Do You Need a $350 Rice Cooker? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Kitchen Gadgets. If you noticed something different, it’s a friend. I have them. Esther Choi, right here. – What’s up, Cliff?
– What’s up? Esther is also the chef/owner of Mokbar here in New York City and Ms. Yoo. What are we testing today, Esther? Here we go. (Esther sighing) – We’re testing the
rice cooker, of course. – You do cook rice in your restaurant. – I do cook rice in my restaurant, and of course, at home every single day, but it’s also like, when you guys were like, “Hey, you’re gonna test the rice cooker,” I’m like, “Of course I am, of course.” – Yeah, well, I mean, it’s better you. – Hey, I’ll be that token Asian. – You know. – You know, I’m down with that. – Speaking of token, we are testing two rice cookers. This one is from my house. It’s the one I’ve had for 10 years. You make recognize it from
certain college dorm rooms. – That’s ridiculous. I used to have that in college. – It’s the Aroma Rice Cooker. It’s around $40, $50. And we are testing it against the Ferrari of rice cookers, with a price point of around $350. – Yes. Looks like this one has white rice, umami. – That’s a setting? – Yes, that’s a setting. – Quick, which probably means quick cook. – Yeah. – Brown rice, gaba brown rice. You can even pick the levels of how you want your rice texture to be. – So I actually don’t think that there is going to
be enough of a difference to justify the crazy price point. Listen, this thing has
a million functions. This has one. There’s one switch on it that says go. – Yeah. – So, we’re gonna test it
at its most basic function. – Mm-hmm. – So we have two cups, one part water versus one part rice. I rinsed it three times
each til it ran clear. – So — – You gave me a look. – Yeah, I gave you a look, because three times is not enough, Cliff. My mom told me the more you rinse it, the more purified you will be eating rice. – Oh! I was doing, I have this
certain hand movement. – Okay, you did the hand movement. – Yeah, yeah. – ‘Cause that’s really important. – Straight up. All right, let’s put this in. The rice is going in. – The rice is in. – And two cups of water, we’re gonna hit start. One, two, three. (devices beeping) – And I love that this sings to you. – It does have a timer, 55 minutes going here. This does not have a timer. How you know it’s done is in the other room, you hear something that goes click! (laughing) – My opinion is why this is so worth it, if you mess up your ratio, it’s okay. It’s very forgiving. The second thing is that you
have all these options, right? Third thing is, make it 10 days before you’re actually gonna eat it. – Wait, wait, wait, explain that. – Because it keeps warm. Right after it cooks, it’ll change the setting to warm, and it’ll just keep in
here for days and days, until the rice goes bad. This particular rice being
Japanese or Korean rice, it should be slightly sticky, but still beautifully pearly. – Yeah, so consistency. – Consistency throughout the entire thing. – Like top to bottom. Here’s a little aside. Ian here, from Ohio. Your roommate — – Yeah. – Has that guy. How often does your roommate
use his rice cooker? – He probably used it
once, but I understand. – What’s his name? – His name’s Brady. – Brady. – [Esther] Bad Brady! – #BradyPleaseUseYourRiceCooker – Sorry, Brady. – What happened? – I don’t know what happened. See? Now it’s pressure. – [Cliff] It’s pressurizing. It sensed the moisture. – It sensed that it needs a
little bit more water in there, so they’re pressuring it now. So this one, it’s just like steaming out, so I don’t know how that’s gonna cook. – In — (device clicking) Oh! But as anyone knows who
has one of these things, that first click. – It doesn’t mean that it’s, – It doesn’t mean anything. You gotta let it hang out for another 10. – Yeah. See, if someone bought that, how would they know that the rice, like they just heard the click, so they’re like, okay, it’s ready! – I have a feeling that no
one just buys this one blind. Like, they already know. – So, Cliff, this side is steam. – Oh. I don’t know what that means. – So it means that they’re letting out some of the steam, but it’s still on pressure, so it’s still pressuring, but they’re letting some
of the moisture out. – The big thing with a
lot of these products is the cleanup. – This one, honestly? – Has the sticky layer on the bottom. – Yeah, it has the sticky
layer on the bottom, which is a freaking pain in the ass to like, yeah. – You throw it in the sink, let it soak for like a minute, and yeah. – Uh-huh. You have to like scrub it, whereas this one, it’s like the nonstick, literally. You don’t even have to wash it. ‘Cause it’s that clean and perfectly. (device playing a tune) It sings to you. That’s lovely. ♪ Rice is ready. ♪ – It gets you like excited, it’s like, oh my God, my rice is done. – For the grand reveal, let’s open it up, and see. – I mean, that’s looking pretty good. – I mean, it’s sick. – [Cliff] Oh, no stick on the bottom. Each grain is very individual. – [Esther] None of the grains break. – You ready for this guy? I mean, look, hey, hey. – I mean, it’s not terrible. – [Cliff] Oh, oh! – [Esther] It didn’t, oh, but it’s mushy. – [Cliff] So here we go. – It’s mushy. That’s very mush. And look. It’s gorged here. So it’s uneven. If we’re talking about
perfection right now. – We are talking about perfection. I’m just — – I see brown parts in there. Like this part is obviously
a little bit harder than this part, right? – This guy’s a little whiter, it’s more full. We have some that are not as full. Here, they all are really even. – Mm-hmm. – [Cliff] Let’s taste this one first. – [Esther] Okay. – It’s a little mushy. – It’s uneven, straight up. If someone brought that to me, I would be like, bad rice. Bad rice. – Oh, god, even the texture coming out, it’s already different. – I mean, that’s, yeah. You can’t, it’s so different. – I know that some of
you are sitting at home, and being like, what the (beep) That’s rice. But for someone who actually
does a lot of rice dishes, and really cares about this thing, and someone who eats
rice on a regular basis, this is a noticeable difference. – Yeah. It’s kind of like that low and slow thing. Yes, this took maybe
almost double the time, but there’s a reason for that, and sometimes you have to
be a little bit patient for perfection. – I thought this had a chance, because I guess you learn to cope with the inconsistencies for so long. This is like that old pickup truck that you know you have
to like kick three times, and then you have to move the
stick shift left and right. We do understand that
Zojirushi does make better rice than Old Blue, the Aroma, but does it make the $300
investment on top of this? – I would say if you’re cooking rice at least twice a week, mm-hmm. – ‘Cause then you span that out over the course of a few years, and you’re just getting — – [Esther] Yeah, exactly. – So I guess basically, if you ever had a conversation to talk about the consistency of rice, that’s your guy. – Right. – But maybe if you’re Brady from Ohio, who’s Ian’s roommate, who buys the expensive one but never makes rice, maybe he burned the shit out of this one. Verdict? Zojirushi is the winner. Esther, thank you. – Thank you. – If you wanna see the food
that Esther cooks, click here. – It’s weird. I feel like it’s my duty to my country, and to my culture to
sort of be that person, to take it the next.

