#CrockPot Cabbage and Sausage #Recipe

[Amy: Creator] Hi everyone! I’m Amy and today I’m making
Crock Pot Cabbage and Sausage. [background music] This recipe combines cabbage, potatoes, onions and your favorite Polish sausage. So let’s get started. In a large crock pot, add one small head of cabbage cut into chunks. One large onion chopped. Two to three cups of potatoes cut into chunks. One pound of fully cooked Polish sausage cut into slices. And 4 cups of chicken broth. Now, just put on the lid and cook this on low for about six hours or until the potatoes are tender. After it is cooked, add salt and pepper to taste. And here it is, crock pot cabbage and sausage. This recipe is really easy to throw together and it makes a great comfort food. For this recipe and many more check out my website at amylynnskitchen.com. You can also find
me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. [bloopers] And here it is… oh no, I know, I keep leaving
out the word crock pot. I’m making cabbage. And here it is… cabbage…. It’s cabbage. And it makes a really great comfort meal.
For… no… we don’t want to say meal And it makes a great comfort meal. Food! Not
comfort meal! Food! What is it? Food! And it makes a great comfort meal. [laughing]
Food! Oh no! What is it? Comfort food? [laughing] I keep saying meal [laughing]. Easy to throw together
and it makes [laughing] I knew I was gonna mess up when I started laughing.

33 comments on “#CrockPot Cabbage and Sausage #Recipe”

  1. Byron Chandler says:

    Hi, sweet adorable Amy. That sausage dish looks gorgeous. What do you love about filming viewer's requests, and how do you keep your adorable hair so curly? Have a good day, sweet adorable Amy. 💖💖💖

  2. Jesus is risen Lord says:

    yummy! that is something my late mum used to make! thank-you Amy!
    hugs willow-sage

  3. Mita M says:

    Love these crockpot meals. I made the pulled bbq chicken this weekend and we loved it. Please make more of these, they are so simple and tasty. Thank you 🙂

    No spice or seasoning needed other than salt and pepper?

  4. Betty's Kitchen says:

    Amy, I love your CrockPot Cabbage and Sausage. It looks so hearty, but easy to make. I loved your bloopers, too; what a day-brightener! Love you always, –Betty 🙂

  5. Tony Harrell says:

    Amy, suppressing giggles makes your hair turn grey, c'mon let'em loose! 😄😄😄😄

  6. T-ROY COOKS says:

    That's some stick to your ribs eating right there!! That's a great recipe Amy. Thank you for putting a smile on my face each time I watch your videos. Wishing you and your mother a blessed week!!!

  7. lynnsrecipes says:

    Looks delicious, Amy! I love easy crock pot meals like this. Hope you have a great afternoon. Love, Lynn

  8. M Jackson says:

    Great recipe, I have made it for many years, minus the onions. If you are in a hurry, it is equally delicious cooked on the stove top. My family also loves it with leftover corn beef instead of sausage. I really enjoy your videos.

  9. France Vachon says:

    Amy Amy Amy !!! whats the matter with you ??? i love your bloopers, very very funny i LOL each and every time ! But this is a great recipe and easier made in a SLOWCOOKER not CROCKPOT this is the brand name, i say slowcooker you say crockpot… its okay !!! Anyway, have a wonderful week ahead !!!

  10. Cheryl K says:

    YUM YUM… my kind of cooking…I bet this recipe was so yummy!

  11. Dario Witer says:

    YES!!!!! 😀😀😀😀😀 Another great Polish sausage recipe! Thanks Amy for another great video.

  12. FitAngie says:

    Hi Amy, that looks easy to make and I love crockpot recipes, they're a lifesaver especially during the week when we work. Thank you gorgeous

  13. Cooking with Cricket (cricket516) says:

    I love this meal. It's one of our favs. Looked so good.

  14. Janine Gober says:

    Amy, this is going in the crock pot tomorrow! So easy and yummy! I love slow cooker recipes especially in the summer. It's so hot in Texas and this is a great meal that I won't have to heat up the house to make. I would love to see more slow cooker recipes if you have some!

  15. TizianaTina says:

    Great recipe Amy. Thank-you for sharing. Always looking for easy crock-pot meals.

  16. antonio mraih says:

    Un bellissimo video bravissima e complimenti molto buono quello che stai facendo complimenti ti saluto ✋ con immenso affetto da Antonio bay bay from italy ciaoooooooooooooooooooooooo PS ali sei un angelo bay

  17. Michael Hamlin says:

    Comfort meal works, don't sweat it. Looks good!

  18. Patricia ́Cuisine says:

    Amy, you always put a smile on my face, i really appreciate it! This recipe is one of my favourite type of food! It´s delicious and so easy to make. Crock pots are the best item in my kitchen.

    I hope your summer is going well in Ohio. What temperature are you having these days? Here it´s so hot today. We are at home!

    Love you so much my beautiful friend,


  19. Holly L says:

    I love this!! So yummy!

  20. Joni Neese says:

    Haha! Your bloopers are the best!


    ha! ha! I can make that!   But great video!

  22. 1tigerblood says:

    i think is very tasty

  23. Matthew Illian says:

    Good recipe! I make it once a week.

  24. Sergey Magel says:

    AmAmAm. Appetizing Work. Pleasant Evening.

  25. Willie Parker says:

    you are funny and great dish

  26. Jordan Cline says:

    Just put it in the crockpot. My boyfriend is coming home from working out of state and I know he is going to love this instead of hotel food for the past month😻Thank you can't wait to eat it!🙌🏻✨

  27. Jeff Miller says:

    You crack me up! Thanks

  28. Buck Burnette says:

    You cute, silly, and proberly fun to be around great recipe will be making this tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Rob Mcmuffin says:

    short, sweet and DELICIOUS! just like the host!

  30. Chris Seng says:

    Amy can handle my sausage anytime!

  31. Luxury Destinations Travel by Angela says:

    This recipe looks amazing! I would like to do this in my pressure cooker. Can you tell me if you have a pressure cooker version of this?

  32. Corduroy66 says:

    Beef broth. I will add a can of sliced carrots for more color and flavor. Nice video. Thanks.

  33. chris nordahl says:

    Yummy gonna try patty from mn

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