hey y’all welcome back to my channel or
welcome if you’re new here my name is Shawna this is my almost two year old
son named Charlie and today we are gonna be making for you
guys a kedo buffalo bacon chicken soup this recipe was originally intended for
an instant pop but I’m gonna be modifying it and putting it in my crock
pot cuz fun fact I don’t have an instant pot what anyways let’s go ahead and jump
on into the recipe so for this recipe you’re gonna need about two pounds of
chicken thighs turning about a cup or so of chicken broth I just used the whole
can eight ounces of cream cheese some of this ranch dip from Hidden Valley the
ranch dip mix some buffalo sauce and four cups of cheddar cheese and then
also some bacon which I just forgot to bring out and put it out here with
everything else and in your crock pot I forgot to turn the camera on when I
was doing this but the first thing I did was throw some chicken in the crock pot
and then I also put in a can of chicken broth and then I took my 8 ounces of
cream cheese and I just cut it up into little like sections about 8 sections
total and I threw that into the crock pot as well I forgot to let my cream
cheese kind of come to room temperature I think it would have melted a little
bit better if I would have done that so my tip to you when you’re doing this is
to make sure and let your cream cheese come to room temp before you added and then I took a fourth of a cup of the
buffalo sauce and I threw that in as well we like this Appliance sauce medium
but you gain any kind of buffalo sauce you want next year I want to throw in your ranch
dip mix I just open this up and sprinkled it over the top of everything
else and then once you have your chicken you
chicken broth your cream cheese your hot sauce and your ranch in there you’re
gonna close it up and you’re gonna set this on low I did it for about seven
hours um depending your crock-pot it could be anywhere from six to eight
hours once it was almost done the cooking I went ahead and got the bacon
started so you guys all know how to show how to cook bacon so I’m not gonna show
all this capacity I just browned up some bacon so that we could crumble it over
the top of our soup once the crock-pot is done I’m gonna go
ahead and take the chicken out and shred it
you can also shred it in the crock-pot if you don’t want to take it out I just
find it’s easier to make sure I get everything if I take it out and just
shred it on a plate once it’s done you’re done shutting the
chicken you’re just gonna dump it all back in and mix it up and then we’re
gonna go ahead and add our four cups of cheese and then I also tasted it to see
what it was tasting like and I decided to add a little bit more of the buffalo
sauce to it that’s totally optional if you want to add it great if you don’t
that’s totally cool too I then stuck the lid on and put it back
on low for another 30 minutes just cuz I wanted to let the cheese completely melt
it you could go ahead and serve right here though if you wanted to I just
personally wanted to wait a little bit plus I was still waiting on finishing
the bacon anyways once the bacon was done and it cooked for another thirty
minutes I went ahead and dished it up and it was really good I dished some up
for me in it for my son my son really loved it I actually mixed his in with
some mac and cheese just so we get like a little bit more I look like a meal and
not so soupy just cuz it’s really hard to feed at all or soup and then you just
top it with some crumbled bacon and enjoy it’s really good if you guys liked
this video make sure you give it a big thumbs up if you want more keto and low
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to miss i’ll see you guys next time bye y’all


  1. Shawna Rae says:

    What are some of your favorite Keto or Low-carb favorite recipes?

  2. Brittany Jade says:

    Yummmm can’t wait to try this it looks so good and I just picked up some franks buffalo sauce yesterday 🥰😋😋😋

  3. Contemporary Mama says:

    ok YUM! I wonder if you left out the broth it would be thick enough to be a buffalo chicken dip?

  4. Mama Makes It Happen says:

    I love this recipe. When I was on keto this was my go to recipe! Looks amazing Shawna!

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