Dangerous Cookware To Avoid

Dangerous Cookware To Avoid
By Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ND Dangerous cookware to avoid: Titanium is best. Hi I am Dr. James Meschino. You know health-conscious people I know many
of them go to great lengths to eat only organic foods with no preservatives but the cookware
that you used to cook the food is also very important. Why? Because cookware can leach dangerous chemicals
and heavy metals into the food that you eat overtime which can accumulate in your body. This is been proven and some of these chemicals
are more dangerous than any man made preservatives or artificial substances. So you really want to try to avoid or minimize
your use of dangerous cookware and used the safest cookware that’s available. So what cookware is dangerous? Well here’s the list. Teflon cookware probably is the most dangerous. Aluminium cookware, Copper cookware and then
even cast-iron cookware has some drawbacks as does ceramic cookware, enamel cookware,
Glass cookware even to surprise in the Glass cookware would be a problem but lot of Glass
cookware contain some lead actually and even stainless steel cookware can leach certain
metals into the food that you eating. So they all have some problems he should be
aware of. Titanium cookware is actually the best it
doesn’t react the food while cooking the food in the cookware. Experts say that part of a prudent cancer
prevention program is the use of high-quality titanium cookware. The premium titanium cookware costs a bit
more but it appears to be worthwhile as an investment from health standpoint. To get the details click on the link below
to read my blog article on the subject you’ll see the scientific reference there as well
it’ll explain how the different types of cookware are dangerous, exactly how it all work really
worth to read. So click on the link below and take a look
at my article there on www.meschinohealth.com. Now at the www.meschihealth.com website you’ll
also see my other research, review papers, footage from my live teaching seminars, other
downloads and resources that created to help you live long healthy functional life. On my research review papers and teaching
materials are complete with all the scientific references so you’ll see you’re only getting
evidence-based information from me on any health topic that you are looking for. So you should use www.meschinohealth.com is
an ongoing reliable resource for health and wellness information for both you and your
family.Thanks so much for watching

100 comments on “Dangerous Cookware To Avoid”

  1. Sim sim Khan says:

    You named all type of cookware what is left now to cook.all false news

  2. Sim sim Khan says:

    Do not misguided people with flaws video

  3. James McArthur says:

    Sounds like your selling a new brand.

  4. Rix Pix says:

    So all cookware will kill you. Gotcha.

  5. Tommycod Fish says:

    He puts on a white coat and promotes titanium lol . I will put on a white coat and promote everyone to where a white coat and this totally bs.

  6. Tommycod Fish says:

    Prove to us then give us a link why these cookware are so dangerous.

  7. Tommycod Fish says:

    That ok we cook on rocks. We don’t need your expensive titanium cookware.

  8. video tree says:

    Don't cook….eat raw

  9. 2018na.d D says:

    He is giving only 1 option

  10. Kavya Nambiar says:

    This is stupid … Cast iron is great to use and give iron absorption which is good for health … And the best is clay pot not titanium.

  11. Engchoon Koay says:

    That's the stupidest video on this issue and if all those cookwares mentioned including those people who had been using for thousands of years and from ancient time then it's bullshit. What this guy is saying is totally senseless.If he were to point out certain cookwares like aluminium and nonstick cookwares then that's fine accept he went overboard by stating cookwares that folks that has been using for thousands of years and many had live beyond hundred years of age and now this guy is trying to over turn the very facts and truth with his bullshit. Well wait till he live beyond hundred and more then those centenarian maybe then he can only proof what he recommend is the best if not don't confuse the public with his idiotic theory!

  12. Fail Squad says:

    Shitty, unhealthy food is probably more dangerous than the cookware.

  13. Fail Squad says:

    So the bottom line is don't cook anything in any kind of pan and you will live longer. Cheers doc.

  14. LiftSurfer2019 says:

    PTFE is actually 100 percent safe according my science teacher

  15. Jesiel Trevisan says:

    Ok, but where I can buy Premium Titanium Cookware? What Brand is the best?

  16. xephael says:

    What a douche bag, doctors coat, fake science fiction background. Let me guess, you also know somewhere where to buy titanium cookware…if we follow your link.

  17. abdulhmid abdullh says:

    granite cookware is it safe?

  18. Zombie Pop says:

    Just oder a water testing kit and then you will be surprised to find out that that water is full of titanium. That’s real science, not science fictions!!

  19. Ron Lockhart says:

    Fuck off

  20. Preetha Nair says:

    what about Indolium cookwares..??

  21. EastTennessee Expat says:

    People often ask me, "et.expat, what does your doctor say about your cast iron skillet? Wok?, etc." I reply, "my doctor is dead".

  22. Larry King says:

    Complete horse shit.

  23. LazicStefan says:

    titanium is the metal of the devil. avoid

  24. Engineering Alpha says:

    Glass cookware contains lead? Prove it. Only decorative glass and thermometers contain lead,these are heat sensitive glass that will easily crack under high temp..you're a scam.

