Don’t Boil SUPER GLUE (Flammable?)

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  1. seymour butz says:

    Try sitting in a swimming pool full of superglue

  2. billy kick says:

    Nothing will boil if you just put it on low you would be better off using a microwave lol

  3. eru iluvatar says:

    Wtf 4:11

  4. Charles Faulkner says:

    Do not boil products containing freaking CYANIDE if you don't want your face stinging and breathing affected.

  5. scullus hail says:

    You should use the vapour to make fingerprints show up

  6. mr.critization Bobby says:

    Soak bread in super glue than toast it

  7. Daniel Price says:

    I know its a bit late, but making super glue slime would be cool!

  8. Ch28 says:

    4:11 whyyyy were you not wearing your goggles 🤨👨🏼‍🔬

  9. Undral Batbayasgalan says:

    Can you freeze super glue?

  10. xander jolin says:

    Super glue, gun powder, PVC pipe and fuse equals flamethrower?

  11. Becky Hetrick says:

    I have spilled super glue, actually nail glue, on my shirt before, and it got very hot and started smoking.

  12. Mohammad Barakat says:

    How many of you are looking in the comments to see what happens

  13. Chelsea Ankeny says:

    Try to see how much super glue can hold in weight

  14. Cuteduck 777 says:

    Freeze dry super glue,see how much weight super glue can hold

  15. Wayne C Alderman says:

    this is what happens when you boil coke turns all black and sticky

  16. Wayne C Alderman says:

    fix cracks under water

  17. Eric Puente says:

    If orange is a conductor if electrical current could go through

  18. Alyssa Lizette says:

    You should’ve drank it

  19. ozeke swain says:

    Does it outside do you don't breath in the dangerous vapors.
    *seconds later*……..takes deep breath of chemical vapors.

  20. nightcorelove666 says:

    Frezze dry super glue

  21. Shadow Moon Kate says:

    Who's the new guy

  22. Not Buddy says:

    Could you try putting glue on a bullet and loading it then shooting the gun

  23. Adrian Madia says:

    put super glue into slime !

  24. James B. says:

    You didn’t waft it you stuck your face in it lmao

  25. 4 animals and 4 earth says:

    Ok I won't try this at my house or my friends house or a random yard I will try it at the local park🤭😹😆😅😂

  26. Meek Baros says:

    Dipping a web belt inside super glue. I once dropped a few drops on a belt I had and it started to smoke.

  27. rose thompson says:

    Deep fryer

  28. Master Of Me says:

    Hello nate,
    Please try putting superglue in oobleck.

  29. Lok Sawyer says:


  30. Zhanuo Konyak says:


  31. Rowe Lilienthal says:

    “ThIs CaN DaMAGe YouR EyES” proceedes to snif the fumes 5 inches away from the pot

  32. Darrion Kattick says:

    Mix super glue and glow sticks

  33. Wolfkingarts 2006 says:

    Can you freeze 🥶 dry super glue and school glue

  34. Caleb Graham says:

    With that much superglue, could you hold a racecar in place?

  35. Aidan says:

    actually superglue was accidentaly created twice for different resons one was for gun sights and the other was for a liquid bandage for soldiers in Vietnam

  36. Robb Patterson says:

    dehydrate it?

  37. Jonathan Moore says:

    You know this is for modeling and the medium is far safer thin gets extremely hot and puts off bad fumes when it kicks

  38. Madoline Bell says:

    Poke a hole in a floaty and see if super glue will patch the hole up

  39. HD 3P 3D says:

    Super glue lube

  40. Natalia Karini says:

    Boil Elmerz glu

  41. Lucas Giovinco says:

    Super glue in molten aluminum

  42. Alexis hi says:

    What happens when you put hairspray in liquid nigrajen?????

  43. andrew ford says:

    Nate seems like the kind of person to smell his own fart

  44. Brittany Marie says:

    You guys should try starting a fire with just super glue and fabric. I know it if the fire doesn't work it will have some type of reaction.

  45. Nick Muggli says:

    I'd love to see super glue meets bouncy ball powder

  46. Daniel Marshall says:

    Try to make molds to pour it in ps I'm expecting $25

  47. Hannah Noelle says:

    How does super glue not stick to the side of the bottle if it’s glue? Ugj

  48. Nick Osgood says:

    Put it in a balloon

  49. Mr. Spock says:

    How much weight can it support? Like, attach two things together and see how much force it takes to rip them apart?

