Doc Martin Behind the Scenes: Bert Large’s Failed Ventures

Action Hello You’re a bit skinned at the moment? A boat like this,
upkeep alone’s killing me. This might be your lucky day! Bert, to me is the Mr. Mcorba Oh don’t worry, things are
looking right up my friend things are looking right up! Everything is is gonna happen, it’s gonna be for the right reasons. How about 12 bottles sailor return. I’ve got the first batch here. And things only get worse with Bert. Up here, I’ve got it I’ve got it. Whatever he tries is hand to, it fails. Oh god! Look at that! When we first see Bert, he’s
a plumber along with his son. Bodmin, that’s an endearing
local term for borme right? Well someone who’s Bodmin
is well its kinda like If you noticed, it’s
not a lot of plumbing goes on with Bert. Treat yourself to a noun. About the first episode
where they flood the surgery Dad, not that one. He’s just a nuisance. Water damage now that’s
a beast all on its own. Right Hold that and shut up! Then we moved in to another
area which was taking little bird twitchers on tours. You eve heard of trouf birds? Who? What we have here is
a real money please wait for the last tours we are the best orticological
tour operator in town! Come and see the amazing birds. That didn’t last that long
but then there was a break there was a break where they
actually both he and his son became restaurateurs. Oh you mean, the hospitality trade. They get themselves out of one situation but really straight out of
the frying pan into the fire. When it comes down to
it there is not much to choose between plumbing and dining. Its all to do with the
rumbling in the pipes. Gotta chop quicker than that here let me show you. Bert I have worked in a restaurant before. The doc and the teacher want the salad Two salads a la maison chef There was a lot of tummy
problems with the food that they were producing. Oh it’s okay doc
everything is under control you go back and sit down. There’s blood on my plate. Oh it’s just garnish,
she’s not too handy with the old clever. Not good not good not
any of this is good. I have treated seven
cases of nausea this morning and they all ate here last night. Doc doc keep it down for god’s sake. I see not content with
laying low half of Portwenn you’ve now started on the visitors. If it wasn’t for your
little performance last night I’d have locals here by now. I want you to close this restaurant. Come into the kitchen. I’ve put everytinng I’ve
got into this place. I think people love Bert’s hat it’s all about the hat. You carry on serving alcohol,
you’re breaking the law. I think it’s his
nature to never give up. In every scene he’s trying. I guess in life whatever you do you’re gonna fail at some point. It always comes down to
we’re Large boys and we fail they do a quick evaluation
and continuing to trying to stay afloat. I’m the waiter in the
restaurant I use to own. You still own it. Ten percent is not
much to show a lifetime. You know what boy? I need more. Dad, we’ve had this discussion. This was pretty good I mean. This would happen for some time until the bills started coming in. This place seems jinxed doesn’t it? Why is that? No one has ever made a go
if it not in all the time I’ve lived here. He was desperate to
think what could he do return to diy and return to
without his son who is now running a bed and breakfast
somewhere with Ruth. Bert and I are always trhing
to find the next kind of job really cause I think the best the only
way to make a decent living is to work for yourself. You see quite a lots of
people endeavoring to do different things run their own businesses and not always be a success. He gets from this idea to make whisky for once it’s a really really good idea and Ruth who tastes it for the
first time thinks it’s just fantastic and she puts
money into this business. That is a lot of whisky! Yes yes you told Ruth that
the sales have been good. And may I say that the truth
is inspires confidence in the investors. Oh he had a gun we’re in trouble. That is it, final
straw writing on the wall I am done! I’m officaially handing
over the business to you. The business? Yep. You mean, the failed BnB
and the failed whisky company? All yours So, hah you’re quitting and leaving me to pick up the pieces. Not to mention Ruth being out of pocket. We’ll talk about this
later, when you boy are a little less emotional. He was not having to
being out on his own. Trying trying to make a buck
and then Kateland sees him sort of sad and alone Cheer up! It might never happen. Too late, it already has. He was terrified of her
when he first met her. As she was so suggestive. She was a lady who was doing
the napkins for the restaurant and he had a little sort of of
outing with her which was was a disaster. Whisky business not working out? Nothing is, I’ve got no job
back to sleeping in the van I might as well lay down
on the beach let the tide carry me away. You could always come
work for me if you’d like. He then worked in the so
little supermarket she ran so there was another job there. What about the distillery? I was gonna come and
talk to you about that. It’s just that’s I’ve decided
that the whisky business Not for me Well you could have
consulted with me first. She’s suss Bert out she doesn’t dislike him but she just knows that
he’s not to be trusted as a business man I intend to pay you
back every single penny. Eventually. It’s just that it wasn’t my
fault with the economic climate No Bert, it’s you giving up and letting all the
people pick up the pieces. Al is always trying to
move on from his father would like to find his own way. Looks like you could need a hand! Yet we’ll cope thank you! Well no there’s no need to be like that! But loves his father very
much as well so keep on falling back into so yeah and it’s it’s a pattern yeah that life is a pattern. Now, you want my help or not? No thank you. No one will give Bert a job
unless Al is in charge of it. In series nine Al and
Bert are working in the pub. You know that fisherman Guss? He’s allowed me back in to just help change a few barrels. We’re not winding this on boat dad okay? We get discounts on all the This is your idea of a stock take is it? Listen I can explain everything. You’re paying for a share
of the boat with whisky even though I’ve told you not to. May I produce for you
another beautiful bottle of large whiskey port wen absolutely beautiful You damageed his boat and
thrown away all my whisky? It was a police emergency. I can’t be in charge of any of the money I can’t be in charge of any of this. I hear there’s a position available. You wanna work here? I do, yes! And I’m desperately say
“no no don’t take her on, don’t take her on”. And he looks at me and in one
go he says “you’re hired.” Oh won’t this be great Bert? The two of us working
together side by side again? Super! It’s a pretty nasty trick
to play on Bert so he’s then stuck in the pub with Kateland and they seemed to be doing
really rather well until the owner of the pub drops
a bombshell when he says he’s going to sell it. They don’t know what
to do because of aabout of course they haven’t
gotten any money themselves they are desperate to find
out who’s gonna buy it. He’s he’s a force of nature
installs himself down here every couple of years he’s a sort of visitor
attraction down here. He’s our Bert Large since huh
day one and Jo who plays Al he was our juvenile when we started and he’s got three kids now! and he lives down here it’s hum it’s been it’s
been such a journey for us. It is been such an absolute pleasure to work with Jo Absalom he’s the son I’ve always wanted. And you’ve been doing a
great job while making sure that this is a success. I’m proud of you boy! Thank you both.

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