DK-BuQiuRen Pubg Mobile: Shocking 32 Kills! QiuGe is Leading His Team to Pan a Snake Guy!

ok? teammate: ok…oh he got a gun really? teammate: there is a team, they just landed let me do this, dude teammate: he doesn’t have any gun teammate: hurry up there is a guy up there, right? teammate: there is one, come here teammate: he is running toward the house is he still there? teammate: i want to shoot but he ran away i see a guy, follow me yellow shirt teammate: direction 100 teammate: 190, there is a yellow shirt follow me first, look at the marker teammate: follow QiuQiu there is a red shirt running on the cargo teammate: let me take a look knocked teammate: there is a pistol guy in front of us don’t be hasty, wait for me take it slowly teammate: there is a scar here teammate: inside here teammate: he is shooting me teammate: don’t shoot him teammate: don’t shoot him! teammate: i told you don’t! teammate: I’ve mentioned that for 5 times teammate: I’ve mentioned that for 5 times teammate: there is a guy there that’s your kill? there is a guy in front teammate: i see him, he keeps running i’m low HP teammate: there is a guy here there is more of them, lend me a hand okay? i’m low HP teammate: there are two bots at the opposite site there is two guys there, i run out of bullet, i’m reloading teammate: give you a painkiller where is the bot? teammate: he is in front of us…behind us i don’t have a first aid kit, it’s annoying do you see that shotgun? teammate: let me cover you, you go there, you die if i go there, i’m dead for sure? he is dead teammate: come here first, do you want some med? who don’t have med? i just got one teammate: come here….so many people die there this is real player right? i’m healing, there are many of them teammate: there is a bot behind me, in front of me let me handle this ok, move forward is there a thing called ‘average damage’? should i deal more damage? teammate: of course i should finish him right? teammate: very handsome…see a box MeiTian, get a car someone’s shooting at me, where is this guy? teammate: tower he is low HP, throwing grenade at the tower, i want to throw a grenade the…MeiTian, get a car teammate: let me drive let’s speed up we are streamers, specialized in playing gold tier game we are…king of fish pond (fish pond means low tier game) this is ours do you understand? other streamers don’t have such reputation, we are the strongest the strongest fish pond players okay? king of fish pond yes, oh damn it i need to turn it on i want to tag my record later teammate: they said… teammate: i’m angry of you teammate: no, you didn’t teammate: it’s impossible for AhMao to do that teammate: it’s impossible yes, AhMao didn’t angry of MeiTian, that’s impossible, what are you guys talking about he scolded him he was scolding him everyone saw that don’t try to cover up i can’t stand this kind of person i said ‘drive the car’ but you guys didn’t fetch both of us, why? teammate: no car teammate: we only have a buggy and a three-wheeled bike teammate: three-wheeled bikes, every garage i think we drive it and leave here first 60 players left, those are free kills i find that the platinum and the crown game were really intense and then…let me drive you always mess thing up you don’t have a vest right? teammate: let’s go teammate: where should we go? teammate: this game…i only have a handgun teammate: i have a flare gun can we go to Military Base? teammate: Military Base…based on the flight path, it’s unreachable how about this, i think… YeMao, you drive a car, MeiTian, you too to avoid…in the late game… we can work on the win streak and the KD at the same time achieve the KD first so we have to… try to achieve the KD in the early game YeMao, drive a car, we separate ourselves into 3 ways LiuWan, follow me, i’m afraid i will die of my greediness teammate: suddenly, we achieve 2000 KD there is a guy in front let me do this let me get rid of him headshot, he is dead teammate: there is more teammate: a bot teammate: i took his vest teammate: my god, nothing here there is a handgun, P18C…P92 you know it? teammate: who dropped his M416? it’s me, i took an AKM Scar, AKM someone please drive the buggy teammate: they stick together YeMao, you drive…that teammate: there are enemies there teammate: two bots, it should be LiuAn, drive the car otherwise those bots will be gone teammate: i go to…block him this is… okay, finish him, let’s go this is fish pond, no way let’s go do you have a vest? okay we go our separate ways bye bye teammate: stick together teammate: otherwise we will get killed if there are enemies, tell me teammate: okay teammate: i saw a jeep here just now teammate: not sure where is it teammate: my gosh…sliding there is a car in front teammate: there is a car, that one i see one guy, he’s outside behind the building here i shot his leg i shot his leg you guys don’t need to care about us, if we have a hard time we will call for help teammate: sure teammate: no vest teammate: wait, out of gas teammate: get in my car there is a jeep here Pochinki we should… teammate: Pochinki teammate: go to Pochinki there is a bot vest, you don’t need a vest? teammate: did he has it? no idea should be…i shot leg teammate: there is teammate: all red, lvl3 vest teammate: something’s wrong with this car, it keeps sliding stay away from us, find the enemy separately teammate: a car is coming get back teammate: two guys, they want to shoot us, they are aiming at us 3 guys teammate: shoot him teammate: feels bad teammate: feels bad really fish pond…the view is not that great teammate: feels bad this guy is laughing like a…look at me, i didn’t laugh i’m serious all the time teammate: i saw you guys spinning there teammate: i was lying there and watching the show let’s go plane, the plane teammate: okay okay teammate: Pochinki not yet crown rank, once we reach that rank, we will make the delay longer we have one minute of delay we have one minute of delay let’s try to achieve 1000 KD 1000 KD first how many KD do you think we can achieve? 