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Yes sir, you betcha we’re rolling. Can I
go real Midwest in this episode? Oh yeah, don’t you know. Let’s come on over, gonna
get real nasally with my a’s. Okay. Hey I’m Megan Mitchell, and I’m here in
the Thrive Market Test Kitchen; and today I’m going to show you another instant pot
recipe. This time I’m making rice pudding. Vegan rice pudding! It is so good; it
reminds me of my childhood, it’s delicious. I can’t wait to show you. But before I get
started be sure to like, comment, subscribe. If you’re wondering what Thrive Market is, it’s an online market where you can find non-gmo and organic
products delivered straight to your door. Alright let’s get started, this is made
in an instant pot. Is it insta-pot or instant pot? Because I’ve been saying insta-pot. It’s
a pressure cooker, an electric pressure cooker; and this is a dump and stir. And
the rice that I’m using is arrborio rice, and it’s what you use to make
risotto. This is kind of like a sweet risotto. But you can use long grain rice,
you can use jasmine; I wouldn’t recommend brown rice because I think the liquid
that I add would change a bit, and as with the cooking time. You can make it
with brown rice but I don’t know with these ratios. So just buy or Arrborio rice,
please – and they sell it at Add your rice; almost drop the bowl when
you do it cause that’s how you do it. Using coconut milk; just give it a little shake.
I’m keeping this vegan; a lot of recipes that I see add eggs, so there’s no eggs
in here and I’m using coconut milk and almond milk and I think it tastes
delicious just like this. And then I need a cup of almond milk and you want to use
unsweetened. Alright and a third of a cup of maple syrup. I really love this so much, I don’t
know. It just brings me so much. Oh it’s dark and robust. But it just brings me
joy squeezing it; maybe I have some pent-up frustrations. Salt, and
I have a cinnamon stick. What if I didn’t make it in? And 4 cardamom pods –
I’m not even look, did they go in? But I’m gonna add some raisins; they’re
completely optional, you don’t have to add raisins, but I don’t know I felt like
I needed to. You could use golden raisins. Why not, huh? And they plump up when they cook. I feel like rice puddings, I don’t know, we just had this debate and I always
grew up eating it cold. My producer eats it warm. Do you eat
your rice pudding warm or cold? I want to know. I don’t know is it regional, maybe?
It’s great for the fall or the winter; but if you want to eat it cold, you can
eat it all year round actually. You can eat this whenever you want. Alright
raisins so I’m using the cinnamon because I feel like that’s a, I don’t
know cinnamon and rice pudding go hand in hand. And I’m gonna put some ground
cinnamon on the top when it’s done, and I’m adding the cardamom pods because it
just adds another layer of flavor. These are very warm spices. You could add
nutmeg if you want. If you want to change the flavor completely – this is gonna be a
vanilla one, I’m adding the vanilla extract at the end, because when you add
vanilla at the beginning it can dissipate and kind of not be a strong of
a vanilla flavor. So after this cooks, I’ll add my vanilla
extract so you really get that punch. But you could add cacao powder, if you want
like a chocolate rice pudding. You could add matcha powder and maybe a scoop of collagen, cause I want to get my collagen all the time. You’re like, what doesn’t this
chick put collagen – it’s crazy! You could add turmeric, you could add – I
don’t know different flavors to mess around with, but this is just a plain
vanilla rice pudding with a little hint of the cardamom and the cinnamon. This is read. I’m gonna close my lid. Alright I let this cook for five minutes. I let
it naturally release for seven, and then I went *sound effects* and that’s exactly what just happened, because you didn’t see it. I just wanted
to reenact it for you. Okay. Oh, turn it Megan and then open it it. Looks so good.
I’m going to add my vanilla extract, also gonna remove my cardamom pods and my cinnamon stick because I don’t want anyone accidentally biting into these. Oh
my gosh it smells so good. It reminds me of the holidays – that
cinnamon always reminds me of the holidays. Oh my gosh come here, come here. I feel like rice pudding can kind of be intimidating to some people sometimes; it seems daunting but it’s really not. The pressure cooker makes quick work of it,
and you don’t have to worry about it scorching. You don’t have to worry about
it overcooking. But it comes that’s so easy and quick, and oh my gosh I’m gonna spoon it up for y’all, for y’alls. You can eat this warm, hot; or you can let it chill and eat it cold. Whatever you prefer. Okay, alright just sprinkle with a
little ground cinnamon. This looks so good! It’s perfect for fall; it’s vegan,
it’s gluten-free, it’s made in an instant pot, and it’s just delicious. I hope you give
it a try; let me know if you do. Please comment, like, subscribe. Tell me your
favorite type of rice pudding; how do you make, it I want to know. And you can find
all the ingredients I used at Happy cooking! *singing* Let’s get startttted. Shut up guys, this is my intro. This is how I really bring them into the video.

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  1. Bre Baker says:

    How is this keto?

  2. Mo Mapes says:

    I can't find the recipe for this. I tried logging in and used /prepschool and it took me to the ingredients on the site. You usually have a link. Is there a chance you can add it here? Thanks….

  3. Stephan Blake says:

    That kitchen looks fun, ya'll looking for an extra cook in there? 😉

  4. Mark Lopiccola says:

    Cold, Warm… I just use a big old SPOON! I love Rice Pudding.

  5. Tessa Bespaart says:

    Please take the word keto out of the title. This is far from being a keto recipe.

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