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[music] Hi, I’m Natalie Hodson,
and I’m here today in the bodybuilding.com kitchen and
I’m showing you how to make my really easy
Salsa Chicken recipe. So this is a really good recipe
and I make it all the time. It’s a great thing that you can
make on the weekend and when you’re bulk prepping
for the week. And it’s really versatile so you
can eat it in a lot of different ways. You can freeze it so it lasts
a really long time and it’s a really family-friendly
recipe too. I have a 2-year-old and a lot
of times I can trick him into eating this instead of
chicken nuggets for lunch. And today what I’m gonna do,
after we make it is I’m going to eat it as a wrap. Right, so this is a
really simple recipe. It only includes three
ingredients and so I just buy boneless skinless chicken breast
and I usually buy this in 4 or 5 pounds increments. And then I get diced tomatoes. If you can find some that have
no sodium or low sodium then that’s a little bit better
option but just regular diced tomatoes are fine. And then any kind
of salsa will work. I’ve even used the green salsa
and that tastes really good too. The main thing that I just want
to emphasize is that you want to read the ingredients when you
buy your salsa and you want to make sure that it doesn’t have
any sugar in the ingredients list or high fructose corn syrup
and sometimes it’s really hard to find a salsa that doesn’t
have sugar so if you can’t find one without sugar just try to
find the one that has it as the last ingredient or the
second-to-last ingredient. And then a crock-pot. And I have mine
preheated on high. You can cook it on high or low, just depending on
how much time you have. So the only real work for this
recipe is trimming the fat off the chicken and so that’s what
we’re gonna do here right now. So I’ll just open
up the container. Now some people have asked
me before can they use frozen chicken with this recipe. And you can. The only thing is that there are
some health risks with putting frozen chicken straight into
the crock-pot because it’s defrosting at the time that it’s
cooking and so you might want to pull out your frozen chicken
and put it in the fridge the day before and let it defrost and
then the next day put it in your crock-pot. So the chicken breasts
have–usually have a little bit of fat on the edges and
sometimes have some tendons and I don’t really like to have that
in my recipe because obviously if we can make it leaner
we are going to do that. So I just–anything that’s the
white, the gross white part, is the fat and I just trim it
off until there’s not very much left and then what I usually
like to do is cut the breasts into half or maybe even into
thirds and that just helps it cook a little bit faster. This one really doesn’t have
much fat on it so I’m just gonna cut it in half and
set it to the side. And then these–you’ll find some
brands of chicken tend to have more fat on it or more of the
connective tissues and other brands are pretty good about
getting it off beforehand so. Just gonna put this aside. Just throw this in the trash. And any time you’re
handling raw chicken, you just want to be really
careful to wash your hands whenever you’re done touching
the raw chicken for risk of salmonella. So now all we have to do is put
the chicken in the crock-pot. So I’m gonna take off my lid and
I have this preheated to high. You can also cook it on low, just depending on how much time you have. And just gonna–get your hands
kind of dirty and you just put the chicken in the bottom of
the crock-pot and then I already opened my can of diced tomatoes
but I just take a 28-ounce can of diced tomatoes and all I’m
gonna do is just pour that on top and don’t drain the liquid. Make sure you put the liquid in. That’s gonna help the chicken
stay nice and moist and then I have my salsa and you
just pour that on top. And then just gonna take my
knife or you can take a fork and just make sure that the chicken
is covered with your tomatoes and salsa and if you like
more of a salsa taste, you can use a little
bit more salsa. If you like more of
a tomatoey taste, you can use a little bit more
tomato but that’s how I do it. I put the lid on and then make
sure I wash my hands because we’ve been touching raw chicken. And that’s it. It’s one of the
easiest recipes ever. I make this all the time on the
weekends and then so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna let this
chicken cook for 3 hours on high, maybe 4 hours. If I were gonna do low, I would
do anywhere from 6 to 8 hours and then what’s gonna happen
is that the chicken is going to sort of shred apart and so when
I’m done cooking it at the end of 3 hours or maybe up to 4
hours I’ll just take a fork and a knife and I’ll check the
chicken and I’ll just sort of shred it apart. So we’re gonna let this chicken
cook and I’ll see you guys back again in about 3 hours. All right. So we’ve had the chicken in the
crock-pot for 3-1/2 hours now. And it looks pretty good. If you’ve been
cooking it on low, you’ll want to cook it about
7 to 8 hours or on high you’ll want to cook it
between 3 to 4 hours. So we’re gonna take the lid off. It smells really good. And the way you
can tell it’s done, usually what I do is I take a
knife and a fork and I just put my knife into the chicken and if
it naturally shreds apart like that, then you know it’s done. And so I like to shred my
chicken and so what I’ll do is I’ll just put my fork in here
and shred the chicken but you don’t have to do that. You could just take it out and
eat it as the chunks of chicken like that. So I’m gonna shred a little bit
here and sometimes it makes it a little bit easier if you take
the chicken out and shred it like on a plate and
then put it back in. And there’s lots of different
ways that you can serve this. This recipe’s really versatile. You could serve it with rice. You could just eat it as is,
with roasted vegetables if you’re trying to
watch your carbs. But what I’m gonna do today
is turn it into a wrap. It’s actually my
favorite way to eat it. And so I’m just gonna take
some of the chicken that I’ve shredded and put it in my wrap. Now the wrap that
I’m using today, it is a Food For Life
brand, Ezekiel wrap. I’ll show you here. And I really like using this
style of bread and tortillas and this brand particularly. It’s made from sprouted grains
and so there’s no gluten, there’s no wheat in it so if
you have a gluten or wheat intolerance this is
a really good option. And it has a complete protein
in it so it’s similar to the protein found in eggs or milk and I just really like this brand. And so I have my Food For Life
tortilla and then my chicken. You can weigh your
chicken if you want. Typically, I do between 4 to 6
ounces but today I’m just gonna kind of eyeball it, use
about the size of your fist. That looks pretty good to me. And then now I’m gonna add some
spinach and I like using spinach instead of lettuce just
because it’s full of vitamin A, calcium and actually has twice
the fiber of all other dark leafy green vegetables. And then–so I know a lot of
people like to use sour cream but I found a healthier
alternative that I think tastes just as good. So I use non-fat
plain Greek yogurt, make sure it’s the unflavored
kind, the plain kind. And I’ll just add
maybe a tablespoon, maybe 1-1/2 tablespoons
and put it on top. And by itself it tastes not that
great so that’s why I squeeze some fresh lime juice on top and
the combination tastes really, really good. And you could add lots of other
things here if you wanted. You could add onions, you could
add even some olives if you wanted. But this looks pretty good to me
so I’m gonna go ahead and taste it and see how it tastes. Just gonna wrap this up. This might be a
little bit messy. Hmm. It tastes really, really good. So if you’d like to
make this recipe, check the page below and for all
my other recipes as well as lots of nutritional information
and motivation, keep coming back to
bodybuilding.com. [music]

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