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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvah.com. Today we’re going to learn very simple
bachelors style chicken curry but for this i’m going to use the onion and
tomato gravy what I made using pressure cooker you
know making this onion tomato gravy in a pressure cooker is very easy; going to
take some oil in this i’m going to add onions after sauteeing it little bit just add some salt add ginger-garlic paste if take 1 kg of onions, we’re going to add 1 kg of tomatoes, add
turmeric, add chilli powder, coriander powder, i have taken 1 kg of onion 1 kg
of tomatoes for that one cup of chili powder, one couple of coriander powder,
just one tablespoon of cumin powder don’t need to add any water do not worry the moisture that is coming from these
onions and tomatoes will be good enough to create a steam and pressure so that
the all of these ingredients will be nicely cooked; put the lid on, we’re going
to cook this for at least 15 to 20 minutes this may give around six to seven whistles , do not worry you know put it on a little slow flame then high flame and this will become a fantastic gravy in no time and now look at this this is a fantastic
method foolproof method and all the masalas everything will be cooked nicely there is no chance of you know burning
any side and the flavors are fantastic and now you can put this gravy in a
small containers and put it in the refrigerator and use whenever you want
i’m just going to add some of this onion tomato gravy into a pan one teaspoon of a poppy seed or of
cashew paste into this you know you can also add the coconut or
whatever you want you can add in this and add water you do not have too much water because
i’m going to make chicken curry today and the chicken will also ooze out lot of you know moisture just add pieces of chicken into this maybe i need to add a little more of water that should be good now you’re going to put the lid on and let it cook for around 15 minutes you can add any combination of cashew nut and coconut or poppy seed and coconut or anything and you can just add
the chicken and let it cook for 15 minutes and your chicken will be ready
and the gravy will taste fantastic after on 15 minutes of cooking, sauce is
also slightly thickened out and look at this chicken perfectly cooked now maybe I need to check the salt I
need to add some salt in this that should be good and because we did
not add any garam masala powder, I’m just going to add very little not too much just very little of garam masala just in the end will give a very nice flavor to this chicken and also some mint leaves finely chopped that also will give a nice flavor and some chopped coriander to finish it off just mix all of this haha this is wow you know look at this even if you
are a student or a bachelor whatever you can put this on the stove and just
forget it for 15 minutes and you have your fantastic chicken curry you know dear friends it is very easy to
eat freshly cooked food at home whether you are at home with your parents or
your students studying or a single bachelor or you are married and both of
you are working then you can still eat fresh food if you know how to make
basic gravy’s keep it and make food fresh because the cooking will take only
15 minutes if I have three ranges I can make three or four curries in just
15 minutes every day look at this super awesome i hope you
enjoyed today’s session but do not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring
others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips at vahrehvah.com so others can benefit from your great cooking thank you !!!

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  1. Shalom Macwan says:

    It is awesome idea sir ji. .
    Thank u

  2. pat raj says:

    Thank u sir, I am a student in Europe & missing South Indian Curry. Looking forward to try this tomorrow. 

  3. raghu c says:

    Fantastic chicken cooking.

  4. raghu c says:

    But what about marinating the chicken sanjay??
    Is it needed or not.

  5. Irishgirl41 says:

    I don't own a pressure cooker or have the room for one in my dorm, can this be done in a regular heavy bottom pot with the lid? and if so how long will it take to cook properly? Can you do a version without preparing the Onion Tomato Gravy in the pressure cooker?

  6. Pupruishang Shadang says:

    Thankyou Sir… You saved my day.. 😉

  7. moon 931 says:


  8. moon 931 says:


  9. Jimi J says:

    One cup of red chilli powder? ? ? Is this guy insane? He can't possibly be using the measurements we use here on Earth. Damn. 1 cup? That is my pepper intake for the next 20 years.

  10. Emirates777 says:

    @VahChef  How much time or Whistles  to make the second Step or 2nd Curry in Pressure Cooker ?

