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– So I don’t know about you, but for me, microwave has always been for popcorn or for reheating something, or steaming something, et cetera. I never knew that you
could cook in a microwave. Until today. So we’re gonna run
through all four products that have unique functions
for the microwave and see if any of this impresses me. Up first, we are testing the
microwaveable sandwich grill. I’m really kind of curious
because I didn’t know that the microwave can
get something crispy. But we will see if that works. And then we got the microwave rice cooker. It’ll steam your rice in
about 10 to 15 minutes, which is half the time of a rice cooker, which could be super dope. We’ll see. Next, we have a microwaveable grill, which, honestly, I’m very,
I’m not gonna say skeptical, I’m just curious how this is gonna work. But this is supposed to
grill meat in the microwave. Yeah, I know, but you know what? We might be really surprised. And this goes for about $15-$20, which is, I wanna say, a pretty good deal if it works. And last but not least, we have a microwaveable pressure cooker, which is a little bit terrifying for me but I don’t know, it might be worth it. So, let’s do it! First up, sandwich time. The way this works is you
preheat it for two minutes. Then you place your
assembled sandwich in there, and then you microwave
it for another five. That’s it, very, very simple logic. You’re just heating up the metal plates to get it crispy, so we’ll do that. So while that goes, I’m gonna assemble my grilled cheese real quick. A little butter; make
sure your butter’s soft. Don’t stare into the microwave because you’ll start blinking weird. Three seconds left! You can see the heat
coming out from the gadget. Careful when you handle this, because obviously the
metal plate is very hot. Makes it pretty easy to handle. Hear it? Nice! This is actually promising. Assembled, it has a weird smell though, I don’t know. There we go. Five minutes. If all of these work, I
probably will be amazed. Oh, wow! Wait. You know what, I’m not even gonna judge it until I take it out of the microwave. Don’t touch the plate. It’s still really hot. Ta-da! That was pretty good, I don’t know. Crispy. I mean, it’s a tiny bit uneven, but I don’t mind because
it’s super crispy. Hey, I’m so amazed right now! Yeah, it worked! Nice! If I had to be super critical, it’s a little overdone so I probably would have done it for two
minutes instead of three. But hey, that cuts down time even more, so that’s four minutes. Two minutes of preheating,
two minutes of cooking, and that’s it, perfectly grilled cheese. Dope. So I thought that nothing could crisp up in a microwave but I guess I was wrong. Moving on. Onto the microwaveable rice cooker, which is pretty simple. It’s just this silicone lid
that has these little holes in it for some steam to escape. This is just a plastic bowl. Add your rice, add your water, top it. So, in theory, I’m
thinking that you probably could use just like a regular bowl with plastic wrap and poke some holes. You know what, it’s just nice to have something that it’s meant for one thing. So, rice is in, add your water. This is just your standard ratio, whatever it says on the packaging. And then you put the silicone lid on. Throw it in the microwave. And it’s gonna cook for 12 minutes. That’s it, then you get rice. Okay guys, 12 minutes, it’s done. Take the rice out. Now for the ultimate test: taste. It’s a little bit under, but if it rests for
maybe a few more minutes, I think it’ll be perfect. All in all, pretty impressed. Yeah, honestly, this is really easy, it was super quick, and honestly, if you don’t really know how to cook rice on the stove top, this
is your perfect option. Moving on. So, we’re gonna grill
steak in the microwave. I know what you’re thinking. But, hey, you gotta give
it a fighting chance. This cooks the steak in
less than ten minutes. It’s like, super fast. Same with the sandwich grill, you’re gonna preheat this guy because you want the pan to be hot, right? That’s where you’ll get the sear. So I’m gonna preheat it for three minutes, then while that’s going,
I’ll season the steak. Okay guys, my grill is preheated, and I can feel the radiating heat. So hopefully I hear a nice sizzle. Okay guys, I hear a sizzle. Hear that? Maybe this has a fighting chance. Back in there. Three minutes. All right guys, it’s done. I hear it sizzling,
