Easy One Pan Salmon Recipe with Asparagus – 30 Minute Meal

60 comments on “Easy One Pan Salmon Recipe with Asparagus – 30 Minute Meal”

  1. akila pranathi says:

    Can we follow this recipe for frozen salmon ?

  2. april corbett says:

    Looks great and easy to make. I have the salmon thawing in the fridge andmaking it for dinner tonight

  3. sourav attri says:

    Wow πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ didi ji

  4. Fintan says:

    I really appreciate simple recipes like this. I'm a guy and I prefer to keep my cooking to a minimum in regards to ingredients. Also like that this is common used ingredients as well.

  5. Айка M says:

    The best salmon ever. I enjoyed me dinner. I had a food "orgazm", lol.

  6. IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon says:

    Danggggg we have the same name

  7. alex velez says:

    Some good shit

  8. Benabdallah Khirou says:


  9. nayomi says:

    Delicious yummy

  10. BHZ Motovlog says:

    Thank you! That recipe will be my dinner tonight, happy New year for you and family!!!

  11. make everything sparkle says:

    I love this recipe but my asparagus always come out so soggy. I follow the recipe exactly. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong

  12. Cherry Da Don Dada says:

    My new go to salmon recipe❀

  13. Kyle Williams says:

    This is great for keto! Thank you!

  14. Jeannette says:

    Love yours recipes so healthy πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  15. Mikasa Zoldyck says:

    Can I use normal non softened butter?

  16. Deadpool Mrcool says:

    i have cilantro is that ok?😭😭

  17. Frederico Domondon says:

    Awesome recipe! Can I do without the paper? I dont' know where to get one

  18. Lela Eber says:

    Made my mouth water. Yummy!!πŸ˜‹

  19. Luda Khomich says:

    natashaskitchen this is my favorite salmon recipe, I'm loving it. Thank u very much Natasha. Ur amazing!😍❀

  20. Sahar Hamdani says:

    Love all your recipes. How many servings? Thank you 😊

  21. Vedina Krzman says:

    You are the best Natasha!

  22. Sammy says:

    Trying this today☺️☺️

  23. Wolf That Consumes Salmon says:

    I want the biggest one too if it was made by others because when it comes to salmon I am not doubt all about big portions!!! πŸŸπŸ‹

  24. Helena Polizzotti says:

    Absolutely love, love this recipe!

  25. i. 1993 says:

    Stupied question would this work with ' I cant believe its not butter ' ? Lol

  26. Saba Daily Food News says:

    Yummy I love this recipe ❀️❀ ❀️❀ ❀️❀ ❀️❀ ❀️❀ ❀️❀ ❀️❀ ❀️❀ ❀️❀ ❀️❀ ❀️❀


  27. asmaa hasan says:

    Thank you Natasha it’s so good 😊

  28. shiv kumar says:

    Very nice vedio …quick

  29. kevin zhen says:

    Can I replace butter with olive oil?

  30. Product reviewer uk says:

    Do u ad anything else or is that it? I'd die

  31. Giselle Teresa says:

    Just made this hands down some of the best salmon I’ve ever had and so easy to make like literally took less than 10 minutes πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ thank u so much

  32. Tammy Cao says:

    Do you ever remake the same recipes or do you try to make something new everyday?

  33. Alma Soriano says:

    Hello !! I accidentally found your channel let me tell you that I am a Hispanic woman but omg 😲 I love how you cook!! and actually I will try to cook like you ! Now I am your fan.

  34. Jason Ganaden says:

    Fire Recipe!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  35. Mr Yep says:

    why does my parchment paper burn? it doesnt hang over the sides either but my smoke detector goes off everytime and the paper comes out brown

  36. Yoly G says:

    I dont have parsley, can i used CilantroΒΏ?

  37. Lazar Sekulic says:

    My first Keto meal. Thank you!

  38. Marie Czarnecki says:

    Now that is what I call a great meal…

  39. Joreflex Ompoc says:

    How mins to bake salmon

  40. Rosanett Dy says:

    Hi Natasha, could you please insert in brackets what temperature oven you use in the description box as i am not sure how hot 450Β°f is converted to celsius.

    Many thanks.

    Going to try this recipe. Should be easy!

  41. MsGalagramma says:

    What kind of salmon do to use? Any particular kind? Farm raised might be too fat on its own plus butter?

  42. Lauren Shank says:

    Can I use foil if I don't have parchment paper?

  43. Peter Amaro says:

    Do you recommend wild-caught or farm-raised salmon for this recipe?

  44. yanky_olabode says:

    How many calories???

  45. Iv TM says:

    Had this for dinner tonight, and it turned out AMAZING!!!!

  46. lizzy xo says:

    Looks delicious 🀀 definitely going to try this tonight for dinner 😍

  47. Karamjit Galoria says:

    Nice thanks

  48. Ah Long says:

    why she put a slice of lemon on top of the salmon after that? didn't she already use a lemon before that?

  49. Juliana Alvarado says:

    I love you recipe thank you so much beautiful

  50. sharina erin says:

    can you make this in an air fryer?

  51. Bren says:

    im making this for meal prepπŸ˜‹

  52. KadieKade90 says:

    Thank you for this! I tried it last week but with a Caribbean seasoning kick and more veggies for sides. Let’s just say my household is begging for me to do it more often!

  53. Asal Khodjaeva says:

    I'll die nowπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  54. Anthony E says:

    Can’t wait to try this!

  55. Dorina Bartolomei says:

    Fff bun

  56. αŠ₯αŒα‹›α‰’αˆ„αˆ­ α‹­αˆ˜αˆ΅αŒˆαŠ• αˆ΅αˆˆαˆαˆ‰αˆ ነገር says:


  57. ashwini bhalerao says:

    I like natashas kitchen

  58. Kavita Rampersaud says:

    Yummy!πŸ˜‹n healthy!!…..
    So did you take of the skin from the salmon Natasha?!!..πŸ€”

  59. Catherine Wong says:

    I made this it was sooooo good

  60. aima eyo says:

    I was looking for this meal wow thanks for sharing chef Natasha πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€£

  61. Mel A says:

    Made this today and OMG DELICIOUS!! The family immediately grabbed seconds. Thank you!

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