  25. Nowayjs says:

    Total BS. Sounds like this guy titanium trader, it not a doctor

  26. Nowayjs says:

    Butchers also wear white coats. You are not a doctor.

  27. xpress onex says:

    Just sales talk … Next try sell snake oils …

  28. Hello man says:


  29. Hello man says:

    Not a real doctor.

  30. Sheila Kopanakis says:

    Are you telling us to buy saladmaster pots and pans? Sounds fishy to me.

  31. Fran Sinclair says:

    so what can you cook with that would mean I would have to throw out my whole kitchen cookware. leaves not much left

  32. Mike L says:

    LOL! What a moron.

  33. W4P HH says:

    Isn't titanium a radioactive material ?
    How much are you getting paid to tell this misinformation to us ?

  34. vamsiguy82 says:

    Fake doctor , marketing titanium products

  35. Mike Dell says:


  36. kjz28 says:

    Copper kills bacteria, and is actually an essential mineral in our body. There are tons of studies on it. Iron has been used for centuries, never heard of complaints before. Stainless steel is used by the medical industry for their surgical tools, so I don't see a problem.

  37. Giti Jan says:

    Only titanium safe? Only gold digger would proclaim brazenly.
    Disgrace.. shame on you

  38. Blue Mountain says:

    Guys just cook in clay pot and throw away all those expensive cookware. Clay Pot is cheap and very healthy and very tasty when cook in a clay pot

  39. S. G. says:

    This is a funny titanium cookware ad.

  40. LIV2500 says:

    My family has cooked on cast iron for generations. If it were a problem we'd know by now. You're a shady chiropractor (quack) dressed up to give the appearance of expertise while shilling for some overpriced garbage. Buying that garbage hurts vulnerable people who are too trusting and believe you. You should be ashamed of yourself. Get bent.

    -a biomedical engineer who actually tries to help people

  41. thisisbob1001 says:

    I only use pure gold pans.😉

  42. soupflood says:

    Buy Titanium only if you can afford it. If you cannot, stick to stainless.

  43. ahsia risan says:

    haha dr your speech make me happy so i m not cooking any more haha every pot is dangrous so no more cooking .thanks

  44. Martin Feuchtwanger says:

    He's a chiropractic "doctor" — beware!

  45. Bman says:

    Hmmm only a doctor can afford titanium cookware !!!

  46. Brookster 777 says:

    Earthen Clay ??? You did not mention the widely used for centuries and from my understanding has excellent health inhibitors…. can anybody shed some light on this? Preferably people with white lab coats no comment needed… Just continue prescribing drugs to all the drug attics and enjoy the paycheck.

  47. YouTube Petals says:

    Cheaters. It's enough don't cheat people

  48. Vidcon Funn says:

    Is clay cookware safe..

  49. Sadanand MADIVAL says:

    Using clay cookware in village.

  50. prayertous says:

    I just paid 10k to have titanium removed from my mouth and body…inflammation , inflammation, inflammation, infection….

  51. 490o says:

    [citation needed]

  52. Key Hole Eyes says:

    I hate scaremongering ads disguised as info for the public by fake doctors. You should be ashamed of yourself calling yourself a doctor. Maybe we should all go back to our caves and cook the way they used to or just eat everything raw and forget about cooking all together. I am sure that is dangerous too.

  53. Green Leaf says:

    You should not eat because then you will die! The best thing to prevent death is to lay down and don't move anymore. Or else you will DIEEEE!!!!!!!!

  54. Victore Hammett says:

    Lemme guess, this guy has an ownership stake in a titanium cookware manufacturer.

  55. Dalena Macleod says:

    I just want to know if those are glitter blinds in the background!

  56. Gabriela Galloway says:

    The White jacket you are wearing is not selling this to me lol 😂 I have researched right and left and cast iron is completely safe to use and actually beneficial to your health.

  57. Paul Nieto says:

    Does he mean titanium no stick cookware?

  58. Mrssea Sea says:

    cast iron cookware? idk….are you in the business of making titanium cookware as well?

  59. Layput says:

    Ok. So there is no cookware that is safe enough to cook in. I think i would rather die of cancer than die of hunger

  60. Layput says:

    You can only die of cast iron if it fell on you

  61. peabody says:

    all the cookware you mentioned is every pan on the planet!

  62. K says:

    My God, this "Doctor" is blowing everything out of the water!! Salesman for Titanium. Many Americans look for a magic bullet…I doubt this advertisement

  63. Hossain Chowdhury says:

    which use cookware?

  64. Key Maker says:

    good video Doc .. cheers .. I use cheaper camping titanium pots and pans .. they are light weight .. but strong as .. and pretty cheap too .. and I really like my titanium cutlery .. again just camping gear but now I can really taste stainless steel forks and I don't like them .. go titanium folks !