gonna let it rest in here for an additional four minutes. Would you eat a steak from a microwave? All right, it’s rested enough. Do you hear that? It’s still sizzling. So, it sounds like there
might be color on the steak, which is what I’m hoping for. So, we got some color but
it’s like a weird crust. I’m not gonna even say anything because I think you guys
know how I feel right now. See, this side. So, for very obvious reasons, I do not recommend cooking
a steak in the microwave. You see one side is like, okay, maybe there was a fighting chance. But then you flip it over
and you’re just like, what the (beep). I mean, if you’re going to cook a steak, don’t cook it in the microwave. You know what I mean? If you’re going to spend money
on a luxurious piece of meat, you’re not gonna cook it in the microwave. So, I’m sorry, but this
does not work for me. So Daniel, my producer,
is making me eat this. I’m gonna cut it open, we’ll see what it looks like inside. I mean, it’s not horribly overcooked but it just doesn’t have a sear and it’s like, just, I don’t know. It just is very sad to me. It’s like steamed steak. Yeah, so all in all, don’t cook a steak in your microwave. This is just sad. This is just, breaks my heart, that we cooked a steak like this. Last but not least, this is the other way that you can cook meat in the microwave. You can use the microwave pressure cooker. We’re excited because
this is a very safe way to pressure cook and some people are a little bit scared of
doing it on the stove top. The InstaPot also take a lot longer, and this will do it in half the time, so if it works, maybe we
got a good gadget over here. We’ll see. Okay, so we got some short ribs, just doing some very basic recipe. Onion, garlic, chicken stock, because obviously you need some moisture. Obviously this is just,
like, a very basic recipe. We just want to test that the meat will slow cook, pressurize
in the microwave. There’s these little arrows
that you want to put together. That’s pretty much it, make sure that the lid doesn’t come off. So we are gonna do this for 30 minutes. I have never done 30 minutes
in a microwave before. There we have it. We’re gonna wait half an
hour, see what happens. (hold music) Okay guys, it’s been 30 minutes. According to the recipe book, we’re gonna do it for an additional eight minutes on high, and I’m guessing this is to kind of caramelize the meat, or whatever it’s gotta do. Just in case we haven’t
nuked it long enough. Eight more minutes. See you soon. Dude, it’s been 40 minutes. Long waited time. If this meat is not tender,
I’m gonna be pretty angry because we waited a long time. But, for real, I think
that if this didn’t work and the meat is not tender, this means that the gadget is (beep) because obviously there’s
a lot of other ways to get your short rib tender. Let me hold that thought, though, because we don’t know what’s gonna happen. All right. All right, so, obviously you’ve
gotta release the pressure. Oh, that was not that exciting. That was weird, because usually when you let out steam and the pressure, it’s like shoooo! But that didn’t do that. There we go, there we go. I got it. Hm. You know what, I’ll just taste it. It’s cooked, it’s like almost there, but it’s not there. It needs like ten more minutes. But it’s already been 40 minutes in there, so, there are other ways
to cook your short ribs for around 40 minutes and
get it soft and tender. And also, what happened, is I feel like the juices didn’t, like, lock in, so it kind of, like,
lost all of its flavor. Yeah, I just don’t think that you should be cooking meat in the microwave. Maybe just don’t do that; maybe make that little effort and cooking it right, when it’s meat. But what about you guys? Is there a microwave-favorite gadget that you love? Leave a comment, let me know. For more episodes like this, click here.

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  10. BenRangel says:

    Microwaves are kinda underrated as they are dismissed as inferior for everything and only necessary for quick shortcuts. But in theory usin a micro to boil/steam vegetables would be better than doing a regular pot of boiling water cause less flavor and nutrients would be lost in the water.
    Some chef on Chef Steps argued for it a lot.

    Biggest issue though is getting an even cooking of larger pieces.

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