  11. Vijaya Shanti Reddy says:

    Thanks for this recipe. I tried it yesterday and it was good. The paste is made with how many cashews and how much poppy seeds?

  12. Topu Rahman says:

    2.42 mins…NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! LMAO

  13. Taran Mh says:

    Is it ok if poppy seeds are not added??
    Does it make huge difference if not added

  14. Praveen G says:

    We are single bachelor and we shall try this for sure. Thanks for the delicious dish 🙂 VAHHHH….

  15. Khizar Muhammed says:

    Nice! Im gona make this today being a bachelor 😀

  16. Rosy Ittoo says:

    It looks so yummy,will try2moro .plz let me know for how long the sauce can be fridge. Thks

  17. Swapna Akula says:

    Easy to cook..
    I really enjoy your cooking..

  18. rajee pandi says:

    Chef is correct as he used in batch to store in fridge and cook whenever you want I think it will last approx 6 months check out his recipe that he used 1000 gms of onion and tomato to add 1 cup red chilli http://www.vahrehvah.com/basic-onion-tomato-gravy-using-pressure-cooker-1

  19. rajee pandi says:

    Follow the above recipe if you dont want to add 1 cup. Dont blame him Respect him he is helping us Other chefs keep secret very hard to find restaurant recipes Google it and you will know how much you saved cooking at home than getting out

  20. rajee pandi says:

    For 1000 gms of Onion and tomatos Please let me know how many onions and tomatos you use?

  21. leena munni says:

    Simple and excellent

  22. Thejasvi N says:

    You are an inspiring chef helping millions of ppl around. Thanks man. All the best

  23. kelvin325069 says:

    Dat was beautiful and made so easily

  24. Venkatesh Reddy says:

    We used pressure cooker and followed same steps for making onion, tomato gravy as said in video and came 4 visils… Finally it became black… I hope we need to add some water in it…

  25. Klaylicious says:

    I added yogurt on top and I feel like I ruined it.

  26. Megha Thomas says:

    I wanted to check if I need to make this dish for guests like around 10 people will the entire gravy be sufficient? and if yes then how much chicken should i use? Pls let me know!

  27. ILANCHEZHIAN S says:

    Thank you Sanjay Garu.  for the past few years i am following your receipes and we adore the taste.   Thank you again for sharing your receipes.  🙂

  28. Bushra Quadri says:

    Hi I M also from Hyderabad I like your recepie thank u verymuch.

  29. swagat karki says:

    Try some new dish this is a old dish .

  30. Kannan Unnikrishnan says:

    I have tried it today and it came out delicious n its easy to make. Thank you so much n waiting for more uploads.

  31. RR says:

    I cook it in the similar manner but I don't prefer to add water that early. Rather would like to cook chicken in masala on low flame for some time & then we can add some water if required. Enjoy cooking & keep inspiring:-)

  32. john lee says:

    you didn't add curry at all, how you call that chicken curry. lol

  33. Alexi Ladiv says:

    This is making me drool, awesome and easy recipe. Will definetely try this.Thanks Chef

  34. Curious Billo says:

    its not because he put 1cup of chilli powder that u have to, of corse everyone have his owm taste… soo put how much u feel !!!!!

  35. Sanjeet Kumar says:

    thank u for this easy steps and specially for bachelor cooking easy style thank u app much….

  36. sfrdmn says:

    2:43 nice 👍

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    Thanks for the easy recepie 🙂

  38. Mohammed Alghamdi says:

    for how long we can keep the gravy until it is not good anymore?

  39. arvind korgaonker says:

    Fantastic…..made it as the coconut was not there…so easy …..Thanks….Vah re Vah…!!!!

  40. vinvmax says:

    VahChef, everytime you way put 'whatever' I really don't get it, request you to please suggest options. Thank you very much.

  41. Fahad K says:

    ممتاز قووووووود 👍🏾😎ترجمه عربيه arabic

  42. Amanda A says:

    Thank you for sharing this video ….looks mighty tasty i am deffo going to cook this…..Is it possible to freeze the gravy once it has cooled down?

