Dutch Oven Pot Roast Beef with Carrots and Potatoes

Hey there welcome to feast and farm cooks where today we are making a Dutch oven pot roast This is by far one of the easiest recipes to make takes a little bit of time Probably not something you’re gonna make on a weeknight, but certainly for a weekend. It is absolutely delicious Fork tender so juicy and we just love it at our house. So let’s get started Let me show you what you’re gonna need to put this together very simple up here in the front We’ve got about a two and a half pound chuck roast. I haven’t trimmed it. I’ve just kind of patted it dry I’ve got half of a yellow onion here You could use a red or a yellow just kind of thinly sliced couple tablespoons of vegetable oil Salt pepper and four cups of beef broth. Now, you can make your own Of course, if you do that, if you don’t use beef broth, you can use chicken stock you can check up right here to see my homemade chicken stock recipe or you can get one from the store if that’s what you prefer Back here is an enameled cast iron This is actually a braising pan and not officially a Dutch oven but I have one of those too I just thought it would be easier for you to be able to see what I’m doing if I use something that was a little More shallow, so that’s what we’re doing today but I had this heating up and we are going to add a little bit of oil and put that in and I’m gonna let that start to heat and Let me move my camera so that you can see what’s gonna happen in the pan be back in just a second We’re gonna start out by seasoning our Chuck roast with a little bit of salt and pepper don’t be afraid because beef can really handle the seasoning. So I’m gonna put probably a half a teaspoon on one side here and I am going to pepper that thoroughly Why do I keep calling it a skillet? Into the pan the pot whatever What’s wrong with me today? Okay, so we’re gonna put it in seasoned side down We want to sear the meat for a couple of minutes before we put it in the oven And it should sizzle It’s sizzlin a little. Mine probably could’ve been a little bit hotter But we’re gonna leave this in here for about five minutes and we’re gonna let that really get some crispiness and some color on One side because color is flavor and that’s what you want I’ll go ahead while it’s here and just sprinkle on a little bit of salt on the other side If you’re going to use a really salty beef broth or if you’re using a bullion be very very careful with your seasonings because it can really Overpower you can just end up with something so salty so be very careful with that I’m gonna sear this on both sides about five minutes on each side and I’ll be back to show you what it looks like in Just a second. So we’ve been sear in a couple of minutes now. I’m gonna flip it over. Sometimes these hot plates Just don’t get as hot as a regular stove does so just use your best judgment on Heating your oil put your hand over the pan feel when it’s hot, or It just starts to shimmer before you put your meat in and just trust your own judgment I’ve had people accuse me of trying to burn their house down But I promise I don’t want you to do that All right, so we’re gonna flip it over and you can see it’s got some colors It’s getting a little bit of golden brown on it. That’s exactly what we want we’re gonna give it another couple of minutes here and I’m gonna go ahead and add my onions in and they’re just gonna kind of lay around the meat Get a little bit of color on those while the meat searing on the other side and then I’ll show you the next step So we’ve been on this side for a couple of minutes and now we’re gonna add our beef broth The goal here is to get your broth about halfway up the side of your meat So if you’re using a larger pan or a smaller pan, you may not have to have quite as much broth But I’m gonna use about four cups here and that’s typically about the right amount for mine so we’re gonna pour that in until it’s just up at the edges near the you know, A little little more than halfway maybe up the side of your meat, but not covering it and not floating in there So we’re gonna cover this and we’re going to put it in the oven now totally covered 375 for an hour and a half then we’re gonna take the lid off we’re gonna check the Liquid level inside and if yours is cooked down more than halfway add a little water to kind of bring it back to that original Level then back into the oven at 350. So after that hour and a half, turn the oven down to 350 go another hour covered then bring it out and we’re gonna add carrots and potatoes and I’ll show you that step when we get there. Our roast has been in the oven for about two hours and it’s almost ready I Can almost put my fork in here and twist it and know that it’s completely tender but it’s time for that last 45 minute push And to put in our carrots and potatoes because we don’t want those overcooked. We want a perfectly tender So we’re gonna add those now I just cube like what cube I just kept mine into like what? Strips or chunks of potato and I do my carrots the same way. So everything is near the same size I’ve got about Five carrots here and you can do as many carrots and potatoes as you like and that will fit in your pan so I’ve got three about three potatoes and about five carrots and they’re all gonna go in here and Once they’re nestled in and snuggled in they’ll go back into the oven with the lid on For like I said the additional 45 minutes and we will be ready to eat The roast with carrots and potatoes is finally out of the oven. It is absolutely fork tender I didn’t even bring a knife over here I only brought two forks to show you how soft this gets. Ladle it out put some carrots and potatoes around there We love to serve this with a horseradish sauce So if you’d like that recipe, let me know in the comments and I’ll drop it in for you down there It’s really really simple but a little bit of butter on the vegetables and you have just an absolutely amazing meal I also Love to serve this with my yeast rolls so you can check out that recipe right here. …How it shreds apart You can just use a fork and just pull this meat off It is absolutely juicy and tender and delicious and one of our absolute favorites in this house. I know you’re gonna love it Thank you so much for being here. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t done it yet Can’t wait to see you again here soon. Have a great day

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  1. Feast and Farm Cooks says:

    I dropped the horseradish "recipe" in the description too–don't miss that!

  2. Kim Honeycutt says:

    Once again, a delicious looking recipe!! I'd love to sit down to dinner at your table for a true homemade meal!! ❤

  3. yo ma says:

    At 3:50 you said cook a total of 2 1/2 hours then add potatoes and carrots and then cook 45 more minutes. Then at 4:10 you had it out of the oven after 2 hours and said its time to add the potatoes and carrots. ????

  4. Calvin Thomas says:

    I want to try this tomorrow. I have done pot roasts in the crockpot and they always end up dry. I hope this is the ticket. Crockpots cook way too high even though it says "low", compared to the old ones.

  5. John Spampinato says:

    You're way too extra. No need to change heat take out and add veggies later.. cook it all together at 350 for 3 hours … Idk about you but I want my carrots and potatoes to actually have flavor to them.

  6. Alpha Prime TFEW, PRIME UNION says:

    Great channel! I subbed you back!

  7. Hamilton Cunningham says:

    Trying this today!

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