92 comments on “Do You Need a $350 Rice Cooker? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show”

  1. Joshua Austill says:

    I bought this exact rice cooker based on this video. I was pretty nervous spending that much. But holy cow, WORTH IT!!!

  2. terryyouth says:

    I had a $15 ricecooker. and it was non stick vessel too. but i then i got this Zojirushi. yes it takes time. But the difference is, they say to soak in water for 30 mins and allow to stay for 15 mins or so. But this zojirushi does everything, and that is why it takes this long. When i had the cheap cooker, i didnt know that you had to wait for it to set

  3. Monalisabubebube says:

    I’m guessing those who says they don’t use a rick cooker aren’t Asian lmfao

  4. Aigars Mahinovs says:

    What about compared to microwave cooked rice?

  5. max factor says:

    What a garbage RICE… you clearly dont know how a proper rice should look like. what you cooked is more like playing dough. Go to an Iranian restaurant nearby to see the real Rice

  6. ECSR1969 says:

    I don't like the way she's just trash talking and criticizing everything about the cheap rice cooker. Many families cannot afford the expensive one. She could've approached it a different way…that's all I can say.

  7. Mathias Van Laere says:

    Can you use bouillon?🤔

  8. ryukoros says:

    I just thought it's just price difference but never though there will be a change in taste

  9. Kevin Hosford says:

    IF you eat rice every day and it must be absolutely perfect, maybe you do. For me, I'm content with the rice setting on my Instant Pot.

