Easy Crock Pot Cooking Recipes : Cook Beef & Broccoli in a Crock Pot

Hi, I’m Chef Ben with Expert Village. Right
now we’re going to be talking about making Beef and Broccoli, a Chinese classic, you
know it, you’ve had it, you love it, but it’s real easy way how to do this at home,
very quickly. You just get a third pound of, excuse me, three-fourths pounds of thinly
striped beef,
thinly striped beef, what you’re going to do, you’re just going to throw that in there,
you know nothing fancy about it, just go ahead and throw that in there, go ahead next and
grab your broccoli. Now this recipe calls for about two cups of broccoli, I personally
like a lot of broccoli, so we’re just going to dump as much in there as we can get, all
right you know we’re just put the whole thing, why not, just one whole thing in there.
We’re going to put that to the side, all right, now you can add garlic, just depends
on what you like. I’m going to go ahead and take two stripes of thinly, thinly cut
garlic, throw that right in there, get that in there, that’ll just enhance your taste
a little bit, you don’t have to, you can always do it if you like, once again, one
cup of water, do not go over, do not go under, it’s very important that you always just have
the right amount of water. Alright now you just get brown gravy mix, alright and then you just go get some brown
gravy mix, you can find this in any supermarket, it comes in a powders and it comes out looking
a little bit like this, grainy, it’s great stuff goes in there, just throw that in there,
okay put your lid on, go ahead and turn it on low, because we want to cook it low so
the beef gets real tender and then you come back, probably four to five hours and you’ve
got beef and broccoli.

7 comments on “Easy Crock Pot Cooking Recipes : Cook Beef & Broccoli in a Crock Pot”

  1. M. Sutton says:

    although i've enjoyed viewing all of your crockpot video's….my only complaint is that in ANY i have viewed…you haven't shown what the finished product looks like for eye appeal.

  2. bofeity says:

    rofl, this video was funny

  3. RTX J says:

    this recipe sounds gross.. i want the real deal not some americanized fake recipe… oh at 1:20 that was funny

  4. Billions McMillions says:

    Chef, check out ExpertVillage on how to edit a video!

  5. Blackcat5267 says:

    thanks for the heads up man

  6. e203sa says:

    lol he looks pissed at his camera guy

  7. mSeXpErT says:

    Oyster sauce would work and taste better instead of gravy

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