Crock-Pot Recipe: BARBACOA BOWLS (Chipotle Copy)

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today we’re gonna talk about barbacoa bowls so when I go to Chipotle
I love the barbacoa hands down everytime barbacoa my husband will get chicken all
this other stuff no barbacoa I said let me try to make this so I got some inspiration
from gimme some oven and then you know me I changed things up a bit made them a
bit easier and more protein packed and made it into a bowl just like Chipotle
so this is my little copy on their recipe even though I don’t know what
their recipe is. but super easy each bowl has about 432 calories 29
grams of carbs 12 grams of fat and 50 grams of protein straight to the dome piece this is super easy and you literally just throw everything into the
crock-pot no browning the only thing you have to do is cut the onion and the
Chipotle Chipotle Chipotle and the meat I already bought from Trader Joe’s
already in chunks I bought the lean beef stew meat head you can see
all of the ingredients in the photo so super easy chuck everything in the
crock-pot for four hours and then when you’re done you just literally the beef
is so tender you just shred it with two forks and then you compile the bowls I
did saute the bell peppers for like five minutes just and put them
in a Tupperware aside and then you compile the bowls bada bing bada boom
you’re done so easy it’s gluten free because I used white rice if you want to
reduce the carb content just either get rid of the white rice or do about a
quarter cup instead of a half a cup in bowls you can do this as tacos you can
eat a plain you can put it on a pizza make a burrito the sky is a limit with
this shredded beef it is super easy and delicious so if you like my channel
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