I’m stewing about something… delicious!
Coming right up on Weekend at the Cottage. Welcome to Weekend at the Cottage. I’m
Nik Manojlovich. This episode has been inspired by some inclement weather. It has been snowing like crazy but I thought, “you know what? I want some
comfort food.” We’re making a lamb stew with Belgian ale Wait until you try it.
Principal ingredient is lamb. 3 pounds of lamb shoulder. Before I start
this recipe I always sharpen my knife because we need to cut that lamb into
small cubes. Having a sharp knife allows us to trim away the fatty bits and then
discard them. I’m taking the cubed lamb, a little bit of salt, a little bit of
pepper, give it a toss. Add a tiny bit more if you wish and you can place your
lamb to the side. When we go to make the lamb we’re going to need a couple of
ingredients right away. We need 1 sweet white onion, rough chopped.
We need about 4 ribs of celery, also roughly chopped. And then about 4 or
5 cloves of garlic, the same thing. Now with those ingredients ready, we’re going to head to stovetop. Dutch oven, medium-high heat. As soon as the pot comes to
temperature we’re adding about 2 or 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. As
soon as the oil shimmers grab a handful of the lamb and we’re going to toss it
into the Dutch oven. Now it’s going to make a lot of noise. It might spatter a little
bit. What we’re going to do now is just brown the lamb. So after a few moments,
turn the lamb once. The little pieces of lamb have browned nicely. We’re taking a
slotted spoon, remove them from the pot and now take another handful. It’s
important not to crowd the lamb. So a little bit into the pot, do this nice and
slow. Once all of the pieces are browned reduce the temperature of the stove top
to medium. Now we’re adding the onion, the celery, and the garlic into the pot. Stir
it right away. We’re going to cover it. Cook for 5 minutes but check on it maybe
every minute and a half or something. Go to the pot, lift the lid and give your onions
and the rest of the vegetables a stir. Once they’re
softened, we’re ready to continue. I’m taking 1 can of tomato paste, adding it
into the pott. It kind of hisses now because the pot goes very dry. Stir it in
though. Let the tomato paste cook and now we’re going to make it even drier. We’re
taking a 1/4 cup of unbleached all-purpose flour. Sprinkle that and stir
it in. And now it’s really dry in the pot. Now you’re going to need a bottle of
Belgian ale. I like to use one particular brand.
I love the top where you twist off the top. A cork pops out. It’s a 750
millilitre size. And when you pour this beer, it’s called Chimay, into your
measure it has a beautiful colour and a really gorgeous head to it. It’s a dark
ale with a great flavour for this recipe. 1 cup goes in the pot, 2 cup goes
in the pot. You can even see the head on the top of the vegetables. Fantastic! Stir
that in. Your sauce will thicken but we’re going to also add 3 cups of beef
stock. Add the stock and stir. Cover and bring this to temperature. Once it’s nice
and hot we need 3 herbs for the recipe. We’re adding 2 bay leaves,
we’re adding a bunch of thyme and also 2 rosemary stock. Now you’re going to taste these herbs, so if any of those herbs aren’t to your liking take 1 or 2
away but I think this is a really wonderful recipe because of those herbs
we put in. Now that the herbs are in we return our lamb and the juices into the
Dutch oven. Stir. Cover. We reduce temperature to simmer and now you’re
going to cook this slowly for an hour and a half. The lamb is going to get really tender. While it’s cooking we’re going to prep a few final vegetables. Carrots and parsnip, peeled and then I chop them into interesting little chunks. On an angle,
right, it’s kind of nice visually. I also have a rutabaga. Top and bottom away. Trim off the waxy bits and then chop your rutabaga into bite-size pieces. Last
thing 1 cup of pearl onions. This is going to give this stew a great flavour and a crunch. Now at that hour and a half we’re going to lift the lid
off of the pot. You can see the stew is thickening up perfectly. The lamb is very
tender. If you want to taste, then, right now is a good time. And now we’re going to add our vegetables in. Stir them in. Then we’re going to cover and cook for an
additional hour. When you reach that final cook time you are ready to enjoy.
Right before you serve do a little taste test. Does it need salt or pepper? Add it now. Stir it in. Now you could serve this stew
with mashed potatoes if you want. You can serve it, like maybe with buttered
noodles, fantastic. I like it pretty plain and simple. How about a buttered piece a
crunchy bread that I’m going to dip into this really tasty sauce. I have a tender
piece of lamb on the spoon, mmm. I even have a little onion in there, mmm. Lamb is
tender, the broth of the stew is really tasty. Crunchy bread is really crunchy. Umm and don’t forget too,
you still have Belgian beer left in the bottle. You can pour a glass for
everybody to enjoy. Yumm, fantastic Lamb Stew! You’ve got to make this! I know you’re going to enjoy it. Other things to enjoy are available on
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social media platforms like: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. A lamb stew with delicious vegetables, tasty broth, made with Belgian ale, sounds like a good idea. You better get going to make it. Enjoy! mmm Beautiful.

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  1. Paul Magowan says:

    Nice recepie Nik,It has changed my plan for dinner tonight.Its so cold out,this will warm my wife and I.Thanks!🇨🇦

  2. Nard Ackinon says:

    Love, love, love lamb stew. This recipe looks like a winner. A must try especially for these cold snowy days. Thank you.

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