Devin and Freddie Make Holiday Bread Pudding With A Professional Chef • Ladylike

93 comments on “Devin and Freddie Make Holiday Bread Pudding With A Professional Chef • Ladylike”

  1. Andrew Shi says:


  2. Luke Simmonds says:


  3. Veronica Lewis says:

    Wow my youtube was really fast today! This video is great!

  4. Rena Bella says:


  5. Jenyeliz P. Fernández-Laureano says:

    Hi I love you so much 😘😘😘😘😘❤️

  6. Emma Friend says:

    Love the idea, also here before the notification! 💗

  7. Angelita Venus says:

    When it says a minute ago❤️

  8. Estauan Ashloud says:

    These videos are the best at making me laugh and feel better❤️

  9. Valeria Ortiz says:

    not even close to first

  10. xX•Gacha Allyson•Xx says:

    “Greatest gift I’ve ever seen”- Chef Ayo 2019

  11. Ty music says:

    Merry Christmas 🎄 ❤️

  12. NyaIsOverCaffeinated says:

    I'm so glad Devin is in more videos, I've missed her content so much!!!!!

  13. Catherine B says:

    Okay ladies, this is a good one!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  14. Valeria Ortiz says:

    Freddie's hair is so pretty

  15. XxØreoCookiexX Meh says:

    Mannnn I wish I was there cuz meh a professional Baker but only 11

  16. Laurens Crafts Donofrio says:

    When it says 3 minutes ago

  17. olivia samuel says:

    love freddie!

  18. Halle Bormann says:

    @Ladylike please do a Christmas hot take

  19. Gacha Chantel says:

    💖💖💖💖💖💖tapped on it when it said a minute ago.💖💖💖💖💖

    (Also for anyone asking me, yes i still do kinda like Jen)

  20. Catherine B says:

    Ladylike may not be on an upswing with the community, but…

  21. Emily Tries It says:

    Freddie I love your hair ❤

  22. Lo L says:

    I’m so happy to see devin and Fredy together

  23. XmoonlightX xxx says:


  24. Moxie Beast says:

    I have a feeling Freddie and I are the same height. love bread pudding so much.

  25. Katie H says:

    Chantel was usually the least likable to me but its still going to be weird without her

  26. Stephanie Goulet says:

    Were those Christmas testicles?
    Edit: 0:11 yes. Yes they are. Lol making sure youtube knows these videos are not for kids…

  27. Demarisso Cool says:

    9 minutes are here

  28. Eleanor Ghrist says:

    Love your hair Fred ❤️

  29. Payton Campbell says:

    My mom hit me so hard she literally left a hand print on my leg and now I'm watching yt to cheer me up

  30. Mary Alamo says:

    ASMR Freddie with the Whisk 😅

  31. Ellie Harada says:

    You should wear unibrows for a day

  32. Valery Coronel says:

    Freddie- I don’t really like cooking
    Aye- so how do you eat 😐

  33. Maanika Mishra says:

    I'm so pissed of at their "she's a star she's gorgeous" ALL THE TIME. Like I get it it's about women empowerment but STOP!

  34. itz_ moe says:

    Freddie is so smol

  35. Soft Butch Pink Chick says:

    Devin : "She's brown and thicc.."
    Me : Looks at guest chef 😉

  36. Owsm Powsm says:

    Convert this into TINY COOKING COMPETITION plzzzzz🤩🤩🤩

  37. dare2horsecrazy says:

    I do not like bread pudding..

  38. Yandreyah Mertella Pastorfide says:

    I love Devin's new look

  39. stupidlysmart13 says:

    Chef Ayo for new ladylike member 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  40. Chris Castillo says:

    Is this the 'celebrity' Jen & Freddie we're talking about in the BTS video? You can tell there was some tension within the video. Is okay Freddie & Devin are the real stars!!

  41. Lily Conklin says:

    I dont really like freddy she gives me bratty spoiled vibes like she's entitled to something. Not trying to hate tho I just cant stand people like that. Anybody else get what I'm saying?

  42. Jamie Vee says:

    So it’s funny cuz for me I don’t like bread pudding, it’s just a texture thing with me.

  43. Santosh Kumar says:

    0:12 Is that a Turkey neck bell or a scrotum bell ????

  44. Lawren Elizabeth says:

    "Quick struggle meal that looks like you tried" -a metaphor for life

  45. Sophie Henderson says:

    Ayo’s voice is amazing I could listen to her speak all day

  46. Bahati Constantine says:

    PRESS MY NAME to go to MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL Im a small youtube and would love to grow my channel

  47. piggytailgirl says:

    So…bread pudding is baked french toast?

