Crock pot Chilli fast and easy new moms on the go

assalamualaikum everyone you are watching a booth family life for those of you who do not know me my name is Tania I wanted to show you how I make crockpot chili for my family it is very it’s easy for me I still can take care of the baby I just I’ll show you come come with me I have gloves on because I was dealing with the meat ok let me show you ok ok here is it is chicken it is Lord ground turkey I’m sorry and you can request it from the halal store we my husband we don’t eat the beep my husband don’t eat the beef and you know what you don’t even eat chicken either so this basically it for me and hiring um I have to turn up the heat a little bit fat in there they turn it up a little bit and then I am going to start with I’m going to put my onions in there the tomato but I cut some here and this is the chili pepper right here I cut some up and I wanted to show you if your chili peppers are small that it’s going to be very hot but I cut up some network huge a little bit big so they’re not going to be a spicy because I’m feeding it to my son then I have some some diced tomatoes well fire-roasted tomatoes pepper salt homemade garlic that my husband had me peel and he came lushes it all up that’s garlic and ginger in here and this one is garlic and ginger and before I started with the meat I’ve used a little bit of oil like two teaspoons and then because we don’t eat four and my head’s will not eat beef I got vegetarian beans pre-made so it could be fast okay we’ll come back over here to the meat is cooking very fast I am going to go ahead put my chili packet in here and I just got one that was like 43 cents at walmart oh its folding at me the salt I don’t know if you can see it salt my pepper to taste my onions my tomato my chili pepper and what’s it be careful there Clark atlas park there’s almost done ok now we have already grounded the grounded turkey so what I’m going to do is bring it over here to my crock-pot and skirt it over someday ok let me try to there we go he got it and then I am going to add some vegetarian beans so it has no meat in it and I am going out here so this is the same thing this is the vegetarian beam and the roasted the roasted fire tomatoes add that and i am going to use can you see that amisha i’m going to use some of this some of this tomato sauce you see that I use like half of it already so i’m going to open that shake it a little bit in pour it in there cuz i don’t want to waste it and i’m going to mix it up this is pretty much what you do it’s already cooked so you don’t really have to worry about that but I did set the crockpot to let me see if we can i set the crockpot to three for three hours and i put it on medium so then that way um I can just um let the flavors soak in um I now have time to go ahead and give my children a bath and help card his homework okay let me oh top I’m going to there it is and i am going to think it put it on already it’s already on yep it is heating up already okay you guys will come back in a bit one it is done and one last look there it is is now you know what I wanted to tell you can use whatever being you want either black bean or I just use the chili beans you could use whatever being you prefer but this I i got the chili bean in here hey we’ll be back in a bit you guys when it is starting to simmer while we’re waiting I guess I can fill you guys in on us um moving um we have not found a place yet but I have started to pack because people say you better like look a month or two before because you never know like what’s out there things may have changed um prior from five months ago to like now so I have I wrote down a couple of on places we’ve only seen two and the first house yikes um it wasn’t it wasn’t for us but the second house was it was pretty nice i like this but um we’ll see what my husband says so that’s what that’s where we are with that we’re trying to I don’t know stay within the Rome of Carey School is excited with Brett it’s exciting with brand new beginnings I met a sister so I’m really happy about that so so yeah like I have somebody to do things with that’s pretty cool um I’m have you been watching my videos you know that I like going to the library so we did that today that’s like an hour in our weekly daily this hour that’s like one of our weekly things that we do um yeah it’s the library like you can actually check out like 31 or 32 books I found that out today I was like all is 11 books too much and she’s like no so yeah so I will be back with you guys I am waiting for the chili to be done and I will show you how it is I do not have any cheese or sour kraut no not sauerkraut I’m sorry sour cream so you can use that what you to leave you want to but I don’t have any of those things so but you can use that so I will be back in a bit you are watching a booze family life the cleanup is absolutely fast and easy it is very nice you literally have a spoon and the pan in the night that I actually like cut up all the stuff with but this cleanup is very very easy oh my god I love this stuff this stuff is a degreaser and I love it because it has the oxidant see that I don’t know if you can see that you see that I love this one but the cleanup is very sorry get your book bag we get ready to read some of them boats kushina sleep why I skewer well dinner is number cookie hi friends tell him your name my name’s Kairi I’m so Michael um you never know me I’m name’s Carrie um I remember me um a month ago you going me my shows are you gonna show them your book so we got from library we’re gonna challenge you read it one two Hey okay 45 okay shellfish books ah okay hold on hold on we got this book from the library is I don’t like we got you don’t want that one bets just show them we got this one from the library come on show them another one Bella let’s get let me see that show them help me show them carry they got bail Muslim um this is booming Bella lay I had a cat named bella member yeah this is baby dance the Polka welcome mm-hmm and this one is Carl’s birthday who’s this one oh this is the winter theme look at that Carl snowy afternoon and was cross country cats let me know which book you want my read that is granddad Street songs that one this line all you want me to read this one huh yeah the the dirty little boy that’s why won’t you let me read boy ok hold this you please put this one to the side ok let’s skip finish showing them you ready and this one is monkey and me muncle me monkey and me and this one is double those wheels Oh see soap bubbles soap bubbles dirty little boy he’s late he’s clean yeah oh good ok you read it to me what to say he said I was three hey kitty I want to the stand and I was dirty he sounds dirty did he say I had your chili haha you got had your chili dude oh look at on my head that chili oh ok come on mommy will read it to you okay we’ll be back up ok guys the chili is ready curry ok we’re going down we’re gonna count down count to get ok one two three four five well galley yeah okay let’s check it out whoa see there it always steamed up okay okay I want you to be honest okay I love this you longer have it okay well let’s try it ok kids wait a minute mar mar okay hold on cuz i don’t wait no no you don’t have to count Carrie I want you to taste as you could tell everybody how it is ok ok ok blow it first hi that’s why I say it blow it ooh so hot okay here try this part come on come on boy mmm howdy is it good car yeah how is it good look well haha it’s hot to me but it’s good though mm-hmm so would you tell everybody to eat some well okay okay we didn’t tell everybody thank you for watching thanks for watching okay guys it’s good but just don’t eat it while it’s hot piping hot I love hot this is hot I eat that hot hmm

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  1. Aboobacker Shaik says:

    liked this video your son is so funny

  2. Tonya Shaik Mohamed says:

    Thank you 🙂

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