DUMP & GO CROCK POT MEALS | Quick & Easy Low-Carb Slow Cooker Recipes

hey y’all welcome back to my channel and
back for another foodie Friday recipe video today I have not one but four
crock-pot recipes for you guys for my special crocktober video I am sharing
with you guys four quick easy a dump and go cock pot meals because you know as a
working mom I need things that are quick and easy so let’s go ahead and jump into
the first recipe and since becoming a mom, I literally is like I found my purpose we’re gonna start off today with some
chicken tacos in a lettuce wrap so as you guys know I am low-carb so all these
meals are going to be low-carb crock pot recipes which are awesome so on these
chicken tacos we’re just going to start by putting four chicken breasts in the
bottom of a crock pot then we are going to add some chicken taco seasoning some chili powder some garlic powder and some cumin I’m
then going to take about a half of a cup of water and I am going to add in some
of this chicken better than bullion stuff I’m going to mix that up
it wasn’t mixing very well so I did heat the water up for about 30 seconds and
then finished mixing it and pour it in over the chicken breast then you’re gonna set your crock-pot
to cook on low for seven hours when it’s done cooking it should fall
apart very easily so I just took a fork a couple Forks and shredded the chicken
completely and then I left it sitting in the juices in televizzle ready to eat
which I left it for about 30 minutes until we were all ready to eat
you can serve this with all of your favorite taco toppings you can serve it
in a tortilla or lettuce wraps like I did but we had refried beans avocado
sour cream cheese and all that goodness with it and they were so so good the
whole thing only loved them and especially my son next up we are making
this low-carb Chile Chile is a hard one because most Chile’s usually have beans
but this low-carb version has no beans in it just a whole lot of hamburger meat
so let’s get started first off you’re going to need about 2 and 1/2 pounds of
ground beef you’re going to need a can of tomato paste 2 cans of diced tomatoes
a can of green chili and then you’re gonna need some cumin some chili powder
some water soy sauce some a bay leaf and some oregano leaves and then of course
your crock-pot so I’m just starting this recipe off by
browning the hamburger meat this is actually something that I did when I
meal prepped at the beginning of the week so that’s a good way if you don’t
want to have to do it at the time when you’re starting the Karka pot you can do
this ahead of time and stick it in your freezer or your fridge and then just
pull it out to put it in the cock pot so you will see that I brought this up and
then I stuck it in some Tupperware in a second in the fridge until it was time
to use it so now it is the morning of and I am getting ready to throw all this
in the crock-pot my family doesn’t like large chunks of tomatoes or chilies so
I’m just going to quickly put these in a food food processor and blend them in my
lab so it’s all really like smooth more like a tomato sauce than like chunks of
tomatoes because that’s just how my family likes it if you like the chunks
of tomato you guys feel free to completely skip this step I’m just doing
this for my picky family now I’m gonna get everything dumped into
the crock-pot so we can let it sit and cook all day so as you can see this hang
roomie is that just that cold hammer meat that I had in the fridge I’m just
pouring all that in the crock pot and kind of breaking it up a little bit
since it’s stuck together and then we’re gonna pour all the tomatoes that I just
blend it up so the tomatoes and the green chilies all get thrown in as well
as everything else so we are going to do the six ounce can of tomato paste we’re
going to do 1/4 of a cup of chili powder two tablespoons of cumin one tablespoon
of dried oregano two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce some salt some
pepper and a bay leaf at the end if you’re new here don’t forget to hit
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new recipe if you like this video also make sure you give it a big thumbs up
it’s a really easy and effective way that you can help me out and help my
channel grow and then we’re going to set this to cook
on low for eight hours once it’s done you want to make sure and
remove the bay leaf from it and then give it a good stir before you serve it I love to serve chili with sour cream
and cheese and if you weren’t doing low-carb you could also serve it with
crackers this is something even my toddler who is one and a half years old
loved Freddie for dinner chili is a favorite around our house and
it is so perfect for this cooler weather that we’re starting to get next up is