  10. Nabi says:

    Pot stove my ass..
    This rice cooker sings for you😂
    Joke aside, people bashing it never saw one.
    You put rice in it, press a button and you have the best rice for days…
    When empty fill again, no cleaning and go again…

    Keep scrubing your pots like chimps.. 😝

  11. Trilobyte says:

    All you need is a pot with a lid and your finger nail to get even better results than that stinky rice cooker…

  12. Gilbert Pineda says:

    No one needs a rice cooker. Everyone can make rice with any pot they have at home. 1 part rice 1.5 part water. Cover it with lid. Heat high until it starts boiling then put it in simmer for 10mins. Keep lid on throughout the process. Done your welcome

  13. Burning Tango says:

    Urmmm…I just use my pot actually

  14. lhia0416 says:

    As an Asian, cooking rice without a rice cooker is unfathomable.

  15. king kazuma says:

    i love this channel its my favorite XDD

  16. ASWANG7 says:

    We mix pork sinigang on our rice anyways. So $350 rice cooker doesnt make any difference. 🤣😂🤪

  17. Kyary Ink says:

    Brah I'm ded. I got a rice cooker from Wal-Mart for like 20 bucks. I use instant rice (I never rinse ANY of my rice 😅😂) its always done before the timer goes off. Just use instant!!! Always comes out perfect and its always sticky.

  18. Ardent Shrew says:

    Keep the rice for 10 days? It goes off after a couple of days and tastes bad. Two days maximum then bin it.

  19. mrbreede says:

    And then there are Latinos who use pots and still make really good rice… smh

  20. Kris says:

    Cliff was really rooting for his old rice cooker

  21. depresso says:

    “Oh my god my rice is ready!”

  22. Alex C-Crest says:

    How can you test a 10 year old product, against a brand new premium product!? Are you INSANE? There is no test here what so ever! You must have been paid by the $350 rice cooker people because this is sheer stupidity at its best!

  23. K L says:

    real talk anyone who has eaten rice from a wok/rice cooker on the right knows that the brown crispy bits are the best part

  24. SHAN Laggui says:

    * kaldero has left the group *

  25. Jim Lellman says:

    Why didn't they test it versus a saucepan?

  26. Klanos _ says:

    I love mushy rice more than individual rice.

  27. dsalpha18 says:

    What material is that aroma rice cooker?

  28. Lady Montecarlo says:

    Why its doesn’t mention what type of zojirushi? I need the type coz they have soooo many varian. Is it np? Ns? NL?

  29. Sonofgod Jesuschrist says:


  30. Wally West says:

    Ye I’ll take my $20 cooker from Aldi and use common sense to readjust it’s cooking pattern.

    Sure it costs me my attention but I’m in the kitchen cooking at that time anyhow.

  31. john li says:

    i feel like shes over selling it a little bit but if you are eating rice a lot then a better rice cooker is probably worth it

  32. ragnose1 says:

    a modern 30 dollar rice cooker is so much better than that 10 year old 40 buck one.

  33. Atika says:

    I believe the $350 rice cooker it lasts a long time great investment and always cooks rice perfectly

  34. amirkhan bakery says:

    Your rice in both way were rubish . You don't know how much water and oil you should pour . Each cooker has its own structure . Just double the size of water in your sharp cooker than your other cooker and it will work great

  35. White Ghost says:

    just use a pan. takes me 10 min (then i let it sit for 15-20min with the lid) after turning the fire off. perfect rice every time. i eat white rice everyday and often buy the 50lbs. bags from the store.

  36. Hansen Wijaya says:

    Zojirushi rice cooker has a delay cooking timer. Set your uncooked rice and water at night, set the timer and in the morning you can have fresh, perfectly cooked rice waiting for you.

  37. opensourceplz says:

    It’s called a pot and water ffs. Why would I spend any money when a pot and water, traditional way, does it perfect!


  38. MichaelMing says:

    Hahahaaa… you guys crack me up! … the simple cooker is damn good enough for the college students! … they can buy Zojirushi when they get a good paying job after graduation! … i love my Zojirushi, BUT, their inner cooking bowls tend to rust after a few years of daily use! … and guess what? it costs $95 ro replace their cheaply made easy to rust cooking bow!! A rip-off !

  39. Minh Phung says:

    Im asian a self proclaim rice snob. Let me tell ya u do need a $350 rice cooker

  40. James Saykhamphone says:

    They didn’t wash the rice prior to cooking.

  41. Trevor Greenbank says:

    Kind of a stupid comparison. There is an in-between. I started with the shitty aroma when I left home. When I had some money, and wanted better rice, I bought a bigger electronic aroma, which was around $60. It makes excellent rice. The problem with the shitty one is that it’s not a sealed environment. As soon as you add a gasket to the lid, and the tiniest bit of electronic temperature control, you’ve jumped up to 75% of what the zoji can do. For a fifth the price.