  43. don dhunny says:


  44. Reddy Vinod says:

    Boss.. I am 40 years old vegetarian ..can i eat this chicken boss..please tell me

  45. Rishad T A says:

    Can I use the onion tomato gravy on fish?!

  46. Rishad T A says:

    Can I use the onion tomato gravy on fish?!

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    Really liked your presentation! Thanks for taking the time to present your dish.

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    plz how to plating simple daily food rice daal etc

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    Easy, simple and to the point!

  51. gautam valecha says:

    Damn good recipe,and really easy! the mint leaves are the icing on the cake.

  52. David Wood says:

    Hi vah will you be doing a recipe for chicken madras ?

  53. Vivekananda Bellary says:

    First time in my life i cooked & it came out surprisingly awesome and my family loved it. Thanks Sanjay!!! 🙂

  54. Nandhini Raman says:

    Pls tell me in the cooker without adding anything water will it not get burnt ?? Pls confirm

  55. Leo N says:

    You make it look so easy. Love your videos. Great presentation. To the point and no meaningless bla-bla-bla. Thanks and keep them coming…

  56. rhiza hashim says:

    Shukran CHEF .".. ALLAH HAFIZ

  57. Siddharth Bhattacharya says:

    loved this recipe!!!

  58. priyanka singh says:

    Can I use this paste for paneer
    Could You please show a similar method for fish curry.. Thanks

  59. Mathew John says:


  60. Mathew John says:


  61. Gurram Vishal says:

    vahchef could you please tell me how long could i use the onion tomato gravy under refrigerated before it gets spoiled?? like for how long can i preserve the gravy in a refrigerator??

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    Please upload video for making Inguva.

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  72. Bhavinsinh Parmar says:

    awesome my guru ji

  73. Saibal Sen says:

    Dear Friend……………I just want to give my SPECIAL THANKS ( Plus), for this awesome recipe ! Yesterday I watched you Video and Today , I have done ( though its a crazy attempt, because THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE COOKED SOMETHING FOR OUR FAMILY) and the APPRECIATION , I have got, it is OVER WHELMED……BUT MAKE SURE THAT ALL CREDIT GOES TO YOU ONLY !!! Regards.

  74. Salman Faris says:

    how many days can I store onion tomato gravy in fridge?

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    This has been my easiest subscriptions yet. Subscribed! Thank you : )

  77. Raman Poochi says:

    You are the best. great simple recipes. Great smile. and namasthey

  78. Vineesh Wilson says:

    Freeky bachelors style… like it!!!!

  79. Michael Rivers says:

    BRILLIANT! I just made this! Incredible! Will this work with fish too?

  80. MrBillytwice says:

    Thumbs up from me mate. Looks delicious and so quick too.

  81. intenseevils says:

    Bachelors don't always have fridges. Its best to keep the gravy mix uncooked and preserve it with vinegar or some acidic sauce. salt is also good but then you'll have to dilute the curry a lot.

  82. #محب_السفر Travel2lover says:

    I liked the Indian food and will introduce the new recipes, a mixture of Arabic recipes and Indian recipes

  83. reena chandrasekhar says:

    Thank you Sanjayji. This is an awesome technique. Learnt something very useful today. By the way I am a serious follower of your recipes. …. Reena chandrasekhar

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    Can I use curd instead of cashewnut paste?

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    Assalamu alaikum hota hai okk

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    Cook it for only 15mins what are u saying it's non veg not veg,chicken will not cook properly if you cook it for 15mins,not only making sounds while eating proper cooking is also important

  87. stitiprajna bal says:

    this chickencurry is very intresting

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    1 Cup of Red Chilli Powder !! You are totally insane But Still U are Loved Brother Van !!

  89. ferozia dollie says:

    or Warrrever !! Classique

  90. vilko skorlich says:

    sorry but Tomato Gravy don't exist?
    Gravy is a sauce often made from the juices of meats that run naturally during cooking and thickened with wheat flour or cornstarch for added texture.

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