Deep Fried Sushi Roll Recipe – Crispy Tempura Recipe

In this video I am going to show you how to
make crispy sushi roll, this is a delicious sushi roll dipped into a batter and then deep
fried with a panko crust which gives it just another level. It’s great, you should try
it at home, it’s simple. You don’t need sushi-grade fish to do it.
Now you take your 150g or 5oz of cooked sushi rice, and you simply spread it out nice and
softly, don’t press it down too much. You want to cover half the sheet — alright, perfect.
Now you simply flip it over, place it on top of your bamboo rolling mat. Now on the other
side of the Nori place down your asparagus — a little bit there should do it, add about
2 teaspoon of masago fish roe, these are delicious seasoned fish eggs, they’re really nice. And
then a nice chunk of fatty salmon. Now this doesn’t need to be sushi-grade because obviously
it’s going to be cooked so it can just be your normal salmon that you have in the supermarket.
Now to roll it you simply begin at the end, you curl over, seal it so the Nori meets the
Nori, and you simply just keep rolling forward, create a nice circular roll — alright, there
we go. Deep frying the sushi roll
So now to deep fry the crispy sushi roll what you need is some tempura batter, some panko.
If you don’t know how to make tempura batter then check out one of my earlier videos about
tempura, a link should appear on the left corner now.
So to deep fry it you simply take your roll which you made before, dip the corners in
first and then just cover it in tempura batter. Okay, now in the panko you want to do this
quickly, and the sides and then you just drop it into the deep fryer.
Now you want to deep fry it until it becomes a nice golden brown, that should take about
three or four minutes. You just want to do it on the eye, just look for the right color.
2-minutes later Alright, so it has started to become the right
color, you want a nice golden-golden brown. Don’t take it out too early so the salmon
in the core really gets cooked also. Alright this is what you’re looking for, a nice golden-golden
brown. Just let some oil run off, and just place it on some tissue paper.
Cutting the sushi roll After leaving the sushi roll to rest for about
ten minutes so that it all cools down and evenly distributes the temperature and the
juices flow within the roll, you take your knife dip the tip of it in some water and
just let the drop run down the side of the blade, so the edge of the blade is slightly
wet. Now, you simply slice through — look at that, that’s beautiful, and cut it into
1cm or 2/5 of an inch pieces, and there you go, so eight pieces and two end pieces.
Now you can do with these what you want, you can throw them away, you can eat them yourself,
you can use them as decoration on a plate. They are little mounds so you can always lean
a piece of sushi against like this. That could be useful. Anyway just look at the inside
of that, that’s beautiful. Cooked salmon, masago, cooked asparagus, hot rice, Nori and
a crispy crust. That was how to make the Crispy Sushi Roll,
now this is a delicious sushi roll, I really encourage you guys to go make this at home.
It’s delicious. Now I do know that some of the ingredients inside are pretty hard to
source like the masago and the panko, now masago these are seasoned capelin roe, and
they come frozen normally in a box like this. Now this is very handy, you keep this in the
freezer, whenever you want you just scoop some out, leave it ten minutes to unfrost
and just put this back in the freezer, and just use what you unfrosted. Panko, these
are Japanese bread crumbs, these are amazingly crispy and it’s just so much better than normal
bread crumbs that you get. They are like bigger and crunchier, and they just make the outside
of the sushi roll so much more crispy. It is just ridiculous the difference.
Okay now, if you want more information about where to get masago and where to get bread
crumbs, just click on one of these now. So click on the masago if you want more information
on masago, click on the bread crumbs if you want more information on the bread crumbs.
Just click here on the video…there we go. Okay if you want to use the same knives that
I do when cooking sushi, then click on these knives now to find out more about them, and
if you want to use the cutting board then click on the cutting board now to find out
more about the cutting board. Anytime now…at your leisure. Just click
here or click here. Which Sushi Roll should I make next week?
Tempura salmon sushi roll- vs-Tuna Nigiri Sushi
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