Dr Pepper Baby Back Ribs – Electric Pressure Cooker Recipe

let’s make some dr. pepper baby back
ribs the way we’re going to be doing these ribs is we’re going to be using a
pressure cooker that was sent to me by I cook pot which is right here I happen to
be using it in the elegant red version our first step to make these baby back
ribs is we’re going to go ahead and season them with whatever your favorite
pork seasoning would be now that we have a rib seasoned let’s move on to our
other ingredients I will have the recipe in the description and I’m going to go
ahead and put each of these ingredients in the instant pot pressure cooker as we go first
ingredient is going to be our dr. pepper our barbecue sauce our brown sugar salt
and our vinegar now that we have everything combined we’re gonna go ahead
and add our ribs I’m gonna go ahead and get these in and start our electric pressure
cooker these baby back ribs we are going to be cooking for a total of 25 minutes
on our high pressure setting so we’re gonna go ahead and set our time for 25
minutes our pressure is already on high and now it’s just gonna start alright guys this just ran through its
25 minute cycle we’re gonna go ahead and let the pressure release naturally
instead of doing a rapid release so our pressure is naturally released on this
pressure cooker and now we’re gonna go ahead and take our rack of ribs out and
what I’m gonna do is drain off the liquid in our insta pot pressure cooker add maybe
a little bit more barbecue sauce and just apply some to the top of these or
top and bottom of these ribs so I took about a cup of the liquid that was in
the pressure cooker and then mixed that with about one cup of barbecue sauce I
don’t really like a thick barbecue sauce but you could just go straight barbecue
sauce at this point so right now we’re just gonna go ahead and get our barbecue
sauce on flip them over get the other side as well just go ahead and pour it
on here it’s not gonna hurt anything and we’re gonna go ahead and get them in the
oven 375 degrees until they start having a little bit more of a caramelized look
on top let’s get into these baby back ribs and I didn’t cook these to dip so
there’s still some bite on these they’re not falling apart tight break I’m really
happy with how they came out matter of fact I can see adapting this
to kind of the smoked version they can smoke some ribs for a couple hours go to
the pressure cooker voila anyway I’d like to thank you guys
for stopping by no hippie barbecue Instant pot baby back ribs Fall off the bone pressure cooker ribs

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    That's baby back rips looks good. Thank you☺😋

  2. Catherine's Plates says:

    I know what I’m making in my instant pot. Those look so tender and delicious flavor. 😊

  3. Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

    Sounds good Lyle.
    I reall ylike Dr Pepper so i need to try this – i know i have said it before but i will soon LoL

  4. The Meat Stall says:

    Thats some damn good looking ribs. Funny thing ….I was looking at some ribs today to put in the pressure cooker… lol….. Did you set the ribs in the liquid or did you have a rack.

  5. Fire & Water Cooking says:

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  6. karen mckinney says:

    Thanks for the great recipe and easy way to cook ribs on a rainy day

  7. Everyday BBQ & Cuisine says:

    Much faster than smoking them lol.

  8. yellowbird30 says:

    Looks amazing!!

  9. No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

    Check Out The ICOOKPOT 9 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker: https://amzn.to/2Oq3jh0

  10. Who Is Richard Edward says:

    Ribs should be made simple as possible but not simpler- Albert Einstein 🙏🙏👍

  11. Mr FSU says:

    Another awesome rib Video!!!!!!!

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    My son loves Dr Pepper and we all would love these ribs. Looks delicious 😋

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    Like the video, that looked really good

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    Nice and easy way to make ribs, I like sodas sometimes for tenderizing meats, it works great. Awesome job Lyle!

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  17. Cooking with Tovia says:

    I love this Pressure Cooker! I may get one of these bad boys! I love the fact you used Dr Pepper as it’s one of my favs. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Cindys Home Kitchen says:

    Delicious Dr. Pepper Baby Back Ribs, love this recipe! Cola is also good for the ribs, thanks for sharing.

  19. Christy's Cooking Channel says:

    All the years I’ve had pressure cookers, never cooked any ribs. They gotta be better than SV ones, since the flavor is infused due to the pressure. They looked delicious, thanks for sharing😃

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    Yea I think smoking them and then finishing the pressure cooker would be a great idea.

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    Does the pressure cooker make the meat more tender? I used to use Dr. Pepper when I cooked roast beef in the crock pot. Yea. I would cook meat for my coworkers.

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