2000, it’s possible teammate: if it’s 2000, we are conqueror already i know that late game is hard, you can’t get many kills…if you want to win teammate: it becomes hard once you have 4500 rank point yes teammate: we are going to look for the enemy look for the enemy, search in Pochinki cover me yes, i should take M249 teammate: you drive, i think that your driving skill is the best teammate: i can’t drive well teammate: what is this thing? we go to Pochinki you guys take left side, we will take the right side teammate: okay be careful, don’t die okay there were a lot of people landed in Novorepnoye teammate: f**k what happened? teammate: red zone let me drive the door is opened, don’t need to go there, let’s get to the yellow marker teammate: later on, you guys get knocked out by the red zone and we come to help and then low HP teammate: and you guys are touching when you are reviving me a bot appears and then…frustrating teammate: if we meet a squad, we will be in trouble it won’t teammate: i can 1v3, i’m telling you that teammate: nobody’s here end your stream and… turn off the delay i can’t turn on the delay, damn suddenly i remember that… where is it? teammate: Rozhok, it should be a bot i…my OBS i can’t turn on the delay, it will start to lag if i turn it on teammate: not a bot, a real player just killed a bot teammate: right side? teammate: right in front of us teammate: f**k here, behind teammate: i can’t make a turn, damn teammate: it’s fine something’s wrong with this driver teammate: it’s car’s problem teammate: my car hold a grudge against me teammate: i can’t drive SUV in my entire life teammate: get a gas can okay i hear footstep yours? teammate: should be very quiet teammate: let’s move go teammate: where should we go? let’s get to the mountain rush rush rush teammate: get to the mountain turn back turn back, reverse let’s get a sedan car teammate: yea we must get a new one teammate: get a new car teammate: [singing] teammate: [singing] teammate: [singing] what is this? what is this? what happened? what happened to these two guys? teammate: did you see anyone? teammate: nobody’s here, only 10 players left [thanks chat] everyone are welcomed to subscribe to YeMao, follow him my teammates are streamers but two of them haven’t stream yet who are we? we are 9986 QiuQiu blog this…elite right? we probably will create an army group we create a conqueror army group and we can…if we have time, we can what happened to that car on the right side? YeMao…there is really a guy there teammate: push, fight them sh*t teammate: be careful no, he can’t win it’s impossible there is a guy up there teammate: shoot and protest, AhMAo teammate: move move move i will go upstairs teammate: inside here? did he lay down? teammate: i’m playing with him teammate: i’m playing with him what are you doing? teammate: i go up there and he missed his shots if you die, i will laugh at you i’m thinking… next season, we probably need to fight for rank teammate: early season? i’m not sure, will see about that last time, it was frustrating teammate: really stop mentioning it teammate: say more, all tear oh ya, three of you, are you sure… em…do you tun off the… do you turn off the ‘spectate’? teammate: yes don’t accept the friend request where is the black side? teammate: who stop a buggy here? teammate: is there anybody here? teammate: a proner teammate: he is lying down there what is he doing there? teammate: what are you doing? saranghaeyo i’m adjusting the OBS teammate: oh i will try it out change the… this side…is it looking good? we are too cruel, bullying fish pond rank up quickly teammate: no.2 throws away his guns is it looking good? not good? too ugly? not good right? teammate: refueling there is a guy said i can’t win them i can’t win in such tier? teammate: he flipped the buggy, f**k you teammate: he flipped the buggy teammate: screaming last time, that’s scary if it was flipped over, it would blow up teammate: it didn’t explode right side, right side here to the right teammate: stop using M249, we can use a pan now teammate: look at me, i don’t have a gun teammate: pan him teammate: guys, don’t get cocky one team teammate: one team, kill them all why are you so fierce? all dead YeMao, lower your mic volume among us, your voice is the loudest teammate: there is a car here it’s too low too low too low it’s too low teammate: get the airdrop MaoMao, MaoMao hello…i don’t want to get in, you take it teammate: they are shooting at us teammate: over here your volume is too low yes better now where is he? dude teammate: no idea, let’s push together teammate: he is lying down i can’t see him teammate: i want to pan him pan him teammate: he is either lying down on the grass or behind the tree let me handle this i see him, a ghillie suit teammate: i don’t have a vest it’s so boring teammate: we need to experience it let’s have a contest

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