  50. artistic drawer says:

    Acid vs super glue?

  51. sexytacos_69 says:

    Mix black powder and gelatin together to make jello and see if the jello will explode when lit

  52. Ally Raymond says:

    You could use it to stick things to a wall or yourselves

  53. Tyrese James says:

    to late am trying it right now hahaha

  54. jgriffin812 says:

    That waft was more of stick my nose in the pot lol

  55. Fortpro 2.0 says:

    A chicken

  56. Mason Dale says:

    Superglue layers as a result of a block or something like an object

  57. wolfymewmew says:

    Uhhhhh…. can ya melt glass with acid…? 0.0
    melt tires with a giant magnifying glass?
    I dunno

  58. Megan Crocker says:

    4:11 nya nya nyeeeee

  59. spidey pann says:

    You should try casting with it

  60. lol330 says:

    Global warming

  61. Ryan Daoust says:

    Can you make a sheet of super glue and use it to magnify light

  62. Girish Radhakrishnan says:

    Pouring super glue on styrofoam will melt the styrofoam.

  63. The sportsman’s Paradise says:

    Why? Just why? 4:11

  64. Musickman 94 says:

    Super glue mixed with different powdered substances like corn starch, laundry powder, baking soda, concrete mix, sugar, flour. With or without a blender

  65. Alex Hixon says:

    Car engine or brake pads

  66. Sailor W says:

    Well maybe I will

  67. Tami Romero says:

    8:52 Kowalski, analysis.

  68. InvitationToAdventure says:

    hahah looks painful

  69. 6 String Terror says:

    Called thin for a reason what a tool

  70. Rojo Playz225 says:

    Hehh oohaah hhee

  71. Ghali Farouk Sekkat says:

    00:07 rest in peace legend ❤

  72. DoomBunny says:

    wondering……what.s the heaviest amount of weight that SuperGlue will hold once it dries…? 🤔

  73. Slappycat xox says:

    The atmosphere:gahhh help me

  74. thanasis trex says:


  75. Kandeeban Ravichandran says:

    How to undo a super glue bond.

  76. D Coke says:

    Glow In the dark super

  77. Cozzy Internet says:

    super glue and detergent ?

  78. Will Snyder says:

    I’m here after Grant’s death……… and just me

  79. Zachary Adams says:


  80. Mcheal Tod says:

    Dip flowers and or other objects into it and see if they freeze in place.

  81. Xochilt G says:

    Can u put super glue in a dehydrator

  82. Blackbeerd17 says:

    Can you put down super glue in layers to handmake a mini chair or other object

  83. BOOM! Television says:

    Nate, here’s a pro tip for ya: don’t stick ur face in superglue bro!!!!!!!!!

  84. William Jones says:

    Fill up a lightbulb with superglue and turn it on.

  85. Sync- Deax says:

    Saying dont try it makes me want to try it

  86. that is amazing b says:

    Why are you not wearing eye protection🤨

  87. Jaden Smith says:

    Try freeze drying superglue

  88. Tony Suffolk says:

    I wish he used eye protection. Imagine hot superglue hitting your unprotected eyes.

  89. Infinity war says:

    Rip boy💟💟

  90. Luke Work says:

    Can't wait to try this at home and get high

  91. NERVE OFFICIAL says:

    Glue is life

  92. bilgisayar camı says:

    See if the super glue is condoctive (i cant write it lmao) and see if its flamable when its frozen

  93. Tiago Oliveira says:

    1:04 puts off some powerfull fumes "Use with adequate ventilation",…………. minutes later 4:11

  94. MNL48 Emperor says:


  95. nelflow barber says:

    Thanks for Contaminating Our atmosphere more then what it is

  96. Connor McClurkin says:

    You should dehydrate super glue

  97. Senor Balls says:

    Superglue body armor

  98. ALJAŽ ČEH says:

    Put super glue in cotton candie machine pls

  99. Cj Lawson says:

    Dehydrate and then rehydrate it

  100. Weston Calhoun says:

    Rest in peice

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