  42. Sameerzz says:

    i make my rice in a pan
    im mad lad

  43. Lei Arnaz says:

    you should have tried a few different rice types

  44. TragestyX says:

    Damn now I'm wondering if the Zojirushi uses toxic non stick materials.

  45. TragestyX says:

    Why no link to her media?

  46. Trash Panda says:

    I have a Zojirushi bread maker I use a few times a week still and I bought it in 1991. Quality. Quality. Quality. well worth the initial cost as a long-term investment. Yeah, it is old but it makes the several different kinds of bread we like (sourdough, whole-wheat, rye, olive, etc.) with perfection still after all this time. Every once in a while, I find myself thinking maybe a new one with all the new tech but no, not until it breaks. It is a tank and just keeps working. If I made a lot of rice, I'd buy a Zojirushi in a heart beat.

  47. Goat Billhicks2 says:

    Did the girl say she keeps the rice in the cooker for 10 days?

  48. Hope Zhang says:

    Chinese here. When I was little, all I wanted was the scorched rice at the bottom. Yummmm,

  49. humphrey peek says:

    u can buy a rice cooker in the uk for under 50 dollars

  50. Igor says:

    Splurged on the little NHS-06. $60 cad shipped. I am not a rice snob – I cooked rice in a pot by hand all my life up until now, rice coming out a little different each time lol, no biggy, I can handle mushy non-uniform rice. I just got tired of the constant pot stirring and monitoring the temperature. Love my basic zojirushi.

  51. Thuoi Ly says:

    I found that adding a tablespoon or two of oil to the rice using the cheaper machine really helps even out the texture.

  52. d3w3yd3c1m4l says:

    I've had my Zojirushi for 7 or 8 years now, it sings to me. Literally, worth every penny.

  53. Timur Gafiyatullin says:

    You should have done fancy rice cooker vs cheap rice cooker vs pot on the stove

  54. nothing human says:

    Singing appliance, so Asian lol

  55. i made rice says:

    Yall are saying we're doing it wrong for using the finger method, but remember that there were no measuring cups or markers or even rice cookers before. It aint wrong for us to do a common and traditional life hack of our ancestors.

  56. formxshape says:

    Soak your rice overnight – to remove arsenic.

  57. El Magnifico says:

    Esther Choi

  58. Bob Wareham says:

    I just use my instant pot for rice

  59. JugPan says:

    Test the $900 rice cooker – TIGAR IH pressure earthen rice cooker, THE Takitate JPG-X

  60. Thomas Healy says:

    She took over after this.

  61. Benjamin Liang says:

    I use the steam selection for my zojirushi It makes rice but a bit faster.

  62. sbc000000 says:

    350 just the entry level of rice cooker

  63. OYA TOCUN says:

    Ok so will my turds come out more fluffly and perfect. Because its non stick, does this mean i will not have to wipe as much? I have my aroma rice cooker and I love it, just for the crust it makes on the bottom. And its still non stick after 7 years. Poeple please stop being so bougie. Clearly paid to do this video.

  64. Electro Duck says:

    She's biased. I can guarantee she couldn't tell the difference in a blind taste test. That said I might get a cooker with pressure control. Is there some that are cheaper than a Zoji but just as good?

  65. Hoe Yuen Ann says:

    Okay, here is my opinion on rice cookers. My Teow Chew grandma is 75 years old, using an old pot that costs around RM60 or less, and the rice that she makes os soooooo damn good everytime!

    I shall leave it at that

  66. Inki Net says:

    The $150 zojirushi model works just as good.
    It’s only smaller, but it’s a workhorse, fluffy, consistent and having the scheduled timer is awesome; start it an hour before getting home and walk in to freshly cooked rice!

  67. Mr Allan says:

    I prefer Zojirushi IH only one and think its better than the pressure version… I have both, and prefer the slightly cheaper non pressure version. Costing more doesn't mean it's better.

  68. Sailor Dave says:

    I doubt the electronics will last long enough to make it worth the initial cost.

  69. ___ says:

    I don't even have a rice cooker, I just boil mine on the stove and I eat rice all the time. Ppl been cooking rice this way for thousands of years, but I might cop one of these Zojirushis

  70. Fr0z3n Mechanix says:

    I like how she talks about the fancy cooker as “They” as if it’s so expensive there’s some committee in a room controlling everything about the cooking of your rice 🤣

  71. SeabassFishbrains says:

    I had a roommate once who had one of those fancy rice cookers and I've desperately wanted one ever since!

