Easy Crock Pot Cooking Recipes : Cook Beanie Weenies in a Crock Pot

Hi I’m Chef Ben with Expert Village and today
we are going to be crock pot cooking again with a very simple side dish for your barbeque’s,
family gatherings beanie weenies. You start of first with 4-5 chopped and nice probably
about 3-4 of a inch size hot dogs go ahead drop those in there. Then your can 1 can of
your favorite bake beans drop those in there. Alright and if you want to get a little fancy
with it I like to put a little bit of brown sugar or maybe a little grape jelly or mustard
but for right today it is just a 2 ingredient recipe just beans and hot dogs. Put the cover
on, set it on low, cook for about 2 hours and you got beanie weenies.

5 comments on “Easy Crock Pot Cooking Recipes : Cook Beanie Weenies in a Crock Pot”

  1. bcoverss says:

    or you could put it in the microwave for 2 mins.

  2. raratey says:

    awesome! thanks!

  3. Skippy Deluxe says:

    @joshua5474 lol its a fucking crock pot it takes like 9 hours on low to cook a cihcken

  4. YourFriendSteve says:


  5. WarFreak1970 says:

    Or you could heat it up on the stove top in a few minutes?

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