Cuisinart 3-in-1 Stainless 5 Burner Gas Grill Review – Part 1 Virtual Showroom

This is Cuisinart’s three-in-one
Stainless five-burner Gas Grill right out of the box and I’m Max Good. I test
and review grills and smokers full time for – We’ll be putting
it through the paces shortly so let’s take a quick look before we start to
cook. Iin this short Virtual Showroom Video, I’ll walk you around the
three-in-one to show what it looks like inside and out if you’re not already at
our review page you can read our detailed test results at
the link below. Welcome to our Virtual Showroom. The
Cuisinart three-in-one Stainless five-burner Gas Grill. So called three
and one because it is a gas grill and Cuisinart throws in this really big
pretty nice cast-iron griddle that hangs off the left side. And on the right under
the side burner hangs a smoker tube. You can stuff it with wood chips and do a
little Smokin’. Dedicated piezoelectric ignition at each control knob. The cart’s
not enclosed but you do have a storage shelf at the bottom. There’s a small
grease tray that slides into a larger drip pan. A window on the hood lets you
look while you cook. The five main burners are each covered by a heat tent.
Double sided cast iron grates – you got a wide flat side and thin sharp side. The
hood is double walled, always nice especially in cold weather.
The smoke tube sits between the two right burners and hangs from a hook on
the back. Well that’s kind of nice to get all those extras. We’ll be checking them
out and reporting back in our detailed written review. The Cuisinart
three-in-one Gas Grill. For more about this and hundreds of other grills and
smokers, visit where you’ll also get tested recipes tips and
techniques and everything you need to know about outdoor cooking. – the biggest baddest barbecue website in the world.

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  1. Neicy O Hooker says:

    Thank you! I couldn't find any reviews on this grill, I was especially interested in the smoker tube. Thank you for the article!

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