Crock-Pot -haudutuspata.

healthy cooking the convenient way meet the crock-pot slow cooker an exciting approach to cooking which allows you to eat healthily and create tasty wholesome meals from starters to desserts cooking with a crock-pot slow cooker is perfect for today’s busy lifestyles and some of our slow cookers have a removable pot that allows you to saute on the hob first before cooking simply chop drop and go and the timer on our programmable models will let you know exactly when your meal is ready by cooking food in its own juices a crock-pot slow cooker brings out all the natural flavors so you can get on with life and still sit down to a homemade meal and if you want to reheat later the removable stoneware pot is often proof and when you’re finished its dishwasher safe and easy to clean high-quality and easy to use there’s a crock-pot slow cooker in the range for any style or taste as the creator of the original Electric slow cooker we continue to innovate for nutrition convenience and great tasting food so join the slow cooking revolution and try cooking in a crock-pot slow cooker today

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