Deep fry the natural prawn and vegetable tempura

Nice to meet you, I’m Haru from Haru’s
Kitchen. I used to run a Japanese restaurant in Japan. It did very well and at one point I was managing
4 shops. Isn’t that cool? Well some stuff happened, and I don’t do
that anymore. It hasn’t closed down. The business is still doing quite well. Anyways, shall I say, something totally unexpected
did happened. You never know what life brings to you. I made my wife suffer too. The shop we had created together with sleepless
hard work for twelve years has gone! And it’s run by someone else. Isn’t that strange?(lol) It left me with nothing but at least it left me with a tiny pride and my culinary knowledge. And of course, my precious family. Strangely, humans sometimes lose their appetite
in a hard situation. But it’s only momentary and soon the hunger
does come back. Then if you have a nice food, this warm happy
feeling can fill you up. Food has this sort of weird power. So even you are facing something tough, as
long as you repeat to eat and sleep, eventually the happiness will come to you.(lol) OK? I can’t be so stylish and cool like Jun’s
Kitchen, but it would be nice if I could deliver the joy of Japanese cuisine to as many people
as possible. Um sorry I talked too much. Today I’d like to cook the classic of Japansese
cooking “Tenpura”. My wife is itching to tuck in. Let’s begin! Here are the ingredients. Eggplant Japanese ginger Shishito pepper Paprika Butternut Squash Shiitake mushroom Natural prawn from East sea Next, let’s take some stock from bonito
flakes to make a sauce. Soy sauce Mirin For oil, (the proportion should be 8 cooking
oil and 2 sesami oil) The flour is Super Violet
It helps the crispy finish. Next is prawns and scallops When frying prawns, sort of poke them with the chopsticks. Let’s eat. Um, the natural prawns’s are sweet and nice. The scallop is rare in the middle and that
is great. And the great accompaniment of Tenmura must
be Kirin’s Ichiban. It’s a famous beer in Japan. Ok I’ll take my time and enjoy it. To put it simply, Tempura is a quite simple
dish to deep fry an ingredient. However, it’s not as simple as that. Actually the appropriate temperature depends
on the ingredient. At home it’s not known well but for professional
chefs it’s a constant battle with the heat. Also sometimes the portion might not be for
one but 5 or 6 at once. They start to fry after they get an order
so the timings when each ingredient gets cooked through are different. So they refine the sense to pick up the perfect
finish using their vision and hearing. They see the air bubbles leaving out of the
vegetables and its color. They hear the changing of the sound of the
liquid splashing. And the rough timing. To cook Tempura as a professional, basically
you need all these 3 senses. And the ingredients are very important too. Generally, Tempura can bring out the flavor
of each ingredient by deep frying. That’s why even with ingredients you pick
up in an ordinary supermarket you can make them delicious. Only then it’s important to choose the right
combination of flour and oil. To be specific, the flour I recommend is Super
Violet. The baking one is fine. Using this makes the finish crispy but soft. It’s refine, easy to eat and light. The oil combination should be 8 cooking oil
and 2 light sesame oil. It brings out a hint of sesame aroma when
you bite into it. It’s mainly cooking oil so easy in the stomach
and ends up as a light tempura. When you eat too much, it’s not sickly. And it ends up as a refined Tempura. Even if you had a fantastic ingredient, messing
up the combination of the flour and oil won’t deliver the high-quality tempura. On the other hand, with the proper batter
and the oil you can cook a delicious tempura even with ingredients which are not that good. Don’t forget that. Ok so I think that’s it for today. Not sure if my first video making went well
but hopefully it’ll get better. It’s almost time to pick up the kids. Look forward to seeing you the next time,
see you later.

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