Donut Burger – How to make a Donut Cheeseburger using the Ballistic Griddle

Hi, Jason Ganahl at GQue BBQ. Today, we’re going to
make a donut burger. What makes this burger
special is we’re replacing the bun with donuts. I’ve never made this before,
so I don’t know what to expect. So bust out your Lipitor because
it’s coming up, right now! For proven recipes and
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any of our videos. If you’re on Instagram, give
me a follow @jason.ganahl. I just got on about
a month ago and I’m having all kinds of fun. The donut burger,
or Luther burger, is essentially a burger
or a cheeseburger where the bun has been
replaced with a donut. The origin of the Luther
burger is oftentimes given to Luther Vandross
as the inventor. However, there’s lots
of different stories out there of where
it was created and where it was invented. You can find this burger, or
a variation of this burger, being served in minor
league ballparks and different
hamburger restaurants all throughout
the United States. The first thing we
want to do is get the bacon going
since that’s going to take the longest to cook. I’ve got six slices of
bacon here in the pan. I put it in the
pan and I’m cooking in a pan for two reasons. The first one is is we’re making
this as simple as possible. So we put all the
coals underneath the ballistic griddle,
so that’s going to make it super
intensely hot and that’s where you get that nice
sear on the burger. So I think bacon cooks best at
a medium to medium-high heat. So I can move it around
back and forth as needed throughout the cook. And also cooking
in this pan here is going to capture
all the pork fat. And we’re going to cook
the egg in the pork fat because cooking eggs and pork
fat is absolutely delicious. In my research, I found
that the original Luther calls for a specific
donut, the Krispy Kreme. So we went ahead and
got some Krispy Kreme, so we’re going to
cut these in half. You can also use the
entire donut as a bun. So you go donut, burger, donut. However, again, I want to
be able to eat this and get my mouth around it. So we’re going to slice
this donut in half and use each half of
the donut as a bun. This bacon is
coming along nicely. I’m going to go ahead
and give it a flip. I’m a big fan of crispy
bacon and the trick with getting crispy bacon
is just to keep turning it so that it doesn’t burn and to
cook it over medium-high heat. Bacon looks good. I’m going to go ahead and
give it one more flim. Nice crispy bacon. Just the way I like it. Let that go just to brown the
other side for about 30 seconds and it will be
ready to come off. So for our burger patties today. I’ve got to grind from two cuts. I’ve got the grind
from the strip steak that we used in our
steak sandwich video. If you haven’t
seen that, go ahead and click that i card up above. I also have some
brisket ground in here. This is a beautiful,
well marbled patty. It’s probably about
70/30 and it’s going to make for an
awesome donut burger. So today, I’m going to
cook the donut burger using the ballistic griddle. We got a bunch of piping hot
coals directly underneath it. I’m going to put put the burger
down, going for that sear. Listen to that. That’s exactly what
we’re going for. We know we’re going to
get good crust on there. I’m going to push down
on it for 10 seconds. Yes folks, we are cooking with
live fire here on GQue BBQ. We don’t hide anything
from you guys. Obviously, some [INAUDIBLE]
got down there on the fire. So now I just got to
keep a close eye on it and make sure I don’t
get any grease fire. I’m going to hurry
up and season these. These are going to
cook really fast but I don’t want
to lose the cook. See what we got
underneath there. They’re Already
ready for a flip. Yum, look at that crust. Beautiful. Just what I’m going for. Gorgeous. I’m also going to get
an egg going over here. To get a good sunny-side, I like
to cook that over medium heat. So I’m keeping that
off the direct heat. Our burgers are looking good. I’m going to go ahead and
season them one more time. A little bit of salt.
A little bit of pepper. Let’s put down a piece of
cheddar cheese on there. Burgers are done. OK, so I’m going to show you
guys a little trick to make a good sunny-side up egg. We’ve got this pork fat in
here, and there’s a reason why we wanted to keep that. You just spoon it
right over the top. You can cook the egg from
both the top and the bottom. This makes for a much
better presentation. And, of course, that that yolk
explosion that we all enjoy. All right, so our eggs are done. So we just brought
our burger over. We’ve got the slice
of cheddar cheese on our short rib
and brisket patty. I’m going to go ahead
and add some bacon over the top of the egg here. Beautiful sunny-side up egg. I like a lot of bacon. So I’m gonna put
another piece on there. And there you have it. The Luther Burger,
the Donut Burger. Whatever you call it. It’s a combination of savory. It’s a combination of salty. It’s a combination of sweet. I don’t know if I’m
going to like this, but I am looking
forward to trying it. In my head right now,
I’m trying to figure out what this thing’s
going to taste like. Now for my favorite
part, the taste test. I wasn’t sure if
I would like that and it actually wasn’t that bad. I was surprised to see how well
this sweet glaze on that Krispy Kreme donut tasted with
the savory, beefyness of that burger and also the
savory saltiness of the bacon. Altogether, and the yolk. The yolk just brought
everything together. I love egg yolk. So you put a well cooked
sunny-side egg up on anything and I’m going to enjoy that. So altogether, that was a
surprisingly, pretty tasty burger. I don’t think I could eat
more than a quarter of that. It’s extremely rich. It’s extremely decadent. Big contrasts in
flavors fighting for attention in your mouth. But all in all, it was
a pleasant surprise from what I expected. Guys, if that does
look good, if that’s something you want to
try, give me a thumbs up. Until next time, Jason
Ganahl, GQue BBQ.

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