Crunchy Korean fried chicken recipe (Dakgangjeong: 닭강정)

Hi everybody! Today I’m making Korean fried chicken. Sweet and crunchy crunchy! Korean name is dakgangjeong. What? You made dakgangjeong with my old recipe? Five years ago, I uploaded my dakgangjeong recipe. But today’s recipe is different version of dankgangjeong which is easier, faster, what else? Delicious! When you make this for any party – potluck party, family getting together, or Super Bowl party you will get a lot of lot of attention and compliments. I guarantee! We need chicken! This is chicken wing. Huge package is cheaper price. I always buy this and cut this in half. You can use any chicken: chunks of
chicken, chicken drumsticks cut it in half and you can use this. Wash a couple of times in cold water. Wash your cutting board, very clean. Half teaspoon salt. Ground black pepper. Ginger one teaspoon amount. Mix like this using your both hands. We need starch. So potato starch I’m using. You can use also corn starch. So 1/3 cup. One by one coat each chicken piece very lightly like this. We need more potato starch Another one third cup, so total two third cup. On the bottom a little watery stuff and leftover starch powder, nicely. Now all coated very beautifully And now we are going to fry this. Today
I’m going to use grapeseed oil. We are going to do double fry. You know all my fried chicken and fried food is double fried. People are asking me why you double fry? When you fry the first time it looks very
crispy, but sooner or later it looks soggy also sometimes the chicken is not cooked thoroughly That’s why I always double fry Always chicken is well well cooked also really really crunchy. So that’s my secret! Like this! I cooked this for 12 minutes and now it looks really crunchy. Let’s take it out. Next batch! You see lots of bubbes? It’s very scary, right? And then on the bottom there is some starch. Just stir this with your tongs like that. And then we can make it calm down. I need to second fry now. I’m going to little lower the heat because really hot. So it’s splash! and I’m going to add this one too, together. I’m going to prepare sauce now. Four cloves garlic. About one and half tablespoon. And this is optional but Iike to give a tip: Red pepper! Dried red pepper I’m using. Seeds, remove the seeds like this. Ok let’s check out our chicken! On the bottom part is really golden brown But top part is not yet. So we need to turn it over. You see my pot is small, but if you guys have a large pot and more oil and then it will be really easy. You can fry them all together. What we want is real real crunchy. I really don’t like the chicken that isn’t crunchy. This way you make this until tomorrow it’s going to be crunchy. Fry these guys until it turns like a rock! But inside it has to be a little juicy. You can feel this crunchiness with the tip of your tongs. Like this and then – chucku chucku – sound, that means that real real crunchy outside inside is juicy. Really great! Ok let’s take them out one by one. Isn’t it golden brown exactly? Really awesome. This is optional but I like to add some nuts here, so I will use peanuts. Make it more crispy. And 30 seconds you can fry this. Color change to white. Ok donel Be careful! I’m going to move this to the stove. Let’s make sauce! Cooking oil around 2 tablespoon. Garlic and dried red pepper. And stir this. Oh! Spicy smell! Soy sauce! Quarter cup. Mulyeot half cup. I’m going to lower the heat. And vinegar. 1tbs vinegar will make this sauce really tasty. Tangy! I found out just a little bit of mustard sauce make this sauce really special. Oops! 1tb. Mixture is spicy and a little garlicy. Turn it up a little bit To make it more sweet and shiny one tbs brown sugar. That’s it. Wow wow! And peanuts! Ok. Wow. Looks nice. Done! Sesame seeds.Oh my. OH MY! I need beer! Cheers everybody! Okay let me taste it! *CRUNCH* Mmm! Oh my God! Crunchy outside, inside juicy soft. Tender. And it’s like candy. Goes with beer! Enjoy my crunchy crunchy chicken recipe. See you next time! Bye!

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