  72. William Potter says:

    I've never understood people's fear about cooking rice. Give me a $3 pot from Goodwill and I'm good to go. Put water required by package instructions into pan with a little salt and bring to boil. Put in required amount of rice and stir. Lower heat to lowest possible. Cover pot with lid. Tin foil would work in a pinch. Remember, you are steaming not cooking. Wait time required by directions. Some rices take more time than others … Take off heat and let cool for 5 minutes. Stir, serve and eat … It's really a no-brainer … $350 for a cooker means you have way too much money … If you want to put in a chicken base, or maybe some butter do it … Some minced garlic and/or onion is great … Be creative. But reduce the amount of water by the amount of any liquid you put in to keep the balance correct. I keep dried onion flakes in my cupboard for when I have no fresh onions. That works too. Be sure you add an equal volume of water to the flakes to keep the balance …If you have some chicken broth around, it's great … Rice is easy !!!

  73. messemaker22 says:

    i just use the microwave…

    same ratio but i soak it for 4 hours minimum first. And then 3-4 min full power to bring it to the boil and then 8-9 min half power (800-1000 watts) this works for 80 to 140 grams above that you need longer times. then turn gently fluff with a fork and put cling film over it and wait for 5 min. perfect non sticky rice every time (aged whole grain basmati) easy on the cleanup aswell just 1 bowl.

  74. イリヤスフィール・フォン・アインツベルン says:

    First, this zojirushi model is so old!!!!!!
    Second, base on this model, $350 is absolutely overpriced.
    Third, you can find better one in Japan under $300(Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Tiger, Hitachi, Toshiba, even Zojirushi itself).
    Fourth, top rice cooker is over $600, $350 is just a mid range one.

  75. sup_ monica says:

    I have a Panasonic rice cooker that cost $150. It was a lot but I eat rice almost every day and I've had it for years

  76. Powerzap says:

    My mum still uses her 1960s-70s National Rice Cooker.

  77. debeeriz says:

    i always turn my rice cooker to warm before the water runs out or it will burn on the bottom, and i have always been told it is bad to keep cooked rice out of the fridge as it gets food poisoning properties, and to make it taste better l add a tblsp of chicken stock powder. so rice kept warm for 10 days, l dunno

  78. Dominik MJ says:

    That is stupid… testing the extremes and then say that the most expensive cooker is the best (even though it is compared,with cheapest one)?!

  79. LD ODOM says:

    Dear Brady. I'll give you $50 for your $350 rice cooker.

  80. ultrasound1025 says:

    You need to do a head to head w/ the Zoj vs the InstantPot

  81. krama017 says:

    I have the zojruishi water dispenser/boiler and i love it. great brand it seems.

  82. Khaltazar says:

    When they said you should rinse the rice until it is clear… I have never done that… maybe that is why my rice is always really sticky. I'll try that next time I make it.

  83. John Texas says:

    People spending hundreds on a rice cooker are the same people who'll spend hundreds on a coffeemaker. I had a $100 Tiger for several years, loved it, never used anything but the white and brown rice buttons. Gave it away to some newlyweds. I prefer Instant Pot rice, particularly for brown, but I have a little $15 Black&Decker that I use for 2-3 cups. PS–don't blow your money on the cooker and then buy crappy rice…

  84. Sussan J Cardona says:

    Compare it to the instant pot rice

  85. Samantha Crudup says:

    She's bias because she can afford a 400 rice cooker smh

  86. Necholaz Ganz says:

    I am sold, where can I buy the aroma rice cooker? It's so cheap and functional.

  87. JAYZUPP says:

    I've got one of those cheap rice cookers and yeah it's easier than using a stovetop, but the rice comes out all mushy and stuck to the bottom half the time :p
    Maybe $350 is a bit much for normal folks, but I'm sure there's a good middle ground for some bangin' rice

  88. N L says:

    Come you are not tasting rice cooker, you are going to taste the rice

  89. chinglin30 says:

    I want the rice cooker back, I don't want salad master >.>

  90. 鄧運霖 says:


  91. T AN says:

    That crooked hood vent piping behind you guys drives me nuts.

  92. Moe Zabians Kitchen says:

    Stand mixer or rice cooker

  93. Olde Dominion says:

    I like scorched rice, but I admit, it may be an acquired taste 😉

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