Dal Tadka Resturant Style Receipe डाल तडका Dal Fry instant Pressure cooker easy Receipe

today i am making Instant Dal Tadka i pressure cooker this receipe is very easy n time saving 1 Big bowl Tur dal Moog Dal washed it n remove excess water n keep half an hour 1 chopped onion 1 chopped tomato 2-3 red chillies n curry leaves 2 green chilly, 1 tablespoon ginger garlic paste, sugar coriander powder,cumin powder,red chilly powder, garam masla, n salt as per taste as i am making it in pressure cooker so heat the pressure cooker now adding 2 table spoon Ghee by using ghee flavour become nice first add sugar by adding sugar color of Dal is becoming nice now add onion fry onion till it becomes brown now add tomato fry it for a minute now add ginger garlic paste n add green chiily U can used oil if u not like Ghee tomato n onions r geeting brown now add soaked Dal into it mix it well n fry it for half a minute add red chlily powder cumin powder garam masala powder coriander powder n salt as per taste mix it well mix it well now add water as per required consistency if u want thick add little water if u want thin u add more water into it do 3-5 vessels again add ghee into it now closed the pressure cooker lid n make 4-5 vessels after 4-5 vessels open the cooker see how nice texturre now whisk it well Tadka means to give Tadka over it take Tadka bowl n put some ghee into it add Rai means mustered seeds now add cumin seeds add asafetida powder or devils dung for taste add termeric powder add 2-3 dry red chilly , u can take small round kashmiri chilly also add curry leaves stir it for half a minute n put it over the Dal mouth watering Dal fry Dal Tadka is ready u can see how nice texture of Dal Tadka u can garnish it with coriander leaves or kasuri Mehti if u like my video press like button share it n subscribe it meet u soon for such nice receipes n ideas Thank you everybody for watching

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