m just gonna give
it a light sprinkling, not too much and then just, sort of work it in. (nose sniffing deeply) Aw smells stonking. As we know the corn flour is the thing that’s gonna make it crispy. What happens is when you
first put a strip of this beef in the corn flour, you
think it clings to it and then after awhile, the moisture in the beef will actually start
to absorb that a little bit. So I’m just gonna do an initial dunk, with my bits like this. You can do loads at a time if you want but I’m just doing the
little bit of a time just in case I don’t lose
them and be like ugh. So I’ve done all of
them and you can see how it’s starting to show a
little bit of the meat again so give it like five minutes just for it to kind of absorb and dunk it again. That wasn’t five minutes
but, you get the idea. Hopefully you’ll have a couple of off cuts of the steak which you can use. Once the oil is hot enough, you can just drop a little piece in. If it sizzles straight
away, that’s what we want. So it’ll get that crispiness for us. If it’s not hot enough,
it will just kind of like absorb the corn flour or
the corn flour will just take all the oil in and be like really, it’ll be like eating an oil slick. Bleh. But while the oil’s
still starts warming up, we can actually start to
soften up our peppers, spring onions and actually
the chilli now which we added. So we’ll do that. Alrighty? So into this pan goes a little
drizzle of vegetable oil. That’s one spring onion chopped up, the chunks of green pepper, and the chilli which is now new to the party. And I got a little bit of
pepper down there, whoops. So we’re not gonna char this in anyway, we’re just gonna soften
it and kinda sweat it out like I am in the kitchen with
this heat wave right now. Alright folks, I just turned
the flame off from underneath but there’s still a little
bit of heat in the pan. The main thing is to keep it moving. It’s nice and softened
now ’cause it’s only been five minutes so that’s good. We can just leave it
here in the pan to cool before making the sauce
in there with it all. So this actually a better angle
of how like the corn flour has been absorbed into the meat. Look at that. So, another dunk. Get it as white as Santa Clause’s beard. Yup that is much better. So I’ve moved the wok here
so it’s easier to get to and this is nice and cooled down now. No more sizzling. That’s all good. It’s gonna be there just for a little bit. We’re gonna test if this
oil is hot enough now. It certainly feels it but it’s deceptive. It may not be that way
so we might have to wait a little longer. And just to one side
here, I’ve got a plate with some kitchen towel
just to absorb the fat once we’re done. Okay let’s try it (oil sizzling) Yup, that’s ready. (laughs) Look how quick that cooked that beef. So I’m gonna lower in in
batches and it might get noisy. (oil sizzling)
There we go. (oil sizzling) So I’m trying to not move it that often. Some people actually
fry it for like a minute and then let it rest and then fry it again for extra crispiness but
I just wanted it this way. But you can see that not
much of that corn flour has come off and sort of
spread around the pan. It’s hit that oil and it’s hit, like got it cooking almost immediately. That has been three minutes. I’m gonna drain that off. Oh my gosh. It smells so good. This is our last two bits coming out. Boom. Now just leave that and then put your oil somewhere safe to cool down
and don’t go anywhere near it. Alright so back to this cool pan. In goes some sesame
oil, primarily for that amazing flavour that we
got in the egg fried rice. This is some soy sauce, it’s
actually light soy sauce. It’s got less sodium in it. I was actually mulling over
doing homemade soy sauce, but the bottle was like
50 P in the supermarket so I don’t see a point in that. The juice of half an orange, vinegar, a little shimmy of sesame
seeds, about a tablespoon. This is some brown sugar. So back on the heat again. And first of all, just
stir it all together, so that sugar breaks down
and all the other ingredients mingle and try to make them
like a thickened sauce. It won’t take long at all. I tell you, I forgot to add in my garlic. (laughs) My bowl of corn flour sounds of it. And the ginger, there you go. So that’s in there. Make sure you get it in guys. It’s a lot easier when you’re not filming
the recipe, honest. And of course this is
completely customizable. You can add some more
vinegar, orange, soy, whatever you want. Just have a little taste if you want. Tweak it to your liking. Okay hopefully you can see
this is bubbled up lovely. Now it’s only slightly thickened and that is fine. I’m gonna tip in the chilli beef, just use in the kitchen towel. Put it right in there. So with that in there, you can see that’s really thickened up now and sort of clinging to it as well. Absolutely gorgeous. You wanna kind of serve
this almost immediately so we can take it off the heat now. Serve it with the egg fried rice that I made in the previous video. Or I want some of that rice noodles today. So here we go then. I’m just gonna place down, oh my gosh. I hope that looks as good on the camera as it does right here in person. And just another little
sprinkle of sesame seeds on top just to finish off. How easy was that? Awesome! Oh, sticky as well. Mm, aw the crunch, mm. Wow, that is amazing! Mm, that has blown my mind. Remember if you’re vegetarian,
you can probably do it with tofu or something
like that if you want. Thanks for watching. Send me a picture if you try this recipe and check out the other two recipes already on this playlist and of course, let me know down below
what you wanna see next. I’m gonna gobble all that up. Bye!

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