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  1. Vonna O says:

    ooh, now make hummus for us!

  2. Sparta Digital says:

    Hey Eric, I was just wondering if you record videos at any random time then upload then later when the video seems fit. 

  3. lisamr40 says:

    Chic peas are my favorite! My Grandmom used to dry them and salt them along with fave beans…omg so delicious! And a great snack! TFS!

  4. JC says:

    I love chick peas, but I always buy them canned. I use them to make hummus (super easy and simple), in soups, and in curries.

  5. Ron4936 says:

    They are also very good with italian dressing

  6. Daniel Allouche says:

    Try chickpeas mixed with plain yogurt and a side of sharp greens such as scallions, 

  7. One Kitchen - A Thousand Ideas says:

    That looks REALLY good! 😀

  8. TheOrganiclady says:

    I've never pressure cooked beans before, but I am definitely going to try it.  My husband is from Italy and we eat a lot of ceci beans with olive oil, but we also squeeze a little fresh lemon on them.  I like the look of the brick wall behind the stove and shelving.  Anyway, thanks for sharing.  

  9. Tango Joe says:

    Right On!

  10. Linda Lepage says:

    I've already found little stones in beans, so it pays to go thru them before you cook them, nobody wants to bight down on a stone!

  11. Joanne Nardoni says:

    I hate chick peas, but I would love yours.
    Love your show, great show.

  12. עמוס בן משה says:

    Americans love hummus??

  13. mark1952able says:

    Chicpeas are happening!    Bake 'em also with a little salt and snack on!

  14. lsamoa says:

    + teaspoon of cuming = even nicer!

  15. 1 Peter 2:9 says:

    Thank You 😊

  16. TheSocialGadfly says:

    I'm no chef, but I've tweaked together what I think is a pretty delicious and really easy dish of garbanzo beans.  I put together this recipe while trying my hardest as a bachelor to limit my meat intake.  For what it's worth, I'm seriously considering going vegan.  Anyway, this dish may not be the healthiest, due to the olive oil, but it's certainly healthier than consuming all of those saturated fats in meat.  Also, you can fork the beans rather than spooning them (giggity), thereby letting most of the oil drip away.  This recipe is really easy (remember, I created this while living as a bachelor), but you can add real garlic, real onions, and fresh herbs if you so desire.

    Eight cups of cooked garbanzo beans (or about four cans of rinsed beans)
    10-11 tablespoons of olive oil
    10-11 tablespoons of lemon juice
    One teaspoon of garlic powder (or about eight cloves of minced garlic)
    One teaspoon of onion powder
    One teaspoon of dried oregano
    One teaspoon of dried tarragon leaves
    One teaspoon of dried dill
    One teaspoon of dried basil leaves
    One teaspoon of dried rosemary
    One teaspoon of paprika
    Potassium salt to taste
    Pepper to taste

    Start by heating the olive oil in medium heat in a large wok.  I use a wok because, to me, it's the easiest for stirring together all of the contents of the dish.  Add the garlic powder and the onion powder.  When the oil starts to show signs of boiling, add the lemon juice and garbanzo beans.  When the oil again starts to show signs of boiling, add the dried herbs and paprika.  Stir and let the beans cook for another minute or so.  Serve.  In my humble opinion, this dish reheats really well, even in a microwave; that's why I make so much at a time.

    If any of you try this, please let me know what you think.  And be honest.  I won't be offended if others think that it sucks.  I may just have weird tastes, but it does the trick for me.  I just wanted to share this so that others may enjoy the health benefits of garbanzo beans.

  17. TheSocialGadfly says:


    I've never brined with potassium chloride, but I use KCl in most of my dishes.  A lot of people don't like the flavor of KCl, but I've adjusted to the flavor.  When I make stuff for others at get-togethers, I'll typically go with the 50/50 of KCl and NaCl, and no one has seemed to notice.  Anyway, I'll try brining garbanzos with potassium salt and let you know how it comes out.

  18. bawo bodunrin says:

    Made it today perfect!!! Thank you

  19. Bruce Wayne says:

    The Greek and specifically Spartan soldiers used to boil chickpeas with herbs and veggies like onion, garlic, tomatoes and eat that stuff as their main food, 80 percent of their daily kcals came from boiled spiced chickpeas. Rest came from various fruits and wines.
    I eat a kilo of chickpea(dry weight) a day with other veggies like potato and broccoli and stuff, I am on 4000+kcals a day, I would also eat brown rice, I put on 23lbs of lbm in my first 2 years of lifting and spartan style chickpea curry and fruits are all I have eaten.

  20. Warwick85 says:

    Salt before cooking or while cooking will make the cheakpease hard and you won't be able to soften them up.
    10 minutes cooking?! oh my, I cook them in a pressure cooker for at least 40 minutes after adding baking soda to fasten the softing process…..
    And take my advise, you want a REALLY TASTE CHEAPESAE?! add Lots of Lemon, Garlic ad Olive oil (Salt too),
    THAT will be perfect!

  21. Nayanika Nath says:

    U can also try various indian chickpea dishes….boiled chickpeas with tomato, lime, onions , coriander , chilli also taste great. Or u can try rice n chickpea pulao …one pot Indian meal. Lots of Indian curry also hv chickpeas. Just google the recipes.

  22. Yohance Taylor says:

    Thank you

  23. Narendra Bachu says:

    You have to add baking soda for it to get soft instead of salt. This is a everyday meal in Trinidad. You can either make it curry and well seasoned or you can make it into a soup. You have to use a lot of garlic onions and culantro and if you like spicy add a piece of harbanero pepper .

  24. klown van damn says:

    Never add salt to beans before cooking.

  25. huang feihong says:

    "Olive oil is good for you" RFLMAO

  26. Eddie Jordan says:

    Ever seance I watched your video on the pizza oven I have been watching all 0f them.

  27. shmuel gruber says:

    Great video thanks 🙂

  28. Charles Martin says:

    Love it. New subscriber

  29. Charles Martin says:

    Thanks for sharing

  30. huriye kantar says:

    Make hummus.

  31. montauk6 says:

    Is brining necessary? That is, what is the disadvantage if you don't? Thanks.

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