  48. Oh, it’s not me says:

    Fred looks TINY

  49. Alexis Barrett says:

    In my feed this video was showed 2 times right next to each other and they were posted at different times😂

  50. Lennon Larson says:

    Why do they always look adorable even when there getting dirty when I cook i m in sweats

  51. kolbe v says:

    Poooooost mates 🤣🤣

    Freddie is soooo short compared to Ayo

  52. Allison S says:

    Ayo and Freddie's hair gives christmas vibes

  53. Sofia S says:

    I wish I could eat bread.

  54. Kitty Cat says:

    The Guest Chief:
    “In my kitchen I try to always keep eggs, milk, and some sort of cheese”

    Me: looks in fridge
    “Ima head out”

  55. Zahra Jassem says:

    Guys am I the only one that don’t see chantel that often where is she? Where did she disappear?And i am sorry if I didn’t spell her name right 😬

  56. April says:

    My mom makes the best bread pudding. I cant stand soggy bread pudding

  57. Ysa T. says:

    “Orange zeasss”

  58. Red Curtis says:

    Chantel left ladylike?

  59. carmel_life29 says:

    I clicked because of Freddie’s braids

  60. Rylie Hall says:

    Can she be part of ladylike

  61. Aly someone says:

    I LOVE YOU GUYS ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👋

  62. Ed Stephens says:

    Please bring Chef Ayo back for more videos

  63. Kimberly Wood says:

    OK….I might've been hasty leaving…..I'm back and digging this bread pudding recipe.

  64. ella says:

    I feel like Devin was just there..she buttered the pan and broke up bread Aaawwkward

  65. Dee Song says:


  66. stephanie m says:

    Are you sure this chick is a chef? A tablespoon of vanilla? A teaspoon of nutmeg? For that tiny pan? Gross

  67. Kai says:

    Damn why is no body taking about Freddie’s hair?! 🖤😍

  68. Josephine Kirby Sears says:

    Chef Ayo – new Ladylike member?

  69. nerdykitty cakez says:

    What can we add instead of the orange? I wanna make this and I'm allergic to orange

  70. Paj Tsua says:

    “Because it’s the holidays”

  71. DuolingoOwl IsComing says:

    Devin looks like the lady from the Kisquali commercial. Mainly the side profile

  72. Olivia Tedrow says:

    Was I the only one admiring her makeup?

  73. Ava Doez Gacha11x says:

    Did Chantel leave Buzzfeed? She has a channel now..

  74. Secundra Beasley says:

    Invite Chef Ayo back!! Maybe have her judge a Tiny Kitchen Cooking Challenge? 🤔

  75. K M says:

    This is a great video! Ngl, soooo much better than TiNy CoOkInG cOmPeTiTiOn

  76. Robin Esak says:

    Devin giving every single thing in the effing universe a female pronoun is going to legit make me stop watching Ladylike! 🤬🤬🤬

  77. Krista Cain says:

    I have a question. If you use egg in something and put it in the oven, why would there not be like scrambled eggs in there?

  78. Isabelle Cameau says:

    Y'all killed this!!!

  79. Rayana Weyerstahl says:

    I never realised how tiny Freddie is she's so cute

  80. I dont even know says:

    Freddies hair is GOALS ✧(◕▿◕✿)

  81. Michael says:

    Chantel is gone and you all weren’t going to tell us!!!!!? 😭🤬🤬

  82. Ayana Spann says:

    these videos are starting to feel forced and it has no soul

  83. Ismael Pena says:

    Whats with the height of the table

  84. Tempest Earl says:

    That chef is tall and gorgeous as ever! And freddy skin is poppin!!

  85. Rebecca Rich says:

    I felt so attacked when the chef asked Freddie what she eats if she doesn’t cook

  86. Miss Carris says:

    This was fun and different and I loved watching 😍😋 I just wish the table was raised and the garland thing was lowered, couldn’t see what was happening…

  87. Amanda Desirae says:

    Came from thier kitchens, huh? Funny how everything is brand new and new very opened.

  88. carableu says:

    Would have left out the coconut and the orange. I’m a bread pudding purist. The Nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla would have been more than enough (IMHO)… Plus more custard than what was used, than chill it in the fridge…

  89. Christina m says:

    Bring her back!

  90. Lucille Johnston says:

    Freddy’s braids look awesome! I lover the blue!

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