Don’t Boil SUPER GLUE (Flammable?)

In today’s video we’re going to see what happens when you try to boil superglue and we’ll try and answer the question is superglue flammable Superglue is super interesting stuff also known as cyanoacrylate this glue works form a very quick and strong bond Most people have only used or bought superglue in some very small quantities it often comes in Tiny tubes that only have a few drops in them, but we’ve gotten our hands on an 8 ounce container of superglue That’s a full cup of superglue all in one spot. There are a few different things I would really like to try using this much superglue. The first thing I want to try is heating it up I want to see if you can boil superglue and if you can what happens to it, here’s the basic idea We’re going to empty 8 ounces of our superglue into a saucepan That won’t be used for anything else then boil it on a hot plate What do you think is going to happen will the superglue just evaporate? Will it catch on fire or do you think it’s going to explode we’re doing this outside today? Because even if you aren’t boiling it super glue puts off some pretty powerful fumes It can irritate your throat your eyes and your skin and I figure that when we heat it up Those fumes are gonna be multiplied by quite a bit and I really don’t want that in any confined space So we’re in a nice open area We’ve even got a fair breeze passing through which should make it easy to avoid breathing in any of these fumes first a very quick test as to the stickiness of super glue My gloves and my gloves and now glue it together peel apart It does the exact same thing if you get it on your skin But it really hurts to try and peel it apart this much super glue is actually fairly dangerous because if this got on you in any large quantities, It could require medical intervention to get it off like if this were to spill all over my clothing It could stick my clothing onto my skin and I wouldn’t be able to pull it off So I have to be very careful not to get any of this on you This stuff is amazingly thin and clear. It really just looks like water I Don’t want to waste this super glue But just because I’ve never actually seen this much super glue out of a container in one spot You got to play with it a little bit I’m gonna feel slightly slightly oily on my fingers right now Which I’m sure would glue together if I tell them you can see little bits where it’s been Done you could glue as it dries out. It’s just it just feels like you know water or thin oil It’s pretty nuts. I’ll see if I can glue my glove onto this rock I am NOT holding on to this rock. It’s holding on to me. Really The glue hasn’t completely cured so I can probably pull my fingers apart and make it drop the rock let’s try it Kind of All right, since I don’t want my movement permanently arrested I’m gonna take this glove off and put anyway We’re ready to turn on our stove, but I’ve got one more thing I want to do just to protect everything before I do that and that’s just to put a sheet of foil over our hot plate in case the superglue Boils up and out or something like that. I don’t want to spill superglue all over this plate So just one piece of foil going across the top that’s it All right. Let’s turn this on to low the breeze we’ve got going on might make this take a little bit longer than normal I’m not sure we’ll be able to tell the difference since I’ve Never boiled superglue before I don’t even know if it will boil. It might just heat up for light on fire Smoke a lot We’ve got fumes I don’t think I can call that steam since I don’t think cyanoacrylate glue Contains any water, but it’s vapor of some kind (random grunts)(eww nate!) Oh boy! That that went from zero to extremely powerful in no time at all. Oh Good thing we are not doing this indoors or I’m pretty sure the whole indoors would be like that Oh, still in my eyes Got me again I was upwind. (JUST USE A FRIGGIN MASK OR SOMETHING NATE!) We’ve got some good white vapor coming off of the saucepan with the superglue in it But I want to try turning the heat up. It’s not really changing much It’s been doing the same little bit of vapor thing for like five minutes now. I think it needs more heat Let’s take it up to medium Fun fact superglue was developed while trying to find a way to make custom lenses Very breezy Oh We are starting to get some bubbles at the bottom of the pan and it looks a lot like when you’re heating up water So maybe this is gonna boil. I want to help it along. So it’s been on medium for almost 10 minutes now I think it’s time that we turn it up to high All right a lot of white vapor and as my cameraman and I can both attest it sucks if you get too near it So glad it’s breezy since we’ve got a nice steady stream of air going that way I can get a nice up close to it Put it stick in it. Ooh, I hear bubbly noises see bubbly things a Little bit there’s so much of this vapor now hard to get close to it and really look at what’s going on in there. ( Use a mask man! Not that hard!) Even though the vapor is being taken away this fast. I Can’t really see much down into the bottom. Oh It’s so fast in its pane Just a tiny bit of it goes toward your face and all the sudden it stings kids do not try this at home Or at a friend’s house or in some random yard. Just don’t try this. You’ll get that vapor all over you and it will suck That’s some good boiling action going on in there. Now. That’s that we can see it through the vapor. Oh Man, it’s almost gone. Like most of this is burning away and it’s kind of a yellowish green color in there now Had no color when we started very clear looked just like water. Oh wow It’s evenly this and goopy stuff. I can got strings of it coming off on the stick. Oh, I think we are just about out Superglue is all boiled and burned away The fumes certainly seem to be gone All that’s left is a very sticky Not glue sticky, but like gooey residue at the bottom of this pan when heck of a nonstick coating You can superglue isn’t sticking to it This is the result of boiling away one entire cup of cyanoacrylate glue there’s this residue stuff which Has really lost most of that power that super glue has like putting it near my nose Breathing in I can smell the superglue smell, but it’s not burning. It’s not making my eyes water Pretty mild Compared to even just a normal little bottle of superglue if you just smell that Usually it’ll make you flinch. It’s kind of acrid burns the inside of your nose a little bit. This is just Yeah, it smells kind of like superglue. I’m not gonna taste it I taste a lot of things not gonna taste this that’s amazing. How much of it is gone So that means most of what’s in superglue Can be boiled away some white powdery residue Up on the sides That looks like it might have built up just from the vapor Rather than the liquid disappearing. We do have some more superglue and there’s one more test I want to try with it right now and that’s just to see what happens if we apply a more direct heat is Superglue flammable, we’re gonna pour some superglue down into the saucepan then take a blowtorch and see if we can light it on fire You have season flames Oh I think I did it That’s that’s it. Superglue is flammable. It doesn’t light quite like gasoline or even alcohol It took a little bit of time to really catch but once it caught it seems to be burning quite nicely whoo now All of the superglue is hot enough that it’s boiling in the saucepan when we heated the saucepan up on the stove We had a lot of very thick white smoke that burned my nose and my eyes and my lungs if I even got a little whiff of it and this is burning and it’s boiling I Don’t see any white smoke. So I think the vapors themselves coming off of the superglue Or getting burned up and are therefore not able to react the same way if it gets in my face a little bit it kind Of smells like I don’t know it kind of smells a little bit like some fireworks. Oh And there’s the white stuff and we don’t want any of that that is the result of lighting superglue on fire Yeah, it really does have a skunk smell to it Heating superglue on a stove until it boils and lighting it on fire interesting results from both of them Here’s a challenge What are some things we could do with large quantities of superglue that we haven’t already thought of liquid nitrogen? I already thought about it vacuum chamber. I already thought about it dry-ice already thought about it furnace. I already thought about it Give us something new we want you to get creative with this one Tell us your thoughts and if we use an idea of yours that we haven’t already come up with will send you 25 bucks guys, we still have more for you to see that little box up at the top will transport you directly to our last video if You haven’t seen it. You should go watch it If you have seen it Maybe watch it again The box at the bottom will show you what YouTube thinks you should be watching next and this bomb here in the center will subscribe You to our channel, so you never miss a video Don’t forget to ring that Bell and we will see you in the next one. Talk to you then

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