Easy Pressure Cooker Ribs Recipe: Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs | Kenmore

there’s nothing worse than when you plan a barbecue and it starts to rain and you think oh shucks how I’m going to cook them ribs this is one of my favorite rib recipes it’s my rainy-day balsamic and beer ribs so the process were going to use today is called pressure cooking pressure cooking was big back in the 60s and then it went away but it’s coming back into style again today why because you’re cooking it for fast step we’ve got some pork ribs I’m making these small pork ribs and we’ve washed them and we’ve dried them always make sure you wash and dry your ribs now I’ve found the best way it’s a stack of pressure cooker is asking to put the ribs in tours if you put them in half slabs you can’t say quite stack them up as much just like this you can see really easy stacking them in twos and it’s almost like building a wall is coming through it and coming from we come into the pump then we just stack them ta I’m stacking them around and this is the best way I found in a pressure cooking you can usually get about three sheets of ribs now we’re going to make the sauce normally with my recipes I have about five or six ingredients this is a little bit more but they all come together well first of all balsamic vinegar now balsamic vinegars delicious it’s a sweeter of the vinegars but as you cook it out it gets even sweeter honey cut some honey in there garlic tomato ketchup fantastic and Worcester sauce ginger brown sugar if you haven’t got brown sugar you could use some white sugar and maybe a little bit of molasses in there as well and we’ve got some Dijon mustard and then we’ve got some bf placing the beer inside and the zest of the on orange just come down it just the zest of one just coming into the bowl place the mix into the pot just like that place the lid on bring this up to a boil as the pressure starts to come out let that cook for about 35 minutes you can see that the bone actually wants to come out there these are so tender that they’ll melt actually in your mouth it’s so good normally what I’ll do at home is either straight onto the grill or I’ll chill them and I’m slice them if they’ve been in the refrigerator now they’ve got this perfect shape so you can see that there now remember you can do these two to three days ahead well you want to freeze them or freeze up to three months when we remove them we want to reduce the sauce now when you think about ribs sauces we think about this glossy sticky glaze for it and you can see if you reduce it down after about fifteen to thirty minutes depending on how much juices you’re looking for a syrupy texture just take the rib I like to take it dip it in a sauce or you can brush that on these can go on the grill if you’re not using the grill you want to pop them into your oven these fantastic ribs they’ve just been in there you can see the lovely glaze look at that the balsamic gives in these beautiful color now these are nice and warm you want to let them cool down for at least 10 minutes then we take a taste I promise you that these beer and balsamic rainy-day ribs will become one of your family’s favorite recipes it’s easy it’s delicious and you can get all the ingredients your grocery store until next time I’m John Ashton we’ll see you soon cheerio for now

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