this Italian chicken Italian chicken is one of my family’s favorite dinners so
I’m of course starting with my crock-pot liner like I always do
Mesa clean that’s so much easier and then I’m gonna take some of this Italian
dressing mix and when pour just about half of this package on the bottom of my
crock-pot and then I’m gonna go ahead and lay my chicken breast and all along
the bottom of the crock-pot I think I had about four chicken breasts for this
recipes I mean I poured about 1/4 of a cup of
water in just to help with moisture and then I’m gonna pour the rest of the
packet that I had already opened and as well as an entire other packet of
Italian dressing mix on top of the chickens and then also going to cut up
about 4 tablespoons or so of butter and put that all on top of the chicken and
then I also threw some red crushed red peppers on there which are totally
optional maybe I only just like the little kick but the more butter on this
the better and then we’re going to cook this on low for 4 hours we love Italian chicken in my house and
this way is so easy to just throw it in a crock pot on like a Sunday or Saturday
morning and have it ready for like a late lunch early dinner so good I also
make a version of this in the oven that I love that takes about an hour to cook
it’s like a 1 pan meal I’ll leave first me to that link to down below as well as
in the I curse because I’ve done a video on that before and when I do that I
usually make it with like carrots and green beans with Italian seasoning on it
as well so so yummy last but not least we have this easy keto broccoli cheese
soup 5 cups of broccoli I’m just using one
head of broccoli some chicken broth 8 ounces of cream cheese the dash of time
and a whole lot of cheddar cheese so I’m going to start off by cutting up
the broccoli you want to make sure you cut the broccoli up pretty and was
pretty small pieces I’m actually in it going to put all my broccoli in a food
processor and blend it up to be more like kind of rice broccoli because as
I’ve mentioned before my family does not like large chunks of vegetables just
like we don’t like large chunks of tomatoes we really don’t like large
chunks of broccoli and things like that as well so I’m just going to kind of
rice all this up so it’s really really like fine and thin and little pieces and
before I put it in but you can wholly skip that if you like larger chunks of
broccoli and just chop it up pretty finely it’s o66 and we keep on driving next I’m
gonna take 8 ounces of softened cream cheese and mix it with 2 tablespoons of
softened butter if you forget to mix or make your soft like I did mine let it
sit out you can microwave this for about 15 seconds at a time until it gets soft
enough to mix I’m then going to pour in a little bit of my heated chicken broth
if you want to heat your chicken broth up a little bit in the microwave and
that will help melt the cream cheese as well as the butter and then you are
going to want to pour the rest of the chicken broth as well as 2 cups of water
the heavy whipping cream you need 1 cup heavy whipping cream and the rest of the
cream cheese and butter mixture into the crock-pot you are then gonna want to take a whisk
and make sure you mix all of that really well next up we are gonna add half of a
cup of Parmesan cheese and you know in my family we like cheese so I added a
little bit more a little bit extra there and then you’re gonna want to take your
time and you’re gonna add just a dash of time and then you’re gonna go ahead and
take your cut-up broccoli or your rice broccoli in my case and pour all that in
there too and then just give it a good mix and make sure everything is mixed
quite well and then you’re gonna want to cook it on low for three hours once it’s
cooked for three hours you are going to go ahead and open it up and give it a
good store stir and then you’re gonna add two and a half cups of shredded
cheddar cheese make sure you stir it until the cheese starts to melt a little
bit and then I left it on warm for about another hour or so just so time a lot
the cheese is all melted and this is what it looked like when it
was done SuperDuper cheesy and really really yummy my one and a half toddler
absolutely loved this he ate it for dinner almost every night for like a
week I was really surprised at how much he loved this soup he had never really
had like a soup before but he devoured this and he was actually pretty good at
eating it without making a horrid mess I mean of course he made a little bit of a
mess but it was pretty good and that is it you guys if you enjoyed this video
make sure you give it a big thumbs up if you’re new here don’t forget hit
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