Crock Pot Chicken for New Moms

hello YouTube viewers you’re watching a boost family life and for those of you who do not know me my name is Tania today I wanted to show you how I make crock pot chicken it is it’s it’s easy it’s very easy but the timing is not is not fast but the beauty about crock pot cooking is that you can put it on and then come back and then your food is done and your house smells amazing so I’m gonna get started okay okay before we get started I have my trusty dusty rubber gloves because i am using chicken raw meat before we get started I am going to put the onion into my chicken and as you can see this is a fairly this is a is not a very small bird it’s good-sized bird um and I am going to put some onions in the crock pot pan just a little bit now I am going to take my bird lay him in there like so and I’m gonna get finished putting my stuff in there I’m gonna add the rest of the onions that I cut up and that’s the rest of those and me I’m gonna put some fresh curry leaf in there and let me give you this will carry leave here it is sprinkle some of that in there I use some orange and I graded it with this and then here is my finishing product i am going to sprinkle some of that in there and it’s always our chili pepper I cut up to me get the rest of listen in here um I have salt to taste her ever much salt you want to taste I I’m gonna do at least like half a teaspoon of salt and that was my that was my salt oh you just used regular salt and I’ve already added that in there and sprinkled it all over now I’m going to add my black pepper and i am going to season it up and i am going to add a little bit of potatoes let me see just a little bit potatoes i just cut up like a little potato and for the last i’m going to use because my family we like spicy food um ground cayenne pepper just a little bit and you could just put as much as you want on there and i am going to use this fat free less sodium chicken broth but before I do let me just shake it up and then I’m just gonna add just a little bit down it cuz the chicken is gonna give its own water i just added a little bit to it for me a little bit more and now oh you know what I forgot my ginger I forgot my ginger in my garlic I forgot all about that I mean rub it I could have just like throwing it in there but now I am going to place my top on here and I am going to set my crock-pot let me push start they go the red light and I am going to set it now i’m going to set my crock pot on high and i’m going to you know i’ma set it on low but i want it to cook for nine hours but i’m gonna change the setting to medium to medium okay you guys thank you and we’ll be back and i will show you the finishing product hello everybody I wanted to come back on and show you how moist it is that it cooked all the way through can you see that let me see if I can see it cooked all the way through it is very moist in the all brown you might fall from the bone look at that see mess on my bird but we are going to have it with rice in maybe i’ll make some chicken burritos with it or some pasta and chicken you guys thank you for watching a boost family life we just made crockpot chicken you

6 comments on “Crock Pot Chicken for New Moms”

  1. kibaya cruz says:

    looks good 🙂

  2. Tonya Shaik Mohamed says:

    Thank you:-)

  3. Aboobacker Shaik says:

    I dont like chicken but this looks good

  4. Tonya Shaik Mohamed says:

    Thank you for the thumbs ups Kibaya Cruz

  5. Tonya Shaik Mohamed says:

    Thank you sorry it took me so long to reply thanks so much for the thumbs up

  6. kibaya cruz says:

    our welcome!<3

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