Easy Crock Pot Cooking Recipes : Cook Potato Au Gratin in a Crock Pot

Hi I’m Chef Ben with Expert Village we are
going to be crock pot cooking once again and today we are going to be cooking chef Ben’s
augraten. Alright you want to start with 6-8 sliced potatoes. Slice them very thinly so
they cook through very properly. Alright we have already started with a couple of tablespoons
of I went with about 2 tablespoons of garlic salt and we are just going to throw that right
on the bottom. This is a layer receipt. Alright next we are going to put just a little bit
of pepper a little bit more pepper and a little bit more pepper. I like lots of pepper remember
to season to taste. Alright we are going to go ahead and throw some of these potatoes
in there. Now remember this is layer so don’t put all of them at the bottom or all of them
in the middle you just want to nicely even them out portion them out really good. Alright
now we got now I have a 16 ounce of cream cheese go ahead and throw those there. You
want to keep them very nicely so when they cook they spread out very very well. Then
we are going to do another layer of potatoes rig int on top of that cream cheese. Save
just enough cause we are going to do 1 more layer alright now you can do shredded cheese
I prefer to go ahead and do premelted cheese or cheese out of a can. We are just going
to get that on the top. That is good enough alright do one more layer of that potatoes
and just a little bit more black pepper on top just to even out the seasonings. We are
going to cover it alright you are going to want to cover it, set it on low and we are
going to cook it for about 2-4 hours and then you have Chef Ben’s augraten.

7 comments on “Easy Crock Pot Cooking Recipes : Cook Potato Au Gratin in a Crock Pot”

  1. Pei-Chen Wu says:

    thank you for showing us this~

  2. sapodotroposo says:

    awrite, chef! 🙂
    nice & simple recipe, will definitly try out!

  3. cat mendez says:

    so love these crock pot recipies I would enjoy seeing how it looks all done =/

  4. bcoverss says:

    God forbid we Ever see the finished porduct!

  5. LizzyLime says:

    Hey. dont be a tease….show us the end result!! Cant give this a thumbs up cause you didnt show us

  6. Ella Mone says:

    no liquid at all, didn't show cooked food… did it burn?

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