  65. dan pagn says:

    i dont trust anyone.. everyone says something different.. although this seems it could be true .. someone please make a healthy frying pan!!! why is this so difficult ???

  66. love saini says:

    Use clay pots utensils…..

    The safest ….

  67. Subaddra Sankruti says:

    Cast iron cooking has been in practice in India for over 100 years and my grandparents died at the age of 98 and 95 due to old age. They were the healthiest persons i knew. So, "doctor", you are wrong about the "danger" of cooking in cast ironware.

  68. Sanjeeb Shrestha says:

    so we should use clay pot for cooking.

  69. Catnip2011 says:

    Is he really a doctor? What kind of doctor is he? engineering? sociology? psychology? architecture? Perhaps he is a spokesperson hired by some new to the market titanium cookware.

  70. vinohn says:

    I'm Dr.Vinohn

  71. Alaa Khurais says:

    What about granite cookware.

  72. lesterross1 says:

    Titanium cookware makers had no investment in this research./s

  73. KK Design Services says:

    What utter non-sense. A quack.

  74. Albert Levy says:

    What a crock.

  75. Jazmin Ali says:

    I was using Teflon and they said it’s bad but seriously it was so bad, now I am looking forward to Stainless steel I hear they are bad to, so which one should we buy

  76. Awneet Kumar Gupta says:

    Charlatans of new age enough

  77. haki moh says:

    i will cook on my fucking leg, k?

  78. kammy do says:

    Hi recently was introduced to salad master ! So we did the test we took four different pots and put one cup of water in each pot , then we equally put one tea spoon baking soda in each one , boiled for 5 mints ! I tasted the water from salads master first , water didn’t change the taste, then I have taken water from other pots, the water was very bitter and poisonous I had to rinse my mouth few times ! So I’m confused now , I really want get one pot from salsa master so I can do most my cooking with one pot !

  79. Marcus Reyes says:

    What a bullshxx

  80. razali abdul aziz says:

    So use clay pot utensils ,they are more safer than most metal materials on earth!!!!

  81. Gonz9 2 says:

    Man a lot of people hating on this guy, keep eatin' of that teflon.

  82. Merci Tøkaji says:

    Yeah well the meat youre eating is already gmo so are the vegetables
    And when u eat that mcdonalds at 3 in the morning coming home from a party ur doing more damage

  83. Etty Elisa Talauega says:

    Our health is more important, maybe to others like me that dont work due to severe arthritis ect, dont have $ to spend, I have saved to purchase Titanium Cookwear. I have tried food cooked in the Titanium cookwear and its amazing like magic to me, so I will need this for myself and for my whole family. Thank you Doctor Meschino

  84. lover and a hater says:

    holy shit. fucking quack

  85. Laosho says:

    cast iron cookware is dangerous ? is it true ???

  86. R. J. says:

    Wow…all style pans are toxic except for titanium……weird. Sounds like a paid sponsor, yet they dont want their name mentioned.

  87. Blake says:

    I'm pretty sure my all-clad stainless steel cookware isn't going to leech nickel into my food

  88. william velasco says:

    Dr. James you are an asshole you fucking dickhead! Go fuck yourself you fucking consumerist mooch!,,,,

  89. Neat says:

    So basically we can't use anything? WTF? How is this helpful….?

  90. darren wong says:

    Another DR prescription to make money. Whoever paid them

  91. Son Caster says:

    Fuck this shit, titanium is not like abondant and it is PRICEY. so for cast iron the best aside from stainless steel.

  92. ryam bell says:

    Wow! Another Doctor who explained the dangerous cookwares with a substance and good points. Thank you Dr. Meschino. Guys, If you're looking for an authenthic Healthy Titanium Cookware here in the Philippines, let me help and assist you. God bless everyone! 🙂

    We also do conduct a free pot pollution testing. Message me. Thanks.

  93. Janardhan Srinivasan says:

    🤣🤣 basically everything is bad

  94. sweetfur cattery says:

    bla bla bla

  95. Nestor Jr. Abalos says:

    he’s right about the health hazzards with most of the cookwares he mentioned until he recommended titanium. then i realized he’s a paid marketing bullshit. tell that to the marines doctor. people, just try to cook on natural earthenwares (claypots). may not be as quick to cook as the others but certaintly free from harmful elements.

  96. Abhishek soni says:

    In bharat we use brass for utensils. And gold,tin and silver also

  97. Nikhil chauhan says:

    Claypot is best, then brass,copper

  98. Sigridovski says:

    Vision Corning stove top glass pans and skillets are good. I don't think they contain lead. Anybody knows?

  99. Cee Nases says:

    My grandma and grandma lived over 100. Dad and Mom almost 94 and nobody had cancer by God's grace. They all used aluminum, stainless steel, lots made of clay, Teflon in cooking food.😍🤗😊

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