Dangers of bringing a rice cooker from China to the UK

Zhang Wei was my best friend He was kind, generous and always there when I needed him Soon we went everywhere together, we were inseparable When I decided to study in the UK, I knew he had to come with me I made a lot of sacrifices to take him with me But that’s when things started to fall apart When I arrived in my accommodation, I found that Zhang Wei had a different voltage to the UK I thought I could just use an adaptor… …but I was told that was too dangerous, as he’s left on for long periods of time and can get very hot So I found that I wasn’t allowed to use Zhang Wei in my accommodation I always knew he had a rebellious side What then followed was a long, dark period in my life. Thousands of miles from home and unable to cook rice. This dark period lasted about eight minutes as John from the accommodation office told me… …that I can buy rice cookers here in the UK I couldn’t believe it! They know how to cook rice in England? Once I found this out, within minutes I was at the shops getting a rice cooker This is my new friend. He’s called Dave Dave wasn’t expensive, had the right voltage for the UK and was allowed in my kitchen in my accommodation He cooked rice just like back home! I was so happy So, this is my message to my Chinese friends who are coming to the UK or have arrived Leave your Chinese rice cooker at home. Save space in your suitcase for more essential items And buy a rice cooker in the UK

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