Crock Pot Express Easy Beef Fajitas

Easy beef fajita in your crock-pot Express keep watching Hi guys and welcome back So the first thing you want to do is go ahead and hit your brown and saute option and get that starting hitting up Next you want to add your beef roast now, this is a chuck roast And I could always pick one with a little bit of marbling to it. It seems to work out to be a little more tender Then you just want a salt pepper to taste just eyeball it how I do it After letting it Brown for a few minutes go ahead and flip it over and salt pepper than the other side of it You Next you want to add you a packet of fajita seasoning mix Just whatever your favorite kind is we like the taco bell, so just go ahead and add that on top of your Chuck Road Didn’t get you a can of Rotel or roll a tail as we call it and just dump it on top Next you want to add a half a cup of water to this? Since you’re doing in a pressure cooker, you always want to add a little bit water Didn’t put your lid on and do not forget to set your pressure valve to seal then once you want to do you want to go ahead and turn off the brown and socket the sautee option and then hit the meats to button and Adjust it up to one hour Now after your hour is up you can go ahead and give it a quick release or or let it do a natural lease Whichever you want to do and this is what it looks like factoring What I do I usually drink some that juice off and then I had a bag of the pepper and onion blend from Walmart It’s already cut up ready to go for you So it seems like it’s the easiest way to go and you just dump that in there Next you want to add a can of black beans to this now. This is an option You don’t have to do this But we like black beans and also I think a can of hope horn would probably be good in it Then get another pack of the fajita mix and just dump it on top of it And as always don’t forget to add your water this is just another half a cup of water Now go ahead and put your lid back on and set your pressure file to seal and Hit the rice and risotto button set your pressure to high and then adjust it down to six minutes to go ahead Historic now while I do this instead of dumping it all in together. It just seems like the veggies has a little crisper texture Then what you want to do you want to go ahead and take a Fork or something to go ahead and shred that meat up inside there now you can took it out before this which would have probably been a better idea and Cut it up on a cutting board or shred it but it falls apart pretty easy And after that you’re ready to go guys just serve it on a tortilla. Maybe add some rice to it and You’re ready for a good meal. This is one of our favorites I hope you liked this video and if you did go ahead give me a thumbs up and subscribe If you’re new subscriber, I do these videos all the time. Like I said guys. We’ll see you next time. Bye You

8 comments on “Crock Pot Express Easy Beef Fajitas”

  1. Jan Turner says:

    Yummy. Roytell lol

  2. Fernando Castillo says:

    Do you have high blood pressure because those 2 packs of taco seasoning have a lot of salt.

  3. Florida Cowboy247 says:

    Awesome stuff.. I ate it like a soup..

  4. Sheay W says:

    Where did you get the measuring cup? I love it!

  5. Valarie Knight says:

    Don't know what you were cooking, but it wasn't beef fajitas. But it does look good. I'll give it a try.

  6. Kaytlin Martin says:

    Just got this pressure cooker for Christmas and I have got to try this recipe! Looks great

  7. Alberto Benitez says:

    This is not fajitas recipe. Misleading title.

  8. Candace Cobb says:

    Great recipe!

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