Dr Pepper Chicken In Crock Pot

Dr Pepper chicken in crock pot easy chicken crock pot recipe pantry clean out recipe hi it’s Alaska Granny do you ever have
leftover Dr Pepper don’t throw it out this is the easiest ever recipe for dr.
pepper chicken so get out your crockpot spray it or add a liner and add chicken I’m
putting in 4 chicken tenderloins and they are frozen and it doesn’t matter
frozen and thawed you just need to cook a little longer they’re frozen then put
a little salt pepper on the top now take one-half cup of Dr. Pepper 1/2 cup barbecue sauce 1/2 ketchup pour all into a dish stir together mixed around
and then pour it over the chicken just six hours on high to you put on the lid cook it on low 6 hours or on high for 2 like it and what’s your favorite
beverage with it Dr Pepper please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel alaskagranny.com

7 comments on “Dr Pepper Chicken In Crock Pot”

  1. Carrie Bishop says:

    Oh my gosh your grandson is so cute. I like that you set him at the table with his little Dr Pepper beverage and him tasting your food that you've cooked. He's your little judge. If you can do more of that you prepare a meal and have him sit at the table sample it. Okay take care, Carrie

  2. russ elder says:

    Grandkids are the best. I guess with my own kids I was always working and couldn't enjoy them as much as I do my grandkids now that Im retired. I just got back from visiting them( i live 4hrs. away). I can see how much you love your grandson.

  3. CouponingGirl says:

    yum looks good

  4. Wendy Goreck says:

    I'm making this for Dinner tonight. I just had to up everything cuz I have a family of 12.

  5. Shania Not Twain says:

    Who throws out Dr. Pepper when there's some left in the bottle?! I'm from Texas, if you throw away Dr. Pepper, that's practically a sin… js..

  6. Rob Varde says:

    thats an intresting idea. I know there is an asian dish of coke cola chicken.

  7. Nico Yazawa says:

    (((Dr. PEPPER)))

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