Today folks we are making our very own homemade
chicken kiev my mind is telling me no, hello folks it is barry here welcome to my virgin
kitchen I am one of your self taught hosts here and today I am overcoming something that
I have always wanted to do on the channel I have done over one thousand videos now and
I have always wanted to make my own homemade chicken kiev but something has put me off
of it, but today I decided to break my duck and it is a lot easier than you think so I
really hope by you watching this video if you think oh I may try it that you give it
a go, honestly if you take your time, you are going to love it. Before we start todays shoutout is coming
from our facebook page so remember to follow us on all social media for behind the scenes
bits, sneaky recipes and giveaways actually Alan Gralak who has just been the latest person
to like the facebook page, there we go, thanks for that, here we go lets get on and do this
you are going to love it first thing we do is make some room temperature butter well
actually it was out the fridge but I blasted it in the microwave for 5 seconds to soften
it up a little, then we add in four garlic cloves, now some of you may be like uh I am
a vampire can I use slightly less garlic yes you can, but remember this is a kiev, trust
me your house your hands your breath everything will smell of garlic afterwards into that
bowl you are also going to add some freshly chopped parsley the juice of half a lemon
and also give it a good season with pepper and salt then you just want to beat it all
together to form a nice buttery medley I am getting excited about it because I am excited,
I am just genuinely chuffed that I managed to smash this recipe, it is so good, effectively
what we are going to do is make some discs of the butter so obviously it is too gooey
right now, we have some cling film there and by dividing that up in two and wrapping it
into some sort of weird sausage shape, shove it in your fridge, I was in a bit of a rush
so I used the freezer, after ten minutes it firms up and turns into a lovely buttery sausage
a phrase I never knew I would say but that is how you make lots of flavoured butters
for steaks and stuff mix it up go crazy with the herbs and the spices you are going to
love it, it is like the new breaking bad, do people still watch that, I never got to
watch that because I do youtube videos for a living. So grab a chicken breast fillet and we are
going to create a kangaroo pouch now to put in our buttery discs later on, so use a nice
sharp knife and go about half way down, in the chicken in terms of height then maybe
go 2 thirds of the way in do not go all the way in but work your way all along and you
form this gorgeous little pouch that is your chicken prepared, so once the butter has firmed
up as I say in the freezer for me that was ten minutes but if you have time the fridge
is fine, slice it up and stuff it in there, maybe about two of those butter discs in the
pouch and you can just press it down just to seal around the edges a little bit but
do not worry we are going to properly seal it now, we are going to get ourselves a nice
little dunking station now, we season the flour slightly you could add salt and pepper
but of course I am using paprika, dunk that in and give it a good mix around, oooh yeah
I love paprika, I really do you guys know that but you could use other spices and stuff,
get creative with it. And then for the breadcrumbs add in some parmesan
cheese you could add some ground up parsley too something like that but mix it all through
and you have got that and beaten egg well which is just egg beaten up really. First step the chicken goes in the flour get
it all nice and antiqued like so, then into the egg be sure to get it as wet as you can
in the egg before sitting it in the breadcrumbs lift the breadcrumbs on try not to move the
chicken breast too much when it is in there otherwise it will go congealed and stuff,
now we give it a double layer to help seal it even more, so it goes back in the flour,
back in the eggs, the back in the breadcrumb with it like that do not be tempted to go
right, I am ready I can cook, by firming it up in the fridge for about 30 minutes, minimum
again I did not put this in the freezer it will really help seal that coating on there. So our flavour packed breadcrumb chicken has
been in the fridge for 30 minutes minimum, it is nice and hugged and as one with our
chicken get yourself a frying pan we are going to shallow fry that so about 4 or 5 tablespoons
of oil in the pan get it nice and warm before placing in the chicken breast, let it cook
away until golden brown turning it over to repeat the same then rest on kitchen towel
just for a moment and while it is frying like that pre heat your oven, because, it is going
in the oven, yes for 20 minutes to cook through nice and slow to the temperature on the screen
right there, it will be nice and tender that chicken hmmm. Take it out and it will be looking golden
brown and gorgeous I cannot rave about this enough, in fact I was so excited normally
I take a thumbnail picture when I have done a recipe, I just cut into it and let the butter
ooze out of it, nice little taste and it was phenomenal. You guys know how much I love paprika that
is rammed into the flour, plus you have the parmesan on the coating too, absolutely gorgeous,
I have always had a fear of making chicken kievs, and that is easy. Give it a go. Now this is 10am so I am having chicken kiev
for a late breakfast so good but it did smell of garlic, smells a bit. But there we are folks a real recipe ticked
off my internal wish list and now I really hope this inspires you to give it a go so
easy to make these fill it with other cheeses and hams and stuff go to town on it, remember
to subscribe for regular recipe videos and food fun, follow us on social media for behind
the scenes bits and bobs and other bonus recipes and that is about it, do not forget to send
me pictures if you try it and let me know down below anything you want to see me take
on next cheers.

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    Just realised how fucked this recipie is you kill the chicken then take the skin off and finally coat it in its own children

  4. OlEgSaS32 says:

    The way I'm familiar with Chicken Kiev is its actually gotta be ground chicken, since in Russia/Ukraine, a traditional "cutlet" (as what it is literally called if you translate directly: Kiev Cutlet) is made with ground meat and sometimes people would stick a chicken bone into the side to make it easy to hold, or to look like a giant drumstick =P This is a nice variant, i would imagine much less messy since there is no grinding up the chicken

  5. Flaming Ice says:

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  6. annette fournier says:

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  7. Zoella Anne says:

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  8. Afrieal says:

    Thank you for this recipe, looking forward to trying it. OH and thanks for putting the Fahrenheit temp up, the conversion app on the phone doesn't work well.

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    Mayonnaise Chicken

    Only three ingredients

    Chicken breast, mayonnaise
    Parmesan cheese. ( can use Mericle whip)

    1) Place chicken breast in a oven safe baking dish.

    2) Take 1/2cup to 1 cup of mayonnaise (depending on how many chicken breast you have) , sprinkle in Parmesan cheese,until the mayonnaise is completely speckled with parmesan cheese.

    4) Coat your chicken with mayonnaise Parmesan mixture,I can usually get 2-4 chicken breast coated with this. .

    5) Sprinkle top with more Parmesan

    6) Bake in oven uncovered at 350 for 40 minutes

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