Dhokla Recipe in Pressure Cooker- Dhokla Recipe in Hindi

Hello… Welcome to My Channel SavitaShekhawat Today i will cook Besan Dhokla It’s easy to cook Besan Ka Dhokla It make soft and spongy and good on taste Childs enjoy lot more and like very much to eat Dhokla Let’s we will cook it in very easy method Please Subscribe my Channel if you have not subscribed

10 comments on “Dhokla Recipe in Pressure Cooker- Dhokla Recipe in Hindi”

  1. Radhika Mudgal says:

    good ( radhika )

  2. Sunita Oberoi says:

    Very nice

  3. Sunita Oberoi says:

    Very tasty

  4. POONAM NIRBAN says:

    Very nice didi

  5. Rinku RR says:

    easy recipe and very nice

  6. Anupama's Lifestyle says:

    Savita ji.. Very nc recipe mujhe bahut achaa laga dhokla recipe Pls stay connected… 👌😊

  7. Praveen Singh says:

    very tasty

  8. Praveen Singh says:

    very nice &vry tasty

  9. Pooja Kaushik says:

    nice dokla Savita bhan 👌👌👌

  10. Rakha Rajput says:

    bilkul bazaar ke jasa bana hai

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